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  1. So it's going to be a while till I, myself get the time to actually put this into action as I will probably be busy soon if all goes as planned, but this is an RP idea that will either be super successful, or a super epic fail XP It's been a success twice, and an epic fail twice. So instead of taking a risk and preparing for nothing, I want to see what the people here think, and see how many people would be interested in joining this RP.

    (This is basically copy and paste of what the main description will look like)
    Show Spoiler

    This story starts when your RP character was asked to be an agent of Black Nova Research Facility (Or forced, whichever story route you feel you want your character going) They are given any special power they desire (It can be just about anything. Laser eyes/fire control/X-ray vision/super healing/mind reading, mostly your choice, just let me approve it to make sure it wont end up being too OP or anything, I don't think anyone wants a bunch of gods flying around XP) that power will stack on top of what powers they may already contain. However this comes at a cost, you must do any and all special task ordered to you by the facilities higher ups. Your character can use their normal name, or they can create their very own code name to go by. Or a mix of both if you so desire.

    Once your characters joining story has been determined is when the RP will start. Generally everyone will start by boarding black nova and socializing with eachother. Once everyone socializes a bit is when they will be called to a meeting room and given their first mission by the man in charge, Ash Roselina, to go on a mission. Being newbies, you will be led by a higher level agent (Most likely being rank 3, agent Aki) Your team will then set out and attempt to complete the mission... Or attempt to sabotage it, or attempt to get both sides to get along, or attempt to kill everybody and everything. Do whatever you feel your character would do in that situation. Just know that if you betray black nova, you will be hunted down by other agents, and your character may very well end up being killed (More on this in a little bit)

    During missions, there will be far too many things for me to control XP So you will be able to control all the soldiers/security force/whatever and give us quite the show of what your character can do. Of course I will control the boss XD (And try to make your kickass sequence fun to read, nobody wants to see a bunch of soldiers being morons standing around as your character walks around and 1 hit KO's them. If possible, try to work together with your follow RPers. If not, that's cool too, although the bosses will be a little strong and won't be able to be beat in a 1 on 1 fist fight.

    So if you complete your mission, you will go back to Black Nova Research Facility and Ash will tell you if you did a good job or not. If you do, then he'll be like "Good job, you are dismissed" But if your character does a bad job, then prepare to be yelled at and perhaps abused ^^

    After the first mission, your characters will all socialize again, maybe talk about the mission and what you think of Black Nova so far. But there will be a twist... Someone is a traitor in black nova, and they will give your agents little fun facts about Ash and Black Nova that may, or may not be good. So your character will have to decide if they are doing the right thing, if they should try and take down the possibly evil facility, if they should keep gathering info on possible lies they're being told, or if they just don't care and like to do missions/socialize with the others.

    In between missions, side plots are allowed. Like if your character has a GF/BF who doesn't like black nova, they can be implemented and perhaps become a target later on (Controlled by whoever created them) If they're a target, your character will choose if they want to join the mission, if they wanna stay out of it, or choose that persons side. Regardless, the RP pretty much belongs to YOU inbetween missions.

    As you may be able to tell, this RP has a HEAVY theme of consequence. If you stay on Black Nova's side, your character may suffer a consequence for doing so later on. Your character sneaks off on a higher level mission? They may end up getting killed. Your character betrays black nova? They may end up being killed. Your characters DO NOT have plot shields. If something will kill them, their ass is dead, no plot convenience. From here you can create a new character, or restart with the same character you've been using (Just make sure they don't have memories of what they did beforehand)

    So rules/guidelines.
    1. No god mode- We don't want a bunch of gods flying around (At least I don't XD) Although I can't quite explain how powerful they should be, I'll try to give you people a feel for it. If I tell you something they do is too OP and put down the ban hammer, don't see it as a bad thing as that would be my fault.

    2. Try to make it fair and interesting, don't just have the enemy stand around and do nothing while you attack.

    3. Try to add some kind of danger like perhaps getting captured or almost dying, leaving one of the other RPers to rescue your character. The facility has a medic area so if your character has a plot point where they are wounded too bad, they can be sent there (And perhaps create a sub plot.)

