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  1. Colette, one of the priestesses serving the royal family of Olvea, was seated to the right of the princess in the shaky carriage as it headed toward the city of Ugymnor, the capital of Anitium. The road was pockmarked from the hooves of horses, along with more than a few shallow ditches presumably dug by animals or angered subjects. They were moving at a smooth rate, despite the abrasive travel. The city looked to be just some more meters along, as buildings were spotted in the near distance, and the road was beginning to even out more.

    The queen, Verena Ursel Katherine Olvea VIII, was sitting opposite of the princess, Verena IX. To the queen's sides were one of the advisers on her left, and a guard on her right. Sitting to the left of Verena IX was another guard, guarding the entrance to the carriage along with the other guard. They hadn't been attacked by anyone or thing throughout the journey, but that didn't sooth Colette's fears. There was still a stretch of land to go, and what about the people inside the city? From what Colette knew, the king had only been here once, and that was a fair number of years ago, and before Colette was even born. For all she knew, things could have changed drastically from those times.

    Furthermore, what kind of person was this “Prince Alexander Christophe Elliot Anitium VI”? Colette had heard the king of Anitium was assassinated, and that, in order to become king, the prince had to marry someone. But why had they arranged a marriage to Princess Verena? Surely there were older princesses, or possibly widowed queens, in further off kingdoms and countries, weren't there? Colette wasn't sure what the whole process was, but she couldn't help think that something was... off. Especially since the prince was supposedly a bit older than Colette's nineteen years, and Princess Verena was a few years younger than nineteen.

    She turned her thoughts away from that as they entered the city, and tried her best to keep calm. Anitium's castle wasn't as grand as Olvea's, but it was quite impressive, not to mention visible from their current location. Some guards had approached the carriage, and were now leading it toward the castle.
  2. The knights stood tall and proud at the castle's grand courtyard, waiting to greet the royal caravan of Olvea. They were the twelve most strongest and noblest warriors of Anitium, who lived by their oath of knighthood only.
    But currently, there were only... Eleven Knights? What?

    Queen Elysia rubbed her temples in an annoyed manner. Where was her idiotic son to assume his duties when she had told him to do just so?

    She huffed and puffed, her right foot taping the ground in an elegant, yet impatient way.

    "Gerard! Geraaaaarrrd!!!" She called out, the "r" rolling off her tongue in an irritated tone. An elderly man servant in fine clothes appeared immediately, almost out of thin air.

    "Y-Yes Ma'lady?" The man bowed nervously.
    "Get. Him. Here. NOW!" She muttered under her breath, holding her fury from bursting out. The man scampered off hurriedly and afraid for his life to get the prince.

    Prince Christophe wasn't feeling the least excited. His mother kept telling him like he was a moronic creature that he HAD to marry the Princess of Olvea.

    But she was just a child! His gentleman stincts kicked over him, making him feel paranoid about the subject. He would not harm a child! Uh... It would be very strange to touch the young princess in a... Specific way. And if he did not, the whole court would be calling either him an incompetent man or her an improper wife for not being able to produce a heir.

    He should not marry this child for the sake of their reputation and lives!
    But his mother was blackmailing him into this, throwing the name of his late father in the whole ordeal. Like "Oh, Christophe! Your father would be so proud of his fine young man!" or "You're dishonoring the name of the Anitium house! I'm old, marry and take over the throne already!".
    Of course the latter was just an excuse. She wasn't that old, the woman was barely forty, had married so young with his father. Wait... Did his father married his mother when she had less than 18 years!? Did he married a CHILD!?

    Oh, here we go again.
  3. The entourage drew ever nearer to the castle before stopping a bit away from some knights and a woman Colette assumed to be the queen, leaving some space for them to walk. Colette noticed there were only eleven knights, where she had heard there were twelve. He couldn't have died; news like that would spread through the countries like wildfire, especially with Lucorand on the border. Wait, wasn't the prince also one of the knights? Colette didn't see any of them as looking particularly "princely". Surely he'd have some sort of special armor or shield, or something telling. Or maybe the kingdom was just humble...

