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  1. Tonight is a nice night to be out Crimson thought as she ran and jumped from roof top to roof top in soul reaper form protecting a town called Shinzo in the human world. Her auburn brown hair blowing in the wind the full moon making her golden eyes shine. She stops on a high roof top and looks up at the twinkling stars and sighs smiling "I love the night sky" as she goes to patrol some more she feels the presence of a hollow nearby and rushes toward it pulling her zanpakutou from its sheath
  2. cross cursed but followed her anyways being ordered to be on this stupid thing with a person from another squad was bad enough and it had to be that squad, he was pissed off but he knew he couldn't leave or do anything else for as long as he was in he world off the living but he wouldn't have her take all the glory that was a thing that was sure so he pulled his zanpaktuo out from the sheet and speed up so he was running next to her, he wasn't a part off the stealth force without reason he thought with a smirk on his lips since he wasn't even running at full speed
  3. Seeing Cross speed up to her a challenge in his eyes she grins "Lets see what you got pretty boy" She runs even faster smiling big even though she knew he was from the stealth force and could possibly leave her in the dust she still liked to egh him on. After a few moments she jumps down to a wide ally way a huge hollow that resembled a giant gorilla standing at the far end eyeing his prey, when she lands he turns to her his red eyes gleaming
  4. instead off jumping down cross had leaped into the air when he came to the edge and didn't mind the size off the hollow even tho he thought it to be extremely ugly and he'd show the girl that no one messed with the seventh seat off squad two no matter where they where, he pulled out the dagger he had in his belt behind his back, he lifted his katana up and then swung it down as he came up close to the hollow but he had miss counted his speed and just scratched the hollows mask before he landed on it and jumped back spun in the air and landed next to her, he put the dagger back wondering why he had even pulled it out in the first place since he hadn't been needing it, the hollow was to slow and he had jumped away before he hit him with one off its massive fists and hit itself in the face instead
  5. Crimson giggles at Cross's actions "smooth partner" seeing the hollow punch himself she laughs and the hollow lets out a screeching howl piercing her ears she cringes then holds up her zanpakutou it starts glowing black and purple, the hollow charges her and as she jumps up into the air she slices his arm off landing behind it, it lets out another screech and before Crimson can react it swings its massive fist and hits her full on making her crash through the wall behind her and into the building
  6. ''should you say'' he mutters and shake his head before he jumps up to avoid the hollow turns to him and he pulls out the dagger again and it has blue sparks going up and own the short blade, he concentrates and then disappears from sight he reappears in front off her and before the hollow can react to his sudden appearance he jumps again disappears and then slams the short daggers blade into the forehead off the hollow yelling ''TURN TO ASH ,MISCHIEF'' then a lighting bolt runs true the hollow and it disappeared, cross lands on the ground and put the dagger back in its sheet, he turns around and walk true the wall to check up his partner up he mutters to himself while kneeling next to her ''smooth partner''
  7. Crimson groans softly shes on the ground against the now shattered wall her head bleeding a line of blood running down from her hairline to her brow, seeing Cross she sheaths her blade and slowly stands up slightly wobbly "Okay...that hurt, one second its slow the next lightning fast thats cheating" she sighs wiping at the blood on her brow with the back of her hand "I know I know you dont have to lecture me" unlike him she wasnt in the stealth squid and known for their speed, she was in Division 1 and she was known for her strength and 'special abilities'
  8. He chuckled lightly and shook his head "don't worry about it, I'm not the kind off person that lectures people" he took out a Little box from his jacket and gave to her, it was a cream for stopping the bleeding over her eye, he then turned her his back before walking away from her towards the place where the hollow had been and looked around for any clues to why it had showed up just there and found a spirit not to far away he did konso (not sure if that is what it is named but whatever) he sighed when it was gone and stood up
  9. She takes it surprised at his kindness "Umm thank you" she opens it and puts it on her wound stopping the bleeding she closes it and walks over to Cross seeing he did konso (idk either lol) she tosses it back to him when he stands back up "Do I aggravate you?" she looks at him curiously her golden eyes slightly glowing in the moonlight
  10. he looked up at her and sighed lightly ''no'' he answered shortly and looked around again muttering to himself ''i don't get it why would that hollow attack one lonely spirit, it doesn't add up'' he put his zanpaktuo back in the sheet, he didn't liked this at all since he always thought that hollows had a prior motive for attacking souls and he wouldn't hear anything different from anyone
  11. Overhearing his muttering she frowns curious herself "Im not sure maybe he was just really hungry? He was quite large compare to most of the ones we've encountered here so far" she runs her hand through her wavy hair sighing "Do you think we should report it or investigate further?"
  12. he looks at her and says after some thought ''lets report what we have in before we forget anything and i have to speak with my captain about something'' he knew that what he had done with his dagger was something his captain would want to know since it had never happened before and he was slightly worried about it since he had been having problems with his zanpaktuo before and didn't want to re live that again
  13. She nods "Okay lets return to the Soul Society then" she pulls out a cell phone dialing the Soul Society to open the gateway. She looks over at Cross after frowning slightly "Is something wrong? You look worried" the gateway (forgot the name of it lol) appears in front of them after a min
  14. he didn't answer and just walked into dangai (its that corridor, if you didn't know....) and then started running towards the other side without looking back at her since he just didn't feel like answering her question about why he looked worried since he wasn't sure on why himself
  15. (I didnt ty lol) she frowns muttering "well that wasn't very nice" she runs in after him staying a bit behind, he most likely wants to be alone ill give him space. Once they arrive in SS (for short lol) she walks up behind him "where too?"
  16. cross just looked at her and then sighed before saying ''i have to head to squad two and report to my captain and then im off to my next thing to do or if i dont get another mission i will go to sleep or training'' he stretched out and looked around and before he headed, walking, to squad two barracks he muttered to himself ''maybe ill visit the rukon district'' but it was on his side talking out loud to himself
  17. ((oh ya that door is called 'senkaimon'))
  18. ((Ah ya I forgot lol)) "Oh....ok ill report to my captain as well...Uh I guess ill see you around" she looks away overhearing Cross mutter about Rukon district she wonders why. Crimson walks away toward her squad barracks sighing softly
  19. once he entered the squad two barracks he went directly to his captain to speak with her and since he was stopped by the lieutenant half way there he beat him up being way to pissed off by what had happened in the world off the living to not do it and entered the captains office with a light smile on his lips
  20. after talking to her he headed for the rukon district he felt his heart had become heavy after he entered the run down place and most people avoided looking at him as he walked true the place, he thought about what his captain had said and sighed deeply, he'd already known what she had told him so it hadn't come as a surprise hen she told him that if he gained shikai and it was as he himself thought he would have to leave squad two since that kind off power didn't belong with the squad, but he didn't know what squad he would want or even try to join after that but he was trying to figure it out and he knew what squads he didn't want to join so it made the whole thing way more simple
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