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  1. Right now I don't know if there's a specific thread for roleplaying ideas, so I'll post mine here. If you are a mod and ideas don't belong here, please remove this thread and redirect me.

    Year: 2058

    Humanity travels to Mars and, under the surface, finds a black, starry, glassy material. They call it Aether. It can be purified by bathing it it the Sun's light. Purified Aether looks like a clear crystal, and like a prism, it splits white light into other colors. It may seem like nothing special, but it does indeed have special abilities. Shining red light into it turns the material red, giving it the ability to generate fire. Orange light turns the crystal into Rock Aether, yellow turns it into Lightning Aether, green turns it into Plant Aether, blue is Water Aether, indigo is Spacial Aether, and violet is Psychic Aether. Each has it's own use.

    Year: 2092

    Humanity, using this still-new material, ventures deeper into Mars. They discover a giant cavern, bigger than a small state, illuminated by a white, ten-story-high orb. They get close and find out that the inside is a maze.

    Year: 2095

    Three years later, they get to the middle and find a room with a shrine. Stuck in a throne-shaped stone lies a purified Aether sword; with half of what appears to be a piece of gold coiled around the blade nearest to the handle. Unable to pull it out, they assume the golden coil needs to be completed for the sword to do something.

    Year: 2134

    The sword begins emitting a type of energy called Light; the same kind Aether would generally emit. However, though harmless, this burst completely blanketed Mars, forming a protective barrier. Nothing could get in, and nothing could get out--with good reason.

    Year: 2134

    Earth is assaulted and captured by a force the human race had never seen. The rocky planet is covered by a pitch black forcefield, and the only humans still alive (or so they thought) are on Mars.

    Year: 2156

    The next generation of humanity is born into the Light the sword emitted years ago, and can now do everything Aether can. The children are trained to utilize their powers to their full potential in hopes of taking back Earth--and finding the last pice to the sword's coil.

    Shitty plot? Yes. Lazily done? Not really. But you couldn't tell.

    A penny for your thoughts?
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  2. No replies? <:c Okay.
  3. have gained my attention.
  4. Yep, this is the right subforum for Ideas. I recommend putting a name in the title box that's kind of a summary of the idea, to make it easier for people to decide whether or not to click on it. For this, I'd probably have called it Children of Aether (but then again, I'm kinda shit at coming up with titles imo.) Also, Iwaku tends to be a relatively slow place compared to other forums, so I'd leave a good 24 hours before beginning to get ideas about whether or not people are interested. Hell, I've had an interest check look like it completely failed then somehow flourish into life a month later :D
  5. Thank you, Dakota.

    And thanks for the advice, Karakai! I'm a little used to quick responses. I can adapt, though.

    Free follows for the both of you!
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  6. Ahah thanks, though I dont actually know what that system's for. Yeah I came from a faster site too. The change is pretty drastic but you get used to it. You find yourself in twice the number of RPs because of it, and RPs can go on for years. I've seen one that was somehow still alive even with a couple of weeks between each IC post.
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  7. That sounds incredible.

    Where I come from, roleplays lasted little more than 24 hours.
  8. Dayum, impressive on the complete other end of the spectrum.
  9. Impressive in a bad way...?

    By the way, I'm thinking of worldbuilding with this plot in mind. Could you help or is there more to it?
  10. I can help you world build, sure, but it's not a setting that particularly interests me so I don't intend to actually play. I'll PM you my criticisms and ideas tomorrow, but for now, I must retire to the realm of the night.
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  11. I can help but I work third shift so I won't respond till early in the mornings (central time) so heads up.
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  12. I can understand why you aren't interested, Kara, but thanks for the help!

    I don't think I'll be able to get up that early, Dakota.
  13. I like your idea @Salt Lord

    And it would be amazing for world building. So I would like to help too.
  14. Thank you, Zek. Since I already have someone helping me elaborate on the plot, you can help me host the RP!
  15. Ok.
  16. That's fine I just put it their to tell you that is when my posts will be posted, you don't have to be up at the time.
  17. I'm making a sign-up thread right now, actually.
  18. It says "Post a link to your IN CHARACTER thread". Am I supposed to have oe of those...?
  19. Ah, you can't make one of those yet. That bug is going to be fixed in the next forum update. There's no need to make your IC thread until you have enough interest in the OOC thread.
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