    After coming to a full stop, the Olvean guards exited the carriage first, due to being the closest; then the queen, followed by the adviser, Colette, and finally the princess. Colette kept an eye on the princess, who managed to exit the carriage without a hitch. She probably shouldn't be so worried for the princess, who wasn't too far off from adulthood in Olvea, but was still young enough to be considered a child, especially in other countries. Olvea had one of the lesser ages of adulthood, being sixteen. It was one of the reasons for Olvea's mixed reputation, although not the most. Even Lucorand had a higher age!

    Anitium's was eighteen, or at least somewhere around there, last Colette checked, which made the whole arrangement even more dubious. They weren't going to expect Princess Verena to give “it” up within the first few years of marriage, were they? 'Surely not!' Colette tried reassuring herself as she and adviser Aaron took their places behind the queen and princess. It'd be outrageous, not to mention probably illegal in both countries, depending on the month. Then again, they were royalty... Colette shuddered as she remembered the rumors she'd heard about other countries' royal families.

    They were led a bit further on, close enough to speak to Anitium's queen, yet far enough apart for the guards and knights to interfere.
  4. Minutes later, an elderly man servant came running frantically through the doors.
    "Your majesty! Your majesty! The prince is nowhere to be found!" Gerard the chancellor yelled at the top of his lungs. The queen's eyes widened, both in shame and fury.

    "W-what?" She gasped softly, trying to not lose her self control in the front of the Olvean Royal family. 'HOW DARE HE!?' She thought, completely fuming on the inside. And what does this idiotic servant of hers think that he is doing? She will severely punish him when no one is around for exposing her son's shameful actions so openly and in front of her important guests!
    Everything went dead quiet. They were still on the courtyard, and nobody - not even the birds - dared to breath. That is until metallic footsteps echoed through the ambient.

    "What was this ruckus all about?" Came a young manly voice from the castle's entrance. Everyone averted their eyes to the castle's grand door. There stood a tall, fine and handsome looking young gentleman. He had emerald colored hair and sparkling blue eyes. His face was mature but boyish all the same. He also wore the finest armor among the knights.

    It was the Prince Alexander Christophe Elliot VI.

    The young nobleman walked towards the crowd and met his mother, kissing her hand gently. She huffed, yet smiled.
    "Good morning, Mother Queen" He greeted her in his antics. She nodded curtly and answered.
    "Good morning indeed, my sweet beloved son" She said, venom leaking in her last words. He tried not to cringe. He knew she was feeling murderous towards him at the moment.

    He then greeted the horde of females in front of him. Just like he did to his mother, he kissed Queen Verena VIII's hand gently and exchanged pleasant words with her.
    However, instead of greeting the princess, he looked towards Colette and took both of her hands in his, kissing them gently.
    "Good morning, Ma'lady Princess. I am enchanted by meeting such a fine lady." He said, sincerely. He was actually relieved that she wasn't as young as he had imagined her to be. Though he still felt puzzled. Perhaps they had told him of her age incorrectly.

    His mother, however, stared in absolute horror as her son did the stupid and non courteous act of mistaken the princess with her servant. He was truly moronic!
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  5. “Er, lord, I am but a humble servant.” Colette was blushing due to the unexpected action of the prince, and withdrew her hands as soon as she could, before bowing her head. “The actual princess is there.” She pointed towards the confused princess, backing up a bit.

    'At least he didn't go to her, despite what he was likely told.' Colette thought. 'He must have some morals, despite this mistake. The problem is what will he do now... And am I still a proper royal priestess? What will happen to me now?' Her mind drifted to her brother back in Olvea; at least he was still there if she was cast out for "stealing attention meant for the princess."

