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Cosmic Orion

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[OOC: The hell is with this prefix stuff? I just wanted to put something up. . .]

It felt hot as Hell, the month of July was letting those dog days of summer turn into the kind only Cerberus could have endured without breaking a sweat. Not helping people's mood any further was the fact that today's date was the thirteenth. Plus from how the weather looked a pretty bad storm was going to stick around for a little while longer than the weatherman had predicted which meant more humidity. Lightning had lit up the sky already quite a few times earlier. How much more dismal could one day feel? The only positive side to the whole situation was that night had finally descended upon the city. But the darkness hardly meant anything to the city that never slept. Especially not to the go go bars, sex shops, and adult theaters lining up along the streets. Corruption among other scents were more prevalent in this heat. Lights shined from the places yet to close for the night as people getting off of certain shifts were heading home from places that already had shut down.

Walking toward a subway entrance in Times Square, a glance was given to the Coca-Cola sign by a young man. He searched for some way of telling the time since his wristwatch had broken earlier in the day. Somehow he figured as much would happen after the sun had set on such a long hot unlucky day. A woman stood in the doorway of a certain establishment he passed, someone the young man didn't care to recognize and didn't care much for her to recognize him. They had broken up in the last few weeks of high school in their senior year no less. It was a pity since she had such a pretty face. Luckily her blue eyes failed to take notice of the green ones he'd possessed since the day he was born. Perhaps it was the new hairstyle he was sporting along with the work clothes he sported. Her clothes were work clothes too, but they certainly weren't part of any official uniform so much as the basis for a label any man could have slapped onto her.

Traffic lights changed, to bring the cars moving parallel to the young man to a stand still from the red light's angry glare. Giving an extra sound to the bustle of the city, the car closest to where the young man in blue stood had the windows down likely due to some Air Conditioning problem, letting the song Hotel California blare out with ease from the speakers which had obviously been invented quite a while after the automobile itself. One last look around let the young man notice someone standing under a streetlight right in the process of adjusting a wristwatch in that simple way to let them see where the hands were at right now. Not bothering to ask for the time, the young man in uniform walked over to try catching a glimpse of the time while brushing light brown hair out away from his eyes.


Darkness stole away the last number in the blink of an eye as technology's lifeblood had been spilled out. With the speed of a gunshot and the spread of burning flames, light vanished completely from the city. Everything making noise that drew upon city power had died out and left the atmosphere a lot quieter than it had been just moments before. Utter darkness was hard to see through, even for someone with the green eyes of a feline's shade. Only automobiles had actually escaped unscathed and now only lacked any sort of order whatsoever. Headlights pierced the darkness as best they could while Hotel California continued to play out the windows of the one car nearest to the young man who now had truly started to regret having a job that kept him out so late.

Only one thing became as clear as day to him now, it would take everything to get back home safely tonight. . .