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  1. Welcome to Black Manor!
    You may not know it yet, but you've just been picked as the perfect candidate to participate in a new 'study'.


    You got a letter from the town postman. He was instructed to leave it with you, and only you. You open the letter, hoping it's from a relative or friend.

    The letter reads:

    'Hello, fellow newcomer. I'm writing you to inquire about a study that our technology is doing. We're not sure if you'd like to, but it's worth a pence or two. If you are interested in the study, follow the instructions to the small building. Thank you.


    Turn left on Levyway and enter alley. Knock three times on the wooden door and wait. Then proceed to knock twice more, while whistling a small tune. Wait for the door to open.


    Alright, guys. The plan I have with this roleplay is to have a set amount of people make a Victorian-esque/Steampunk character. Your character will receive a note from an anonymous person (See letter above). Once you successfully get into the 'black manor', you will be prepared for the 'test'.

    Your character is then herded into a cell, deep in the manor. There are four odd, yet remarkable people that inhabit the building. Three of them are free to move around; One is locked up in one of the cells, and at night can be heard whispering to all the characters.

    Yes, you just realized you have been trapped in an awful scheme and the only way out is to follow orders. If you successfully do as you're told and see the horrors of the building, you will be able to get out. Two of the people who have imprisoned you are vampires. Two are not. Though they intend to eat you for their dinner, they will ultimately offer freedom for the right price. Will you, in turn, trade your friend for your life? Will you kill someone to have freedom?

    IC Link

    CS Sheet:

    (Picture here. Must only be picture.)
    Brief History:
    Brief personality:

    Characters I will personally play:

    I will be playing the four inhabitants of the building. Don't worry, I will not make the vampires OP. I'll hint at who the characters are, but no one will have a clear answer as to who they are. :)


    Julius Adams
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Brief History:

    Julius is quite odd, very insane, and not much is known about him. He has a 'fondness' of blood, and is often seen dancing with a skeleton. He keeps his hair long and prefers it that way; His partner doesn't even know much about him, though he seems to go his own way.

    Brief Personality:
    Julius is a witty, soft-hearted person with a lust for control. He is meticulous in many things and is a sucker for poetry.



    Serena Blakely

    Age: Uknown
    Sex: Female

    Brief History:

    Serena grew up dominant and in control. Her dominance grew out of hand after a while, forcing her to find a 'mate' to be with. She picked Julius. Though he seemed odd and out of control at times, Serena quickly snapped a leash on him, and they have been inseparable ever since.

    Brief Personality:

    Serena is witty, charming, and vicious. When you first meet her, she seems like a sweet woman that will rescue you. The next minute, though, she's evil and conniving. She tends to smack people around, though she will stop after a while and try to apologize. She feels as if she can't control these things.


    Abigale Beaumont

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Female

    Brief History:
    Abigale was very popular as a child; Her father had helped to invent handcuffs. She was courted occasionally by many men, though she refused to settle down. As time went on, Abigale suddenly disappeared, and is usually spotted sprinkling an odd type of dust onto people from a vial that she carries with her.

    Brief Personality:
    Abigale prefers to be called 'Gale' or 'Abbi'. She's odd, though elegant. She laughs at nothing, and is usually seen around Julius. Though Julius views her more as a friend, she often fantasizes about being involved with him romantically.


    Jarrett Vlaude

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Male

    Brief History:
    Jarrett was imprisoned in Black Manor sometime shortly after the manor's creation. He was a foolish boy before, looking for hope and adventure.

    Brief Personality:
    He talks to himself frequently; Jarrett is the type of person that frequently helps others and tries to find a way out of the current situation. He considers himself a little insane, but a leader none the less.


    Current Players and Their Characters:
    1. LagunaFairTribal - Ryan Gambietz
    2. Professor Objection - Keith Kumako
    3. Gladis - Shu Fang Landcaster
    4. Casanova Del la Rosa - Georgio Van Lesse
    5. PoisonCake - Andrew Christopher Mclenne
    6. Soundbyte - Taniac Boucu
    7. RaineSensei - Sazael Kyrenei
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Ryan Gambietz
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Brief History: Moved from Italy but born in Russia, Ryan has spent a lot of his life travelling. He had spent a few years serving for the army, but left for personal reasons. He now wants to settle down and find a place to live in piece. His past before the army is cloudy even to him, and he doesn't try very hard to hold onto things that have happened to him. Recently he's gained a bachelor's degree in medicine and is trying to become a doctor.

