Blades of Grass

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  1. Just a collection of poetry I'll be writing/have written.

    Here's one titled Unconditional.

    With what does the flower reach for the sun?
    Through a Force of Nature--Unstoppable,
    Unquenchable. We would not deign to run
    From it. Why should we? Are we capable
    Of turning away from all that is life?
    To stop breathing, eating, drinking, being?
    To deny this is to cause great strife
    Within our hearts. Might as well cease being!
    What is this cherished Force? Unstoppable
    It is within human hearts and soul.
    It is Love. Pure, unconditional Love.
    This Force is what makes humanity whole.

    This is true power, unconditional.
    I give it to you--to wield eternal.
  2. I love this.
  3. It is Love. Pure, unconditional Love.
    This Force is what makes humanity whole.

    -- was such a powerful line, omg, i had to stop and make sure i was breathing! :onice job!
  4. I wrote this for a friend of mine; I couldn't sleep until I had this put to words. I'll text her tomorrow (later?) to make sure she sees this: it's a gift, for being there for me when I needed her.

    Be dedicated, loyal, and steadfast-
    By whom other? What can be most precious,
    Rarest amongst all human straits, surpassed,
    These be most sacred of commodities.
    Of noble countenance do I recall
    One of chestnut hair and fairest eyes and
    Glowing smile. Mine eyes ran astray, and all
    Ever-deserved gratitude; best friend,
    An eternal comrade, be thy one owed more
    Than loyalty cast aside. Apology?
    Most assured, and from this withered heart poor
    Love is poured, deserved mythology.

    I give thee a lit candle from mine heart,
    Thou art my friend, never shall we part.
  5. On most beautiful lips doth drip sweet mead
    Of sympathy; a rondo of comfort
    Echoes past rose tinted lips to set seeds
    Most delightful within cracks of the heart.
    Her eyes swirl in stormy context, a grey
    And blue and green lure, a trap within her
    To set set slender hands in embrace. Her prey
    Need not worry-- the grasp is her love sure
    As the sun rises and the moon glitters,
    And that presence is surely affection
    Untethered, a radiance unfiltered
    Upon silver Mercury's reflection.

    The Demons and Devils, let them not undo
    That worship which I have set upon you.

  6. Oh how my heart yearns for that which gentlest
    Lady possesses. Her eyes, and that opiate
    Smile gives rise to rushing blush which no less
    Settles within the loins. Fiery passion, set
    Aside all reason! Love! That guides my hand
    On this foolish endeavor, a quest with
    Tears to fill that Holy Grail. Will my brand
    With raw love's blade win this heart's prize? Forthwith
    Do I stride upon this path, undaunted,
    And declare: Love! Oh, my love, do not feign
    To ignore Cupid's strike, lest do we, haunted,
    Live pseudo memories to sorrow's gain.

    Take this hand of mine; let us live as one,
    Two souls entwined, a spark in Heaven's sun.
  7. For what reason do I face betrayal
    O'er and o'er again? For what crimes
    Do I pay repentance to? This dark Hell
    I deserve not, yet lick tortuous flames
    Upon my breast. Is it so wretched this
    Shell of mine? Or black is my soul, perceived
    Only by whom love is given? By His
    "Grace" is such darkened luck "gifted" to me?
    So twisted is this bitter knife through such
    Torments that no man should endure upon
    Gentle heart. Is it fair, this darkened luck?
    Such fairytale with dark tidings upon.

    And so I wake to shattered memories.
    I beg thee shadows, take them all from me.
  8. On baleful winds do echoes carry those
    Empty words left spoken. A bitter twist
    Of truth, burning ice cold to those arose
    To better sounds unspoken, none amiss.
    Howl does that unsound fly to ears that now
    Bind that nothing to secret's delightful
    Bount. Decrepit beast, howl that haunted sound
    Down that mournful hall upon breezy cool
    Winds, colourless and wholly unalive.
    Bask in the torment of those horrid winds,
    And let live a lifeless existence. Drive
    Forth and carry on with no one in mind.

    In all life, no greater pain comes to us
    Than the empty words of those most precious.
  9. The witching hour comes on mischievous night,
    Unreasoned sons seeking that enduring
    Token of raw fulfillment. They delight
    Their mischief, swift in their cruel, unending
    Child's torments. Fraught are the hours hellbent
    On the dead's festivities-- the haunted
    Lights of carved lanterns, wrapped treasures sent
    To child's horde. Overflow our sights, clouded
    Visions of ghosts and ghouls haunting dark roads
    Until that hallow'd eve comes to a close.
    Rebuked are these spirits, the festive odes
    Sating all of autumn's hunger for souls.

