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Okay, so I'm new at this, please have patience. I'll get used to it eventually.

I am trying to start a roleplay, and I think this is how to do it.

I don't have a specific idea in mind yet, but I would like to keep this rp limited to 3 people at the most. I don't know how to do that other than just saying it here. I don't mind each person having more than one character, but I only want 3 people. More than that just makes it hard to keep up.

I like doing fantasy roleplays, with magic, and such, or modern fantasy, with powers like x-men, kind of. I also like just regular human roleplays, with drama. I like historical fiction, and modern. Honestly, I can do anything other than post apocalyptic roleplays.

For the sake of moving things along... I am going to set something up. It is open for change if you have better ideas.

First, I will set up the character sheet template I want, and I will fill one out.

Name: Leona (LaLa) Pavali
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight: 137lbs
Hair(Color and Style): Black, cut in an A-line (shorter in the back and gets longer in the front)
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos/Scars: Straight, 4-inch line scars on the inside of her thighs. A black octopus tattoo on her left shoulder blade, and an identical, but smaller octopus in a different position on her right thigh. Another even smaller one on her left hip in the front.
Basic Personality: She is snarky, but friendly. She likes to meet people and make friends, but some people think she has a prickly personality at first, before they get to know her. She is loyal, but uncomfortable with having to do everything to keep a relationship going, unless it is with an animal. Her favorite personality in the world is that of her dog, Shifari, an Irish Wolfhound. She is Catholic, but also very open-minded and accepting of everyone.
Hobbies: She spends her time writing, and is attempting to make a career out of it, so she doesn't have to work at Walmart anymore. She loves to rollerblade, and goes out with Shifari to rollerblade. She loves swimming, and the ocean.
Likes: Cookies and Cream milkshakes, dried fruit, the color purple, animals, her nephews.
Dislikes: People within any religion that are biggots, gangs, people who discriminate openly to hurt people.
Power/Ability(if any): Mermaid
Picture Link (if possible): not available

This is my character. When you post your character, these are the peices I want in it.

Now.... as for the plot and story, that will evolve, but here are some basics;

She is a mermaid, so it takes place near the ocean. I prefer roleplays where I am working with someone against a higher evil, or towards a higher purpose. I like romance, but it doesn't have to be romance. If you don't know what pansexual means, it means she likes everyone. Boys, girls, transgendered people, and intersex. I also like using more than one character, but only one goes in the list right now.

So.... first come first serve I suppose. I only want 2 more people.
Hey newbie buddy! :D Hehe, can I reserve a spot, until I got my character sorted out? <3 I'd love to be in this RP with you and help get the hang of it all~ C: Oohh... I see, why don't we elaborate on the plot? So our antagonist is LaLa, yes? And she's a mermaid hmmmm? Well since you like a bit of romance and stuff that goes with higher things... Why don't we go ahead and have her fall for a bad guy or the bad guy for her? (Which I will happily play if you want x) ) And then this guy could be working on having the world like... oh I don't know, he could be a time shifter, where he can play around with time. So while he's playing with time and stuff, he's slowly catching the world in the past but also stuck in his grasp, since in the past... people weren't as rebellious. Get my drift? xD It's okay if you don't, I'll explain it further! :) Let's see... Oh! And as they say, majority rules! So don't like this ? Let me know and I'm sure we could work something out~. :)) Anyways, in a bit I should have my character..~ So chyeah! Got annyy questions? Just PM and I will reply ASAP! :D
Okay, that sounds awesome! And there could possibly be like, a good guy trying to win her heart, but she chooses him anyway :) or something like that. We can figure it out eventually. what does PM mean? *blush* sorry.... I'm new....
WAAHH! YOU SEEM SO YOUNGER THAN YOU ARE, AND IT'S CUTEEE! *fangirlism* Hehe, sorry ;) It's cool hun :) PM means Private Message. Just click anyone's name and find the PM(private message) option to PM(Private Message) them! And indeed! Love triangle <3 It'll add to the drama. :) Glad you like my idea! ~ :D
Name: Ling Yue
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 22
Height: 6'4 (193 cm)
Weight: 139lbs (63kg)
Hair(Color and Style): Black, side fringe to the left, brushes his shoulders. Straight.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black.
Tattoos/Scars: Scratch marks on his torso from cats, and also on his arms. Then some on his legs from falling. He also has a tattoo of a scorpion on the lower part of his stomach.
Basic Personality: Ling Yue is a bright male, he's a bit anti-social, but outgoing none-the-less. He is a quiet person, often not one to boast about anything. He does not become close with people often, or very fast. The male is a bit narrow-minded, and he's very hard headed and stubborn!
Hobbies: He enjoys plotting and practicing manipulation of time. He didn't mind drawing either, that was somewhat entertaining.
Likes: Clocks, spicy and salty food, salty candy.
Dislikes: Goody two shoes, that says it all.
Power/Ability(if any): Manipulator of Time (By the time he meets the mermaid, Lala, he will be able to reverse a small plant's life cycle and then make it grow quickly. And things like that)
Okay awesome!! Please don't make him too all powerful lol. This seems cool as it is though :) He is tall!
The more powerful he becomes will be completely developed xD I might change his ability though, like how strong it is? I am not sure yet though, still playing around with that part! :) Glad you like him, haha! Isn't he? I am used to tall people like him though Q u Q So many here! Wah~
Hey there, sweetpea.
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