    4. Only choose 1 additional power plus the power your character already has. I may allow a power change if it wasn't quite what you expected it to be, although try not to have your character switch powers every page XP

    5. Make it fun. Add really good action scenes and perhaps fights between each other for not getting along or something. I'm not wanting a boring "Do this do that" RP, I want unpredictable, I want moral questioning, I want trust issues, I want DRAMA XD

    6. Sexual stuffs. I don't really care XP As much as this forum allows I guess. I personally prefer the behind closed door thing so either be like "They entered their room and started a inappropriate PM sequence" Or I suppose a spoiler tag (Which I think is a rule in the first place if I remember right)

    7. Character do's and don't. NONE! No rules. They can go around and try to rape everyone for all I care, Just be prepared to face the consequences later for their actions

    You're probably wondering about me. What rules do I have to follow? That answer is, none XD Hear me out, your character is going in with new found powers and don't have experience with them. The characters I'll be using has had their for like a decade, and have plenty of experience, so logically my characters will be stronger. Your characters are the newbies on Black Nova, this RP is about newbies getting into something they don't quite understand, learn more, and make decisions. Now if all of your characters gang up on my character(s) then odds are, your guys will win. But that will call for the 50+ agents to hunt you all down XP (But don't worry, there will be a time in the story where you WILL win against black nova if your character chooses that path... Unless 5 RPers choose black nova over your like 3, then you probably wont win XD)

    This one is mostly you, I have several missions and objectives planned and you would play them out as if you were really the character you are playing as. The slower you are, the slower the RP is too. I wont baby sit the RP and make things keep going, if everyone stops, then its going to be done. I am looking for a certain amount of activity between missions and if those are not met, then I will not start the next mission XD (Of course there will be exceptions like if something is planned to happen during a mission instead of before it)

    So just give me your characters bio, what power/abilities they have and which one they want from black nova... With a twist. Black story and personal info will be sent to me in PM. There will be NO reason for RPer 2 character to know your characters backstory and like it or not, we all mentally take that into consideration when interacting with characters. So to make the connection between you and your character more real, you will know almost nothing about the other agents. You wanna know more? Have your character ask ^^

    So how far do I want "You and your characters interaction"? Well we are all at different places in the world. Black Nova is a ship that is in space, if it is 5 for you, then it is also 5 for your character. If it is 10 for you, it is also 10 for your character. If your bed time is at 9, that is also when your character goes to bed (Unless you're in the middle of a mission/other RPers want to wait for you, if other RPers don't want to wait for you, then your character will be assumed to go to bed and end whatever they were doing with others)

    That sounds like you can be left behind o.o Truth is, you can. I've had 6 people in the past having to quit because they could not keep up. Now I hear that everyone on this forum takes their sweet time, so I doubt being left behind will be an issue. Weather someone is left behind or not will be up to all of you though. I will not force anything, if 6 of you want to move on and 1 person cant? Then sad to say, that 1 person is going to miss out (EVEN IF IT IS ME! I am not an exception to this rule... Just try not to interact with my characters during that period or your ass is waiting XD)

    As for Ash Roselina. He is the man in charge, he has a human appearance at about 5'10 feet tall with short(ish) white hair, wears a light grey sweatshirt and grey pants, looks to be in his mid 20's (But is older) has dark pink eyes that always looks pissed off/annoyed, and that's it for you ^^ His personality will speak for its self later on as you interact/learn new information.

    As your character learns more you will learn more, that's how interactive I am trying to make it, as if you were really there as your character. You will learn something new about him, and the facility every mission and by the time the final planned mission (First story arc ending) you will know nearly everything important about him including who his special daughter is (Who you can attempt to take hostage... Good luck with that though XD That route is a very dangerous path for your character to go down). After the first story arc, as a Reward I will put up everyone's character bio's (And my more important character Bio's) which will be given to all of your characters. Just that alone will lead to your characters either regretting/feeling sorry/whatever. And how they deal/cope with that can potentially be a story arc of its self. (Arc 2)

    Now if I have to leave during a mission, you do NOT have to stop. You can either create a plot point/do a flash back sequence where you all interact on black nova or whatever before the mission and when I come back, we can start right back up. If I don't show up for a super long time for some reason... Well I'll figure something out XP
    I don't have a limit to how many people can join. I'll keep accepting till I feel its a bit too much, but that hasn't happened yet so yeah.
    Any questions/concerns/other, feel free to PM me :D

    So as you read, it's main theme is consequence, and it's main goal is to be super interactive (Oddly enough, it being fun comes second as weather its fun or not purely depends on character choice)

    So how does an RP like this sound to you people? Is it too unpredictable for your liking? Is there not enough set structure? Or is it the best thing/idea you ever heard and you are jumping in your seat in excitement extremely ready to do this? Comments and opinions/ideas would be most appreciated.
  2. I enjoy the idea, quite a bit - I'd be down for this :)
    When were you thinking of getting this up and running?
  3. Honestly I'm not sure DX Typically I like to be on ALLOT for this RP, although I have a friend here that knows how black nova works quite well so he can cover for me when I'm not around (Assuming he wants to join). If I get enough people interested, then I can start this up fairly soon. My future is a little unpredictable right now so that's why I wanna see interest levels before I set anything in stone.