    “We apologize and understand your country has different customs and expectations, especially concerning ages of the people. We ask for you to refrain from touching the priestess, however; her family is rather important in matters of the faith.” Queen Verena VIII spoke carefully, eying the young gentleman; and almost making Colette's jaw drop at the last sentence. She turned to the horrified-looking queen of Anitium, Elysia, and continued with a smile. “We ask that you properly communicate with your son; it appears he was mistaken about our daughter's age.”

    ((I couldn't think of much, sorry.))
  6. "My humblest apologies, My fellow Queen... My son is just... Overwhelmed." Said Queen Elysia, trailing off. She was beyond embarrassed and looked ready to chop Christophe's head off for all the shame he was making her feel in front of these people.

    The dumb young man, however, just blinked, still holding Colette's hand. His mother cleared her throat awkwardly and he let go of the servant's hand. Realizing his mistake, his gentlemanly expression turned into an apologetic one.
    "Forgive me, ma'lady. It won't happen again". He said, bowing in apology.

    He then greeted the real princess Verena IX, the poor girl. He winced mentally seeing how young she actually was! She was almost 5 years younger than him. She could've been a little sister for him for all he knew.

    The party moved to the castle. A large ball would be hosted by Queen Elysia tonight, in honor of the soon to be wed couple. Everything was beautifully decorated and the Queen had put as much effort as she should. The place looked perfect.

    They had lunch together. The prince looked thoroughly bored, playing with his food like a child during the whole ordeal. His mother swore that she was going to have a heart attack soon if her son didn't regain his composure or at least pretend to be interested in their affairs. Ungrateful brat!

    He kept glancing at the priestess. He still felt embarrassed for the whole scene he had caused. But it was just that the moment his eyes had caught her figure, he couldn't stop glancing occasionally at her marvelous figure. She was insanely beautiful and old enough for him.
    Then he looked over to the young princess and then sighed. Oh Goddess! She was just a kid!

    He brushed his annoyance off and then the day progressed quite well. Soon the evening was going to come and they would be attending to the ball.
  7. Luckily for Colette, her queen said nothing about casting her or her family out. She admitted to herself she had been a little paranoid. More importantly, she'd seen the prince give Princess Verena looks that were not of love nor lust, and just seemed kind of painful to see, as if she felt sympathy for the man. She guessed she did feel sort of sorry for him. A princess of such young age getting married was usually an awkward or disgusting topic for other countries and sometimes in the same country, especially with what was expected afterwards.

    Although Colette had mostly stuck with the princess all day for the lunch she had sat next to Aaron on the opposite side of the queen, to “give the couple space” she'd been told by the adviser. With little need to say, she kept looking at the prince, carefully monitoring him for signs that he could prove dangerous to the princess. But all Colette had seen was boredom... and occasionally she'd seen him glancing in her direction. Strange. Did she look that much like a princess? She'd gotten more than a couple glances from men back in Olvea, but this was different; he was a prince and a knight, someone who likely had had more chances to see more beautiful women. But if that were the case, why marry the princess of Olvea? She'd written it off as money initially. Then the panic had set in, and she became suspicious of the prince's intentions. Now it seemed like neither were holding up that well. From the way he didn't seem interested in the princess, and the way he seemed so bored had seemed different from how she'd seen people act at the prospect of wealth. Truly strange.

    The day progressed well, until it was almost evening. Anitium's queen had prepared everything so well, and there was to be a ball. Colette found herself sighing in envy. If she'd been born royalty, she probably would have been able to attend a ball for her own wedding. Although the prospective age gap didn't sound like much of a good thing to her... Oh, what was she thinking, anyway? It was rather unlike her to be like this.

    “Colette.” A voice startled her, but it turned out to just be the princess and not the queen.

    “Yes, milady?” Colette asked, hoping the queen hadn't sent her to tell Colette she was being cast out or whatever happened.