    Brief personality: He's a clean slate to everyone he meets, but is friendly to those who dont seek to use or harm him. He can tell when he is being manipulated, and wont tolerate it in the slightest. He's knowledgeable and tends to think of the most safe and foolproof ways of getting out of situations. He's not one to take risks anymore...
  3. (( Is this still open? I'm very interested ^^' ))
  4. Still open!

    I like your character Laguna :) Just remember that anyone who accepts the 'study' is clueless and willing.

    My characters will play nice until they spring the trap on everyone!

    I'm using the cells as a way to get each character to know one another. Everyone else's characters will be able to study the way my characters act, and just maybe that can save them?

    :3 Welcome to Black Manor.
  5. (( Awesome! Well, I will make my Character sheet soon enough. ^^' ))
  6. Appearance (open)

    Name: Hehewuti Aitken.
    Age: 20.
    Sex: Female.
    Brief History: Moving, was basically all Hehewuti ever did when she was a child. Her father was in the Military, and was always switched around from base to base, war to war. Although it didn't seem to bother her, she just wished to had made a friend when she was living at the Base. Sadly enough her father died in Afghanistan so she and her mother finally moved back to their hometown. Scotland.

    Brief Personality: Hehewuti is quite shy and hardly ever speaks, only to the people who know her very well. She's kind, and quite intelligent, always spewing information of certain categories when she spoke. Hehewuti doesn't have a clue when someone tries to use her, or manipulate her, since people always like to think that she's some rich young woman. She likes to take risks though, since her fathers blood is in her. Always visiting the woods, checking to see if anything was different each and every time.​
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  7. Pixiv.Id.811468.full.1523943.jpg
    (without the headphones)

    Name: Keith Kumako

    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Brief History: Keith had a rather boring childhood; he lived with his mother and older sister in a quiet town, did well enough in school to be considered pretty smart (but definitely not brilliant), and was friendly enough to avoid being teased for not having friends. At least, he never had any real friends; the one friend he had was in his childhood, and she cheated him out of a surprisingly large amount of money over the course of 90 days with a top-selling scam before she was caught. To this day, he thinks she'll apologize and give the money back, not realizing that it was probably spent years ago. He plans to become an interpreter of foreign languages, similar to his father, even though the man was constantly traveling and almost never visited his family. If that doesn't work out, though, his sister has allowed him to work as a library assistant, so he's not too worried about his future.

    Brief personality: He's the cheerful and adventurous sort, the type of person who tries to take a different route home every day just for the sake of it. His face always seems to have a constant smile on it, and it reflects his effervescent optimism. No one (except for his sister) has ever seen him angry or unhappy, and if anyone else did, he would do everything in his power to make the idea seem improbable. He's not the most talkative person, but he can carry a conversation with no trouble.
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  8. I like them! Just one quick thing...

    The characters are from a different, older century. Like a victorian/steampunk era. So other than main elementary and prep school there isn't colleges or anything like that. I want CS sheets here should be very simple as much as possible :)

    After the minor fixes they'll all be accepted!
  9. I fixed mine, is it alright if she's Native American? ;o I'm sorry for asking, but I'm curious since lately I don't know why but I've been wanting to do different Heritage's and stuff.~ If you don't want her to be Native, that's totally fine! I always have backup.
  10. It looks great!

    I have no problem with Native Americans (I'm actually partly Native American myself xD)
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  11. Hehe, awesome then! :D
  12. :) Once we get one or two more members (or once I create my other two characters) I'll make the IC :D
  13. Alright! :D
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  14. May I join? I shall have my CS up soon, then. ^^
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  15. Yes you may!
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Sid Maverick
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Brief History:
    Sid was born into a working family, that made their livelihood making and selling pies. As he grew, he quickly learned that society itself was ignorant of alot of horrible events. So he never trusted anyone but his family and himself.
    Brief personality:
    Hes a bit on the anti-social side of things. He doesn't trust anyone and is willing to do what he must do. Even if that means giving up the things he loves.
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  17. Very nice! Love the picture :) I love you as well xD
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  18. I want to make a male character, but considering the amount of male characters we now have... would it still be alright? >_<
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  19. Sure! I'm not picky about what gender the characters are (Out of my four characters, 2 are girls xD)

    If anyone needs to see what characters I will be playing, i just added to other two up on the first post. Feel free to take a look!
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