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  1. Bleh, I think someone from my brother's birthday party got me sick. I don't feel good....sore throat, tummy aches, head aches, and a stuffy nose. My aunt said one of the kids who went to the party was in her class puking. Ugh. Why didn't she say anything before the kid came over with his germy self. Now I think I'm sick. Gotta get up at seven in the morning the entire week to take care of the puppy when I might be sick. Then I gotta go to school after. Then I gotta babysit after school. Lyfe is total blehness right now. ;-;


    By Vio

    Can't go no where.
    Can't do nothin.
    But I sure as hell fell somethin.
    And it ain't good, I tell you what.
    Parent's don't give a fuck.
    Do it anyways.
    No care for health.
    Life's a chore when you're sick
    and it just flat out sucks.​
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  2. Know what helps?

    80s training montage.

    Hope you feel better, though!

    If not, watch someone else feeling better.

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  3. That's some deep poetry yo!
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  4. moar training montages

    even a faked one for game of thrones
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  5. Get well soon Vio, being sick sucks, stay hydrated, suck on a lemon, and rest up!

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  6. I raise with;

  7. Well played