    “I have a plan.” Princess Verena's voice dropped to a whisper when she was close enough, looking around to make sure no one heard. “During or after the ball, make an excuse to talk to the prince. Ask him to pretend to elope with you.”

    “W-what?” Colette was surprised. At least it was just pretending... It ended the same, either way, though: Colette would be cast out. Or worse...

    “Worry not. When everything has blown over, come back, and I'll tell mother and father that it was my idea.”

    “You say that, but –”

    The footsteps of someone approaching cut her off. Soon, Queen Verena was standing in front of them.

    “It's almost time. Come; we do not want the other countries to think that we are so vain as to be late to an event held by the kingdom we're visiting.” The queen spoke, stern but not so demanding. With that, they followed her to where the ball was supposed to be held.
  8. Christophe kept glancing at the window, his mind elsewhere. He was out of his armor for once, instead wearing extremely expensive garbs: A white undershirt, with a dark red vest and deep marine blue overcoat, midnight black pants, as well as a beautiful white cravat. His black boots shone, impressively polished. His emerald hair was also combed back stylishly and his face was smooth shaved.

    In his honest opinion, he looked like a stupid clown.

    He was talking privately to his fellow knights. Some of the knights were his childhood friend, being sons of former knights who got trained with him. Other were friends and comrades of his late father. And of course, most of them held titles as lesser nobles, him being the highest ranked among them. He was a brilliant knight, a man that held deep knowledge in politics and warfare, and that had never lost a battle until now. A fine warrior and commander, even at a young age. His father had told him, before being assassinated, that he was a prodigy. And indeed he was.

    Currently, the men were discussing the matter of his majesty's assassination. They still had no clues of who the murderer might be, and that made Christophe feel incompetent. If this murderer have tried and succeed to kill the king, then he must be targeting his mother and himself as well, in hopes of ending the royal lineage of Anitium. That is, of course, if one assumes that it is the criminal's objective. But what if there are other reasons? It made no sense.

    However, he had worse matters at hand, considering that he was about to take a wife. Which means that this criminal may also try to harm her. His head throbbed in a heavy headache at the thought, as if marrying a child wasn't bad itself, having to protect her from a blind menace was even worse.

    "My end has to be near, companions. I can sense it somehow" Said Christophe, rubbing his temples.
    "Must be the marriage, eh? I think that she is a fine lady and I would love to take a wife such as her myself." His cousin Ciel exclaimed, smirking at him. Christophe's aura darkened and he narrowed
    "For a knight of higher ranks and heroic deeds, you sure hold a perverted nature that matches a low-life's lust for robbery inside yourself, hm?" He replied sarcastically, angry that his cousin was acting like a immoral pig in his front.
    "However, If I ever manage to become a king, I'll surely rewrite the laws so that the minimum age to marriage is at least ninety years old!" At this, the men burst out laughing. The prince always managed to amuse them with his extreme sense of chivalry.

    A servant then entered their private conference room and bowed at them, announcing that the ball has started. They finished their meeting following their code and departed to the ball

    An hour later Christophe was beside his mother, chatting with the fine Queen of Olvea. He smiled warmly at the princess and tried to find her servant. For some odd reason to which he had no explanation whatsoever.

    It was then the time for him to dance with his bride. He groaned inwardly but stood his ground and smiled sincerely at her."May I take your hand for this dance, my dear princess?" He asked, kissing her hands.
  9. Colette stood to the side of the room, watching everything that was happening from a distance. Watchful gazes pricked at her, but she couldn't find any interest in their conversation, and didn't mind preferred the silent stares. Finally, it came to an end when it was time for the couple to dance together. Colette flinched when the prince asked Verena IX to dance, somewhat sickened by the sight, although the sight of a teenage girl and an older man wasn't too uncommon in Olvea. Colette and Verena had been close since the latter's childhood; Colette had always felt like an older sister to the princess, and, besides her duties as priestess, basically functioned as one. Her mind reeled back to Verena's plan; the plan that would hope to secure the princess for at least a bit longer.

