Blender Genies

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  1. Leona Pavali felt the wonderful wind rush through her hair as she glided down the hill with Shifari, her Irish Wolfhound. She loved to rollerblade, especially going down hill, where she could just enjoy the ride. Shifari loved to run and it was good excersize for her. When they got to the ocean, Leona, or LaLa as her nephews called her, stripped her clothes off and went for a swim. Shifari stayed close to shore and guarded her things. This particular day, the skies were swirling as they neared the beach, and she decided to stay on the shore.
  2. ((OOC: Just so you know, here's a small back story on his ability: Since he was young he was able to slow down time, when he was a baby he'd be able to slow it easily and sometimes even make it all pause. But as he got older, it became harder for him to handle it. Once he turned 7 he had mastered the trick mostly, and was then working on speeding it up. By 12, he could do both well. Yet pausing it, was something he could no longer do at all. Now at this age, he's an expert at speeding up and slowing down time, he can also meddle with plants life cycles. By either making them grow faster, or slower. He is currently working on reversing the life cycle.))

    Ling looked around, the atmosphere was perfect for today. Looking towards the sky, he saw the darkened clouds that were swirling above. So the forecast was right, there was going to be a storm today. He looked down at the water below, they were starting to build energy up, rocking back and forth dangerously. Deciding that he wanted a closer look, the young man walked down the side of the cliff, and finally made it to the shore to notice a large dog, something with Irish in it, was by some items. He looked out at the waves and watched them heave roll for a few heartbeats longer. He glance back at the dog, and noticed that there was a girl there! That set him off slightly, what was she doing there? At this time? This hour?

    He watched her, and the dog for a few seconds longer, eying them a tad suspiciously. Ling Yue thought better of calling out to her, asking what the hell she was doing here at this time. He closed his eyes as the wind brushed past him, a bit rougher than it usually was. Ah, the smell of the sea. His mind drifted back to his late 5th great grandfather's journal pages.. He spoke of a sea, and a shore... Where a cliff but a hill also met. Opening his eyes again, he wondered... was this the place?
  3. LaLa looked to the side and saw a man there. He was tall and had dark hair, and was extremelly handsom. She wondered what he was doing here at this beach. No one usually came here, and it was stormy looking. "Hey!" she called out, waving a hand.
  4. Ling Yue turned his head to the girl, she was waving at him. 'What's she doing?' he thought to himself. "Hello," he replied with a slight accent. He raised an eyebrow as he turned his whole body to face her. The man looked down at the dog who wasn't really doing much, so obviously he wasn't seen as a threat. It almost made him smirk, that's good. Ling Yue walked over to the girl, slowly, taking his time. For some reason, Ling had a feeling that she was going to continuously talk to him for a while.

    From where he stood, he looked back out at the storm. "It's going to rain soon," was all he could say.