    Now Samhain festival comes to an end,
    One more year until it begins again.

  10. Your poetry is most wonderful, Seiji. <3
  11. Chestnut hair sprinkles down upon my face,
    a darkened veil to shroud those storm grey eyes.
    Tickling strands hide that most adoring gaze
    and delivers that salt-sweet nectar. Cries
    of love's passion rings though mine ears, baptized
    with raw love's echoes. Listen to that voice,
    a whisper among pillows and sheets. Sigh
    those gentle words between two whose choice
    was one another, joined together through
    lips, and touch, and coupling most intimate.
    Again, I taste that salt-sweet, never to
    forget such heavenly memories writ.

    But now do I see that bittersweet scene
    for all that it was-- not more than a dream.
  12. A softened path twists through earthly shades keen
    on dark lit image, an illusion most
    sincere and unkind to man's eyes. Unseen,
    warped limbs wrap around innocents lost,
    with no godly rays to pierce dark veil,
    and no windowed sky to spread heaven's light.
    With nothing a guide, men spin their wild tales
    of wicked limbs, of shadowed hands. Dark sights
    overwhelm reason's sense, mind's cunning shield
    powerless against unsound aggression.
    A hope for Hope's Light stirs and fear is stilled
    against darkness encroaching to lie's end.

    Now that path hardens, unknown to all eyes
    but known by all souls, for every man dies.

  13. Lo! What does sweep upon that grassy sea?
    That weeping wail, it burns with deafening
    symphony. That furious, wailing banshee
    takes phantasmal flight, lesser souls choking
    on sweet honey into dream eternal.
    Why does ghastly apparition appear?
    I cannot begin to fathom spectral
    reasoning, the whys and hows that ghoulish,
    living nightmare possesses. Why does she
    Stare down my very soul, her shriek burning cold?
    Pain surges through my essence steadily,
    core lit aflame-- I scream silent echoes.

    Thus the world falls apart, mirror broken.
    That ghastly vision? My reflection spoken.

    Void stretched across oblivion's doom--
    A vast embrace of heavenly objects
    held together upon cosmic bosom.
    Light's revealed among silvered pinpricks,
    and by the death of golden son
    does that successor, Black, take to control
    destiny, the reigns of life handed on
    to hands no greater than the father's toil.
    World sunken to nightmares illusion, take
    to useless prayers! No deity will
    take such onus. Only will their deaths break
    endless bickering over a great cycle.

    So the twins, Black and Light, take to their deaths,
    waking up to nature's eternal breath.

    Do you see that cage that surrounds your breast
    flightless Robin? Sorrow, a hollow roar
    along that gentle breeze. What forlorn test
    has come to challenge thee? Oh, what a chore
    this life is! Why should thee give stake to a
    thing that has no meaning? An empty life
    is this existence. Let others say,
    "Life is majestic!", "Live and Love! Take flight!"
    Pfah! Let these who mock thy pain set upon
    oblivion. Let them take caution to
    abandon! A reckless drive to the sun--
    Icarus' folly found within joy's fool.

    That vigour of life lacks hold on thy breast.
    What difference will the world see with one less?

    Creation without reason, but which
    all life has come to be known from what is.
    Light and Darkness, founded upon cosmic
    memory-- known, unknown, a genesis.
    Enigmatic beginnings is the source
    of all life. What is, what was, will never
    be known or understood to man of course,
    but neither can immortals clever
    knowledge of that which can never be held.
    The elixir of life-- that is power
    eternal, a never-ending flow of
    eloquent elixirs from him and her.

    There is no answer to any questions passed,
    and this answer is to no question asked.
  14. T _T
    You are a beautiful soul.
  15. Thank you so much, Stace!

    Have another:

    With beloved thoughts, creation so births
    a power eternal, with soft breaths made
    tangible through inked words. Wrought from the earth,
    a font of power through flowers sun'd beds
    flows to eager fingertips. So begins
    a lover's dialogue, half-sided thoughts
    shared to ears ambiguous. So ends
    what comfort there lives, and there it starts--
    fear settles in that anxious heart of his,
    a fear most realized in doubtful esteem.
    What would that other half yield? How would this
    question settled be? What does this truly mean?