    Colette brushed a bit of ivory hair back with her hand, and gave her clothing a quick check. Her current clothing was her “best” as some would consider it; it was a silken white blouse with sliver-colored decor, in the style often worn in the country of Tydoros; a ruffled navy satin skirt that seemed to hold itself in a bell shape; and her usual black shoes. She didn't want to look too bad if the plan went the way the princess wanted, and she'd worn her second best outfit on the trip, and the only things left were a plain white dress she were to wear if things didn't go their way, and an all-too-decorative outfit that had likely been sneaked into her bag by her brother or the princess.

    While the soon-to-be couple were dancing, Colette preoccupied herself thinking over the plan of action: after they stopped dancing, she'd make an excuse to talk to the prince by saying she was to preform a small blessing. If the excuse worked, she'd have to quickly explain the plan and convince him somehow; this was going to be the hard part. If that worked, they'd have to figure out a time to leave. Hopefully the prince, being a knight and all, knew any schedules, shortcuts, or such.

    The couple finally departed from the dance, heading back to where the queens stood. Colette set into motion, and managed to get fairly close to them without being right near them. She quickly bowed; when she was at her full height again, she uttered her excuse, loudly enough for nearby people to hear.

    “There's a good luck blessing I wish to preform for you. I've read it is normally used the night before a wedding. If you would, please...”
  10. He looked startled when the beauty that he had been looking for all night stepped over and offered him a blessing of sorts.
    He accepted her offer even though he saw his mother's eyes flash in annoyance, after their little episode at the castle courtyard this very morning. But he cared not. Grinning widely, he followed the young priestess eagerly.

    That was until he was forcefully dragged by his cravat into a dark corner of one of the castle's many balconies. He adjusted his clothes and then he saw... A very frantic priestess telling him of an absurd plan.

    "Wait, WAIT. What did you just tell me?" He gaped at her words. Being the moron he was, it took her temper to flare for he to understand what she was indeed saying.

    "I cannot leave Anitium and abandon the investigation of my father's murdering, as well as my other duties!" He defended his point, but gulped at her expression. What could he do? He couldn't marry the princess, it was true. But only cowards flees from battle! It would be dishonoring.
    However, he observed Colette. Her beauty was of a different kind, of a natural one. One that he liked. Then he sighed.

    "Alright, point taken! But get a hold of yourself! We cannot do this so suddenly. It must be perfectly timed, for If we pretend to elope right now, it wouldn't sound convincing that we had developed some kind of romantic bond in such a short time. The wedding is taking place in three days. We must then elope on the third day. I shall prepare whatever measure is needed for such a plan."

    He then asked her name kissed her hand gently, then proceed to leave her to her own devices, as to not attract unnecessary attention.
  11. “It's 'Colette'...” She said after the prince, her jaw dropping after she spoke the necessary words. This certainly was heading in interesting ways...

    She had forgotten all about the wedding being in three days, likely due to the ball. Moreover, she'd forgotten the prince's father was recently assassinated. Then again, it almost seemed like it wasn't something anyone wanted to talk about; for fairly good reason. Still, she felt guilty for pretty much everything she'd said to him that evening. She sighed and knocked herself on the forehead before going back inside, and back to everyone. She then told them that she'd been so overtaken by excitement that she thought the wedding would be the next day, faking a light laugh that hopefully sounded realistic. Her head dropped a few seconds after she finished laughing, and she dipped into a slight bow.

    “I-I believe I require a bit of rest; I've been rather strained lately. You see, I've been worried for my princess's sake; but I trust she'll be fine with you. If you would kindly get someone to guide me, I would be glad to let you carry on with your business.” Colette said to Anitium's royalty nervously, her voice a bit higher than usual.

