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  1. Year: 2058

    We, humanity, finally find a way to terraform Mars into a smaller, less-poluted version of Earth--with more forest than desert. Then we make a move and dig under its surface. And we find something. a clear, crystalline material that has advanced our technology by hundreds of years further than without it. Naming it Aether, we test its capabilities.

    Shining different colors of light onto this crystal will permanently change it to emit energy according to the color shone onto it. Orange light will turn it into Fire Aether. This is used mainly to fuel means of transportaion, such as jet packs, jet boots, and anything that would include boosters. Next is Lightning Aether, which is made with yellow light. It's used to power, you guessed it, electrical appliances. Then there's Water Aether. Though it can't be used to power anything, it can be used to control water. Lastly, there's Void Aether. Especially powerful, it can warp space or time to do virtually anything (but it requires mindpower).

    Year: 2092

    We can finally dig deeper into Mars to see if there are more wonderous things to explo-- what's this?! An enourmous white sphere illuminating an ever bigger cavern? Let's go see what it is!

    Year: 2095

    It was a structure with a giant maze making up the inside. With three years of exploring it's tunnels ad getting lost, we finally reach the middle of the structure. It's a room with a throne, and in that throne is a sword. Made completely of Pure Aether (Aether that produces Light, a magical energy) with half of a golden guard near the handle, it seems useless.

    Year: 2134

    Mars' atmosphere is blanketed by a barrier of Light. Nothing can get in and nothing can get out, even with ships powered by Aether... Was this the sword's doing?

    Year: 2134

    We recieve a message from our home planet saying it's under attack by tall humanoid beings clothed in armor. They say the leader of the aliens call themselves the Darkness, and because us on Mars can't escape to help our people back on Earth, the unknown force quickly overpowers and conquers where humanity originally came from.

    Year: 2156

    Concluding it was the sword that put up the forcefield protcting Mars, we have to assume the sword is more than what we think it is. Harkoning back to the gold guard attached to the blade of Aether, humanity sets out to look for the remaining piece of it.

    The blade doesn't leave us to ourselves, either. Emitting a powerful yet harmless blast of Light that infects people as radiation would (but with positive effects), the next generation is born with abilities. They can do anything Aether can, and it's up to them to learn how to properly use this gift.

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: (description or image)
    Aether Ability: (Fire, Lightning, Water, Void)
    Combat Preference: (Hand to Hand, Firearms)
    Weapon: (Umbrella, Sniper, etc.)


    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Don't be assholes. If you're here, you're mature enough to not pick a fight.
    3. If I'm doing something wrong or you start to lose interest, tell me.
    4. If you weren't interested in the first placebut you read this, tell me.
    5. At least try to have fun. I know it's hard with such a boring plot'n'all, but...

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  2. Name: Evan Clay
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Personality: Evan is a very outgoing boy who likes to make friends. He will stop at nothing to make you his friend, and when he does he will protect you to the very end! Evan usually is in a very happy mood until someone makes fun of him or doesn't want to be his friend, so he gets a little angry. When it comes to battle he is relentless and he stops at nothing until he destroys his enemy.

    Aether ability: Void
    Combat preference: hand to hand
    Weapon: Katana [​IMG]

    (Here is my character)
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  3. May I join?
    Name: Ada Zoskalejs

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Ada is fit, fast, but lazy in a way that she wouldn't do something unless her life depended on it. She is friendly, however, and would be willing to do something to save a friend's life. Ada is also very talkative and doesn't take most things seriously

    Aether ability: Lightning

    Combat preference: Fast and messy

    Weapon: Katana​
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  4. Ooh, okay. Read it. Interested. I can safely assume the age cap for the "next generation" is twenty two? Also, are real people acceptable as appearance references?
  5. @Spectre of the Fade , it doesn't matter. Everyone is accepted.

    I won't be making the in-character roleplay thread anytime soon due to the fact that where I live, it's storming bad, and there's a chance the power will go out. Maybe tomorrow or in a few days. Bye.
  6. I suddenly don't know how to execute this roleplay. Even if I had more people, it would be difficult to make story progression. If you want, you can go ahead and take the plot for your own use. Sorry for wasting your time, but I'm getting this thread deleted.
  7. Noooooooo y you do dis?
  8. Because I lack creativity.
  9. Noooooo you don't
  10. Yes. I do.

    Like I said, go ahead and reap the plot for yourself.
  11. Whatever tickles your fancy. It was a good concept though, a little more thought and you would have had a good roleplay.
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