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    The war between the Arrancars and the Shinigami is over, the winter was is no more. With Aizen's defeat, things changed. The surviving Espada, Tier Harribel took control over Hueco Mundo as its ruler and brought peace upon it, however it did not last.

    It has been 500 years and things have changed greatly. With old faces gone and new in place, even the Gotei 13, or the Seireitei is different. Shunsui Kyoraku as the Head Commander of the 13 Squads has kept a balance in both the World of the Living and in Soul Society itself.

    A Shinigami was changed during these times. His experiments were halted, he was banished from Soul Society. A Shinigami who was once the Captain of the Science Divison. Kyoya Minami was his name, the one who took up the mantle after Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Wowing to destroy the Shinigami and the peaceful time, he re-appeared centuries later in Hueco Mundo.

    With a new power in his hand, given to him by unknown forces, he created a superior race, far exceeding the one Aizen made 500 years before. The new Espada was different, stronger and the biggest threat to both the humans and the Shinigami. Kyoya Minami was different as well. Following Aizen's steps, he took over Hueco Mundo, removing Tier Harribel as its ruler, however, her whereabouts are unknown.

    With his ulterior goal, he wanted to plunge the Soul Society into despair. This is where his plan deviated from Aizen's. Having an insider in the Gotei 13, Kane Nakahara, he was able to obtain the information he needed. With his new army of Arrancars, the Espada cracked open the boundries between the two realms. Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. For the first time in the history of Shinigami, the Espada invaded their precious place, the Seireitei.

    With time, the Shinigami became stronger as well. With new Captains/Lieutenants, they were able to hold them back, but with alot of casualities. Many of the Espada fell, and some of the key characters from the Gotei 13 also died protecting Seireitei. The ominous despair clouded the entire Seireitei, and Kyoya Minami decided to enter the fray. However, not everything was as he expected. The Quincies were also involved, though on the side of the Shinigami. They too, met with some casualties.

    Kyoya Minim became something entirely else, using his last effort to destroy the Seireitei, with the unknown power he got during his disappearance, he fought a great battle against the Head Commander, Shunsui Kyoraku, but the battle was interrupted. Five figures covered in silhouette made an appearance. Kyoya Minami was afraid but at the same time surprised. Knowing who the figures were, he was killed on the spot, by the third party.

    With little to no answer given to Kyoraku, they disappeared. Were they allies to the Shinigami? Were they enemies? Only time would tell, but Kyoraku was well aware that things had to change for the better. One thing was clear during the invasion. Kyoka Minami was killed by the ones who gave him the power, and they were Visoreds. Not Shinigami who transitioned into Visored, but natural born Visoreds. They were similar to the ones Aizen created with his experiments, but at the same time, they were not.

    Dialogue between Shunsui Kyoraku and the Original Five (open)
    "I-Impossible. You're suppose to be dead!"

    "I can assure you, we're very much alive, Kyoya."

    "I killed you!"

    "Ah, but that's what I wanted you to believe. Did you really think you could murder the very people that gave you the power you now possess? Foolish Shinigami."

    "I'm not a Shinigami, you bastard-"

    "Farewell, Kyoya Minami."

    During the Arrancar Invasion, five individuals materialized in the First Division, stopping Kyoya Minami from initiating his final blow. Despite his impeccable power, he was no match for the mysterious five. Shunsui Kyoraku, Head Captain Commander, was mystified by their display of power. However, he recognized their spiritual pressure.

    "You're Visoreds."

    "Perceptive. Expected of a man your status."

    "I didn't know there were other experiments."

    "Experiments? I can assure you we're not experiments, Kyoraku."


    "We're a different breed altogether, Head Captain."

    "A Visored is the result of a Shinigami undergoing Hollowfication."

    "Who said it had to be Shinigami?"

    Kyoraku analyzed his acquaintances. His curiosity piqued. Were they potential allies? Or additional enemies? He had a feeling it would be the latter. Despite their unique reiatsu, he was certain of one thing; they were Souls.

    "What are you?"

    A smile plastered on the man's face. His eyes illuminated a malicious amber, confirming his status.

    "Natural born Visored, Shunsui Kyoraku."

    Before he could react, his five acquaintances vanished. Kyoraku was perplexed by the ordeal. How could a soul transition into a Visored naturally? Unbeknownst to him, a dark, forgotten tale unraveled in front of him.


    Two years passed since the impeding Arrancar Invasion. The Soul Society was left in shambles. However, it healed over time, returning to her former glory. Unfortunately, various souls were lost that dreadful day. Countless of Shinigami perished protecting their home, including several Captains and additional Lieutenants. Many grieved over their deaths, but time healed all wounds. New faces were introduced to the Seireitei. Other officers were promoted. After two, grueling years, every empty position was filled. What will happen when they are threatened once more?

    In the meantime, a mysterious organization emerges from the shadows, residing in the World of the Living. Some of the members claim they mean no harm, but who are they?

    "We're the Hitorashī Kyōi! We protect humans from the dangers of Hollows!"​

    When the Soul Society is dragged in another conflict, will they survive?

    Now, this is just an introduction to all the new members. You can ask us any questions regarding what race you can choose and what not. One thing is a certain though, no new Espada can be created, unless you have a reason, which must be solid, we will hear you out. The visoreds in the second arc are different and is not canon. Sensitive information about the races will be revealed in the group.

    This thread is for the new players and what they need to know in order to join us in our universe. The RP was created back in February 2014, which is still alive. With the second chapter right around the corner, we would like new players to join us. Become a Shinigami, a Quincy, an enhanced human like Orihime (Limit: Cannot suspend themselves in the air), or the new "artificial" Visoreds.

    With new plotlines and development, you are in for some crackling and amazing action, romance, betrayal and twists. We follow a path, but you can always make your own (subplot). But subplots needs to be discussed with the GM.

    I am here to answer any of your questions. But I'll answer one now. We decided to make this RP after the Aizen arc/the introductions of the Fullbrings since we had to start somewhere, because the manga is still ongoing. I will not spoil the ones who just watch the anime, so we'll leave it at that.

    Once your interest has been expressed, and you would like to join us in our Bleach Universe, I will post a link that will direct you to our group directly. Join our group and jump in on the fun!

    Heck, I'll post the group link now! But will accept once I know you want to join us.​

    Bleach: The Tale of the Original Five

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  2. My gosh. This sounds so amazing and everything. D: Typically I don't like arcs that weren't canon for this, but this is amazing.
  3. Well, if you want, you can join, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are looking for new members who can join our bleach community and RP with our plotlines and such. It's all interesting.
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    Come on I know theres Bleach fans out there that want in on this =D we dont bite!
  5. Ah, I was so hooked onto Bleach back then and damn, this is interesting! ^^ Where do I sign up~?
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