    “Ah, you see, our priestess is young and hasn't traveled before. She's wary of strangers, you could say.” Verena IX quickly tried excusing the older girl, who was seemingly transfixed by the floor with her face reddened.
  12. Three days later...
    It was the marriage day. The whole town of Ugymnor was celebrating the event, happy that their prince would soon be crowned as the King, and also that he would be taking a fine young princess to for a wife.

    "I will do no such thing!" The prince muttered under his breath as he passed by the streets of the town. His royal carriage was heading to the palace. He had just came from the church, having received the proper blessings and advices of the High Priestess there. He snickered remembering his mother happy face that would soon to be replaced by a murderous mask when she find out about his plans.

    "Stop here" He demanded his coachman to stop at the front of a tavern. The man looked puzzled.
    "I need a quick brandy" He said. His coachman then complied with his wish.
    The prince then got out of his carriage and entered the tavern. He nodded at the patrons, and went straight to the back. He got out of it from the back door. He quickly got rid of his armor and dressed himself in common clothes he had brought with him secretly. He then walked over to his armor and got his sword sheath and fastened it at his hip. And for last, he combed his fingers through his hair wildly, messing with his prince hairstyle, thus making him look like a common adventurer - A gorgeous one at that.

    Christophe then walked through the city until he stood at the gates. He smirked as he saw his hired lackey with a fine black horse - his mare Aria. He petted the horse's head softly and climbed onto her back. He then took the reins and gave the lackey the bag of money and a letter.

    "Listen well. Deliver this letter only an hour before the wedding. If you do it sooner, they'll track us. But if you'll do it later, you shall disgrace the princess, who will be abandoned in the altar. Do the first and you will be generously paid after I return. But to the latter, and I'll chop your head and display it at the plaza. Do you hear me well?" The prince said, sternly. The lackey gulped and nodded.
    "Very well. Fare thee well, man servant!" He bid him goodbye, smiling and taking a hold of his reins.

    He galloped through the road and waited at a certain spot for the woman to appear. His other lackey would be bringing Colette and her belongings quite soon, and then the two would be departing to Lucorand.​

  13. Colette had managed to secure a change of clothing from one of the servants by feigning interest in the clothes. Deciding to bring none of her belongings, she'd left everything back at the castle, hoping whoever found them didn't decide to steal them. It'd been a rather difficult choice for her, and she probably would have been deciding for the rest of the day had not a knock sounded at the door, and someone came in. She now was being led by one of the prince's lackeys through town.

    Soon enough, they'd reached the gates, and followed them out a while down the road, until they came upon a man Colette recognized as the prince. Within the three days, she'd learned his name to be “Christophe”; useful information. She hadn't however officially learned where they'd be going. It'd be near impossible to hide to Anitium and Olvea, which left one other option. She decided she'd stay quiet about it; there was no use complaining about something unavoidable, though she was dreading it. Lucorand had a rather infamous reputation around its surrounding countries.

    “Greetings, sir.” Colette said once within earshot, her voice calm despite her dread.

    ((Once again, couldn't think of much.))
  14. Christophe grinned charmingly at the girl. She still looked rather attractive even while dressed in rags.
    "Come my lady. We must hurry or they catch up with us!" He said as he offered her his hand. When she got safely onto the mare, he
    took hold of the reins.
    "We'll be departing to Lucorand soon. It will be easier to hide there." He said as his horse sped up through the road.
    And so their adventure began.

    Hours later, the castle of Anitium seemed to be in a somber mood.
    The queen had found a letter of her son, announcing to her and to her guests that he and the priestess that served the house of Olvea had fled the country to elope. They had fled to FREAKING elope.
    The Queen of Olvea had already left with her caravan, extremely offended by the actions of the prince and her servant. The relations between Anitium and Olvea had been severed, and a war could happen anytime soon.
    The Queen of Anitium paced frantically on her late husband's study, planning on how to get out of this situation. And to make matters worse, her son had practically married a priestess! He was supposed to get himself a princess, not a priestess.

