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  1. Okay, so I snatched this idea from an old website I used to RP on. It's tweaked a little bit so that way I don't completely and totally rip it off.

    So here's the story, you're a cartoon character who has gotten themselves somehow stuck in a world where everything has gotten mixed up. The surroundings are completely unfamiliar and everything from the buildings to the people are strange in shape. Several other cartoon characters, like you have somehow ended up in this strange place and are trapped never to return to their own dimensions. Needless to say, each character has an object from their universe and their very own pencil to start out with. Yes a pencil. These pencils are designed to help you draw things you might need however once you draw one object, the pencil disappears and you are forced to search for a new one. With each object you draw, you are supposed to feel more at home.

    This is the city. Completely boring and white, but your characters can add color should they find a pencil that allows them to do so.

    This is a pretty free reign RP where you can pretty much do whatever you want, but there are rules.

    1. This world is made up of cartoon characters. They can be from video games, western cartoons, anime, and OCs should you desire it. However with that being said, realistic people are highly discouraged and will be removed from the RP if they are used.

    2. No God modding. Do not kill or do something dramatic to another person's character without first consulting with them. That's just common roleplay etiquette.

    3. Stay active, we can't keep this jump in RP running without your contribution.

    4. I'm not a grammar nazi, but please make your posts understandable and keep in mind the importance of punctuation. See @Diana 's signature for the full effect.

    5. No character can be used more than once. It's first come first serve.

    6. In each post that you have, there should be a picture of your character so people just jumping in know which character you are. (Please don't make your pictures incredibly large.)

    7. Keep in mind that this is my first time doing something like this and the rules/mechanics of this may be changed at any time. Don't be afraid to give feedback... no seriously don't be. I need help.

    8. Something that's different about this RP and all others is that its written in FIRST person because you are taking on the life of your character. Don't be afraid to really get into it.

    9. Try to avoid breaking the fourth wall if you can help it.

    Tips and Suggestions

    Because this RP is so free reign, it's important to know that it's only as fun as you make it. If you're having trouble deciding on what to post, take some time out to consider how your character would react to the situation at hand. What would they say? What are they feeling? What do they think of the people around them? Etc.

    You have the ability to build parts of the world as you go and incorporate a plot with your character. For example, are they determined to escape this blank world? Do they want to create a city that strongly resembles the one they once knew? Do they have any goals? I'm serious, you can practically do what you want here.

    How to get pencils: Getting pencils should be relatively easy and you can give them to yourself in a way. You get pencils by getting likes and by interacting with people/things in the Blank world. That being said, I always find it a bit more fun if you make it so your character how to do outrageous things they wouldn't normally do to get a pencil. (Like if I was Scott Pilgrim, I would make him retrieve a pencil that's tangled up in toilet paper from a clogged toilet... something weird like that.

    When you put images in your post, it's okay to use different ones. (i.e like different expressions to display different emotions. That's always something fun I liked to do.)

    Notes and other things:
    Practically anything can happen this world. Like dragon attacks, raining cats and dogs (literally). It's a complete nonsense place so if you're looking for something serious... well you're looking in the wrong area for that type of thing. Otherwise, if you're looking for absolutely lackadaisical nonsense, you are in the right place.

    If you're interested or wanting to join, be sure to post down below and if you know which character you want to be, just fill out this form.



    Universe/Show this character is from:

    This way I know which characters are taken and I can add you to the list of characters taken. If we get enough people, I will throw up the IC. Please note that this will be a forever growing RP and that everyone is encouraged to grab friends and join.

    Characters Taken/Reserved:

    Mayor of Blank City [Blank City] [Quiet Musican] [​IMG]
    Gwen [Total Drama Island] [Quiet Musician]​
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