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  1. Based off of Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart, Blackice is the story of an Epic in a city on the other side of the country: Las Vegas. While no knowledge of Steelheart is needed, having read the book will help some.

    Plot (open)
    It's been three years since the strange object called Calamity appeared and one since Blackice came to Las Vegas. While Steelheart took over Newcago (Chicago), Blackice took control of Las Vegas. He used his powers of ice and water to freeze the city, sending it into a permanent winter. Blackice quickly concealed his identity, making it nearly impossible to tell him from any other person on the streets. That way, no one could ever kill him, even if they knew his weakness. Or so he thought.

    As he was one of the more benevolent Epics, the group known as the Reckoners have largely left Blackice and his followers alone, though conditions in the city are steadily growing worse. After a small uprising staged by the merchants of the city, Blackice raised a one hundred foot wall around the city, made of ice and with only one entrance in of out.

    A famine ensues, and as Las Vegas's people starve, a small group of resistance beg the Reckoners for assistance. But no help will come.

    It up to our heroes to take down Blackice, and though they may all be killed in the process, they know that they have to try.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Personality (optional):
    History (optional):

    Rules (open)

    • Swearing is fine
    • Characters probably will die
    • No god-modding
    • Romance is fine
    • No fantasy elements such as vampires, werewolves, etc.

    Epics (open)
    Epics--as written in Steelheart, are, in a word, superheroes. They came into being after a mysterious object appeared in the sky, called Calamity. In the beginning, many people regarded them as saviors of humanity. However, it was soon revealed that most Epics were evil, and craved power. Now, most of humanity is ruled by Epics, and power struggles in the larger cities usually end in hundreds of civilian deaths.

    Every Epic has extraordinary powers, but every one also has a weakness, be it a symbol, an element, a situation, or even an object. While Blackice's weakness isn't known, it can be certain that there is one.

    The IC will be up in a little bit if any interest is shown.
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  2. Name: Astoria Whittaker
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Skills: Astoria is a decent shot with a handgun, but is much better with knives or his fists. He also is okay at lockpicking and pickpocketing, as he has a good eye for details. He is a jack-of-all-trades sort of person.