    "Preposterous! Absurd! Unacceptable! I want the knights to track my son down NOW and bring him back here! As soon as I get my hands on him, he will pay!" Queen Elysia roared, in fury and shame.
  15. A foreboding feeling swept over Colette a while into the trek. With the expanse of the country, however small, surely they couldn't keep moving until they reached their destination; they'd have to stop and rest sometime or later. She was about to ask how much longer they could keep going, but decided to wait until they slowed down a bit, not wanting to break the prince's focus.


    The action of the assumed couple had the Olvean queen in a furious state. This would serve to tarnish the reputation of Olvea further, and it had already ruined its relations with one of the neighboring countries. At the same time, it would tarnish the reputation of Anitium, which seemed fitting to her: a corner of the world, reserved for those lacking good reputations. Lucorand, Olvea, Anitium.

    What a ridiculous priestess. She truly was too unlike a priestess for her own good. To think, her family had once been so respected, so well-behaved, so... obedient. The queen's eyes widened. It couldn't have happened, could it?

    The girl's family wouldn't suffer. At least, not yet. Once home, the queen would discuss it with her husband. If the hands of likelihood pointed in that direction...


    The princess shifted uneasily. She didn't intend for it to become this heated. With dread, she remembered that saying.

    “Be careful what you wish for.” Indeed.
  16. They had been on the road for hours, yet they seemed to be far from Lucorand. That meant that the duo was still in Anitian lands. As such, Christophe decided that they would search for a small village and stay the night there, for rest was on great demand. They would depart to the dreaded kingdom the next day.

    However... They apparently got lost halfway on their search. And to make matters worse, his mare seemed afraid of the current place where they stood: In dark, creepy and eerie woods. No matter how much he pushed and forced his horse to go on, she didn't even budge.
    "Aria! Don't make things difficult! Move!" He commanded his horse, who stubbornly stood quiet and unmovable.

    His patience wore thin and then he took Colette by her left hand, gently, and led her deeper into the dark forest.
    "Come, we shall leave this stubborn creature behind! Insubordinate horses are good for nothing animals!" He yelled a bit too loud, as if wishing his mare to listen to it specifically. The horse only whined annoyed, but even so didn't follow him.

    The duo went further and further, the place giving both shivers up and down their spines. Christophe was starting to dread his decision. Perhaps it was the animal's keen senses that had told her to not move when he had commanded. But he was a man, not a coward, and continued to drag the poor Priestess with him.

    Finally, when it seemed what it felt like and eternity, they had left the forest and found a side road. It was perhaps a shortcut. He felt relief spread over him.
    "See? There was nothing to be worried about!" He told Colette in a reassuring manner. He stared at her unique features and smiled gently. She was indeed beautiful.

    However, it was on his distraction that he didn't notice where the road had led them to. And so, they stood in front of what it seemed to be an inn. How convenient. The place emanated a dark aura, but he chose to brush it off as the dread of leaving his horse behind in that creepy place.
    "What do you think? Do you believe we should spend the night here or prefer to set up a camp?" He asked Colette.
  17. “It is ultimately up to you, sir.” Colette replied, her voice was oddly calm. “I am not the best at making decisions, to say the least. Might I suggest spending the night here, though? It has me rather curious.”

    Truth be told, she didn't want to go in as much as the next person, but it somehow seemed like a good idea. Camping out would be fairly obvious, but staying would be just as obvious, or perhaps obvious enough that it might just work. Might, anyway. The creepy atmosphere could work in their favor, too. After all, who in their right minds would stay there in the first place? Besides them, of course, but others might not consider them in their right minds currently. The priestess placed a hand on the inn, and a bit of pressure. Seemed sturdy enough, although that wasn't the issue at hand. She was avoiding it, she knew. But if needed, she could always try an exorcism. She'd only seen one preformed before, but that was but a small issue, right?

    “At least, it shouldn't fall down on us.” She faked a light smile.

    ((Couldn't think of much.))
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