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  1. "Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." - Nikos Kazantzakis

    As of late, my mind has been demanding a Roleplay in which I fall under the character of someone who is incapable of using her eyesight.
    First, I will state that I do not know what, or where this will play out, so I will keep the intro at the usual basis for pretty much everything I do.
    I'm also trying a new style of Partner Requests, so please 'squeeze me if this looks funky at all.
    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to bring them up!

    Because of the fact that this may include, but is not limited to the list below, I will be completely open minded to any suggestions you may have or really want to try.

    • LGBT
    • Language: Explicit
    • Gore
    • Violence
    • It's a Kissing Book
    • Character Death
    • Buckets of Tears
    • Pre-Made Characters Character sheets
    • Anime Physics
    • Sexual Themes ONLY with adult roleplayers.
    • NPC's
    • Clingy followers
    • Flexible rules
    • Original lore
    In all honesty, I am obsessed with basically anything out of reality, and as stated above with the tags this may include, but is not limited to...
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-Fi
    • Supernatural
    • Romance
    • Magical
    • A mixture of anything above
    I personally prefer someone who can work well with my character.
    You'd be surprised with how bad I work in negative situations, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my job already if my boss didn't feel guilty.
    Likewise; I would prefer someone who is either gentle by nature - whether or not they like to show it or not.
    Female protagonists. The relationship between the two doesn't really matter to me, as long as the they aren't grabbing for each other's necks on a daily basis.

    I'm willing to work with just about anything that doesn't make my own hands start to sweat, so the above is capable to be if found unsatisfactory.
    Throughout my time on Iwaku, my characters have always fallen under a set list of traits, so I will do my best to recall them.

    • I've always done my best to make a highly unique individual with that one trait that makes them stick out from the rest, and it seems in this case, blindness.
    • Personally I was 'labeled' as bisexual for probably most of my life, finally flipping off my peers and going full-blown lesbian. Alas, please do not be surprised if I nag you to play a female character, that's just what I prefer.
    • Pointy ears are classy as hell, I refuse to cooperate with anyone who will not allow me pointy ears! D:<
    • I can't decide on my character either being born blind or having received an injury that lead to blindness, so I may just leave this up to dice roll, who knows?
    • Frequently when the anthropomorphic humanoid looses the ability to process one sense, it will learn or activate another sense, or utilize the previously existing ones in a much more advanced way. Stronger magic? Super-crazy sense of hearing? Yada yada, something to makeup for not being able to see a flying pig.
    • I'm a very clingy person by nature, so expect someone who's gonna be stuck up your butt like a dog with separation anxiety.
    As some of may, or may not know, my posting here on Iwaku is pretty unique on its own.
    I normally fall under three categories;

    1. Several posts a day.
    2. A few posts every other day.
    3. Slow as molasses.
    Why is this?
    I have the sort of life that enjoys to randomly explode in highly dramatic methods that almost always render me without internet.
    Always the god damn internet.

    Other than that, my posting will normally stick along with the activity of my partner(s).
    As you start to increase in posting, so shall I. If you decline, I decline.
    Although there may be some lag in between the changes in speed, it will remain fairly predictable.

    I have self-diagnosed myself with a form of dyslexia. While my actual posting may be somewhere between Intermediate and Advanced, I have the potential to typo like a squirrel on cocaine. I do several check-overs, which is why I can post very slowly at times, so the chances of something major is very minor. But don't be afraid to point out any errors. If you say "Oh, there's a typo there. I'll be polite and ignore!" I will beat you with a ferret! D:<
    I'll actually prefer any mistakes to be pointed out, so I may correct them and attempt to prevent it from happening again. :D
    Whelp, that's it. owo

    This is a new style for me, so please let me know what you think!
    You can contact me directly via a conversation, or directly in this forum, it doesn't really matter to me.

    Happy Roleplaying!

    This entire ramble of preferences is subject to change at any moment!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.