    So now we do see this gentle heart's plight.
    Eyes blinded to fate, he takes to love's flight.
  16. Most amazing words yield surprised gasp, a breath
    of ancient life giving way to new world.
    Bursting lights cast over that land of death,
    world cold and barren and violent towards
    those kind and loving words. Now deathly land
    takes to Fisher King's strength, nature's fierce grasp
    sewing unconditional love with hands
    rough and sensuous, two sides of a cast
    silvered coin, once viewed tarnished by dull eyes
    now gleaming brilliantly under new sun.
    Amazing words sing-- and passionate cries
    opens that cold tomb hiding renewed son.

    Fisher King's soul now bolstered by words true,
    he stands and so whispers, "I love you too."
  17. Oh sweetest girl whose eyes glitter brightest
    Amongst black sea of stars, what words do you
    Bring me on sweetest tender lips? A test
    Of heart's fortitude, faced 'fore morning dew
    Sets upon green grass, testing Winter's grip
    On Land before Yule. As ice and snow set,
    What doth ye hope to learn from me? That whip
    Lash of thy wit besets heart and mind? That
    By thy cunning charm and stunning beauty
    I find my self confounded by riddles?
    No; you wish none of that. Thy purity
    Is tangible, beauty reflecting thy soul.

    At this Yule time I find myself adrift,
    But stars divine tell I would meet a gift.

    What has shimmering window brought to me?
    A dark haired beauty whose very presence
    Brings the mightiest man to his knee,
    With eyes so deep to pierce his very essence.
    Doth tilt of head betray her coquette nature?
    A quirk of smile, hint of what pleasures lie,
    Soft voice piercing still hearts. None can endure
    Her Siren's call, beckoning men not to die,
    But in serving ultimate amusement
    To her wildest wish and whim and desire.
    Does woe be to him that catches her eye?
    Of course; he doth earns from all men their ire.

    Let no other man see that which she hides:
    The sweetest soul; bashful, and full of pride.
  18. Wrote a bunch of poems earlier today. Here are two that have nothing to do with one another.

    Shimmering stars fade, beginning to dim
    from golden rise on eastward horizon.
    Bright is that gold, skyward coin, paving sins
    under blanket of gentle warmth upon
    glittering earth to those most grateful of life.
    But-- a speck, no less or more of mankind
    walks those lit and shadowed paths against strife,
    no greater than ethereal beings unkind
    to human sentiment, but overcome
    easily by that same speckly being
    smiling into the face of challenge. "Come!",
    he yells to giants, hand lovingly grasped.

    Sun wrought haze dims to problems hateful eyes,
    Giants fall to fear, speck wrapped in love's guise.

    Love becomes lost from a year long journey,
    faded away with unmeaning malice,
    a waving hand dismissing those lovely
    words gifted freely for want of no kiss.
    Taken for granted? the poet wonders,
    no tangible answer found within sight.
    Now, blinded by irrational horrors,
    anger's witless lash with no good might
    strikes at those once loved in spite of answers
    given, now real as which what was wanted
    to be heard and seen, reasons gave from her
    lips now truthful from what was once haunted.

    Given answers once sought, he now moves on,
    soul now strengthened, he walks unto the Sun.
  19. Here's a love poem that starts off in homage to Shakespeare.

    In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes
    for that which richly seen is through my heart,
    what soulful gaze which yields such breathy sigh,
    a whispered voice that reflects loving thoughts
    with not one word to equal match be found.
    From spoken sound with no matching value,
    a sought gift is given from spirits bound
    to wistfully found world once wholly knew.
    Given final sight from which shall so spout
    a font of love, affection's patient gaze
    lingers on what deserved soul has caught,
    and from eager lips is found that which daze.

    Now thoughts given sound to which I agree,
    I now so gift this heart of mine to thee.
  20. My love is as that mountain top beacon,
    bright-orange light burning hot in the night.
    Lapping flames reach towards that dark sky, and
    on cool winds fueling those high flames, my might
    surges with passion's fire, cold thoughts burning
    uncontrolled, mind faded through fiery haze.
    Clarity now blinded by crystalline
    embers, sparks dance and distract those whose dazed
    thoughts are now upon windowed eyes; hidden
    soul reflected and lured by passion's light
    into a spiraling dance unknown then
    to fire-cleansed eyes, blind despite truest sight.

    So come to know love by this burning brand,
    as I let it burn through my clasping hands.