    So in other words, if popular enough, then pretty soon. If not quite popular enough, then I'll probably wait however many months it takes for my potential future schedule to free up. As you read, the users kinda play a bigger role than me so I, myself am not technically needed (very often) And with enough people, it can be self sufficient no matter what my schedule ends up being later on.

    I just read your resume. You're like THE perfect candidate for the Black Nova RP :D :D :D :D
  4. Alright, well you mark me down as interested and awaiting revival of this amazing RP!
    I'm most definitely excited to see it flourish and blossom and if you need any help in terms of find people to join, advertising, creating art/banners or even helping with some plot points, just let me know :)
    P.S - thank you for that compliment ♥ You're super sweet~
  5. I will keep all that in mind :D

    As for help advertisement and stuff... Well i'm a complete newbie to this forum so I don't know how to do much yet XD So help with that would be appreciated. Do what you think is best :D Just note that the sooner word gets out and more people are in, the sooner this can start ^^ (No pressure XP) I just have to develop 2 missions. The first incarnation had a REALLY boring mission 2 I thought would be fun and interesting... Well it was interesting alright, but super duper boring, so I'm going to replace that one with another mission. If I can't think of any ideas, i'll definitely ask ya. (I want incarnation 5 to be perfect, and it sounds like the people here can make that dream come true :D)

    So for now, I'll start planning out the first arc of 5 missions :D (You may think that's not many, but incarnation 1 went well over 3000 pages and it didn't even get to mission 3 by that point o.o Actually, the side plots were so fun that we didn't even get to mission 3 at all XD)

    AS FOR EVERYONE ELSE, the original was meant to end after mission 5, however due to the first incarnations popularity, I have removed that 5 mission limit and will be willing to work together with all of you to create a primary plot for arc 2. A team effort/perhaps voting or whatever, we'll see when we get there, just figured I'd put it out there now.
  6. Holy crap... 3000 pages is A LOT of pages haha. I'm glad to see this won't be just a mediocre RP.
    I'll definitely help you out in the advertisement sense :) Make a banner or two, locate some new members, things along that line.
    If you need an inspiration or ideas for the missions, hit me up over PM and we can look into different scenarios, and RP like this deserves to have some great missions!
  7. Yeah, and it only stopped there because of real life issues with the remaining RPers, it would have gone on MUCH longer if it wasn't for that.

    BUT keep in mind too that it has the FULL potential to only go like 10 pages too XP

    This is why I love the black nova RP. It's so unpredictable. I don't know who is going to try and betray black nova, I don't know if anyone is going to try and take over black nova, I don't know if there are going to be secret plots against my characters, or anyone elses characters. I don't know if it will last 10 pages, 100 pages, a month, a year, the reset of my life? I have absolutely no idea how it will go down. Based on my experiences, something like that is super unique as most RP's are fairly predictable as the GM normally has an idea, and wants it to go exactly like so (At least in my experience)

    I also have a buddy who's not in the RPing scene but says he has a few ideas for black nova emblems. So if you need images/an idea for images and the banner, I can probably have him get a small move on.
  8. I'm here and ready :D

    Hopefully this incarnation won't flop dead like the last one, but people here are super cool unlike that last forum so we should be set.As you know, I'd never miss an opportunity for this RP, and am sure it's gonna be amazing.

    I'm also glad I happen to be that friend that knows a lot about the RP, and with my sheer level of activity on this forum even when you're not on (Our time zones lap over perfectly for that XD) thwen I'm sure this RP will find difficulty in dying out.

    But still slightly shocked how you managed to get a member for this before me! Shows how amazing the RP is that it flocks people in before the third most experienced person with this scene can be told and arrive.
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  9. Hmm, it looks interesting, but I am going to refrain from 100% committing until there's an OOC up with all the information.
  10. What exactly do you mean?

    What I posted is more or less all the information that will be given from the start. If what was typed is not enough for you to start with, then I'm sad to say that the black nova RP might not be for you D: (Unless I misunderstood what you meant XP)
  11. I'm in. Gotta have a Necro in the party! :D
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