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  1. Hello my fellow role players!

    I had an idea, based off of the Black Jewels books. If you haven't read those books, I strongly suggest them. Anyway, there are seven colored jewels. From black all the way down to rose. The jewel you are born with is the power level, I guess you would call it, that you will have. You can go up two jewel colors at your rite ceremony.
    Anyone possessing a jewel is blood.

    This story would take place after the books. None of the original characters will be seen in the role play. In the books, Janelle came to restore the blood from the corruption that had risen. Well, what would happen if the blood were to be corrupt once again? What would happen to the three kingdoms?

    There would be fighting, romance, magic, and adventure a bit of everything for everyone.

    So, what do you guys think?
  2. So, after reading a few other posts, I wanted to add a bit more to this.


    1) All forum rules apply
    2) 2 character maximum limit.
    3) No one liners. There will be a lot of action in this rp. I don't expect a novel but I do expect some creativity and character reaction.
    4) I do not expect perfection with grammar or spelling. We all make mistakes but please, try to make your posts possible to understand.
    5) This RP has a lot of romance, just be tasteful. Bring sex scenes to PM or fade to black
    6) Stick to the story line, interact with the world around you.
    7) Do no ignore other characters. If they interact with you, respond to them.
    8) Swearing is alright, just please keep it in check. Do not make your whole post a bunch of swear words.
    9) Give everyone a head's up if you are going to not post for a while. I would like to see at least one post a day. (I am a postaholic, just letting you know)
    10) Have fun and be creative

    Back Story:

    An evil priestess known as Heckatah was attempting to gain control of the three realms. There was one problem she was not able to gain very easily. The three realms and the territories were controlled by Saetan Sadiablo. He was the dark lord, and very powerful. He wore the black jewel, along with being a black widow and there were two other males at that time that wore the black. Both of them were his sons, Sadi Sadiablo, and Lucivar. He was separated from his boys. Men are slaves to the females and that is what his sons became. Because of their father, a rare item called the ring of obedience was placed on the two sons. The woman in control of them would be able to cause great pain to their mid section if they were not obedient. The brothers were separated as well. Lucivar was moved to mines, lived in a stall with other slaves. Sadi lived as if he were rich, which he was.
    A seer tells Sadi that she had come. The reference was Janelle. Dreams made flesh. She would cleanse the world of the corrupted blood caused by the priestess. Sadi had waited a century for that news to arrive. Now, he would set out to find her. This was his match, the queen he wanted to serve. However, he was already in service. He was passed from one queen to another due to his sadistic ways. He was known all over as the sadist. He was a queen killer, and a headache to the priestess.
    Lucivar would be the first one to meet Janelle. He enjoyed calling her 'Cat.' He grew amazed with how powerful the young girl was. She traveled through the webs, navigating them so easily. (one of the modes of transportation) She traveled through the realms, making new friends, including Saetan. He took her under his wing, but suffered when she was not around. She was like his own daughter.
    The plot thickens as the priestess wishes to get rid of the threat, Janelle. The young girl is often placed into an asylum called Briarwood. Males would visit often to take advantage of these witches at a young age. A female witch can easily be broken once her virginity is taken. This happened to many of the girls in Briarwood, many of them died.
    A twist of fate brought Janelle and Sadi together. Sadi, after killing the last queen, and filling the place with ice, Sadi was sent to do easy labor for a family. He would mostly be a babysitter, and escort the females of the house when they went anywhere. Little did he know that Janelle was a member of that house.

    Later through the story, all three characters come together. Janelle forms her own court, and together the priestess is defeated. Janelle, however is weakened, frail and partially broken, and dying.

    Recent Events:

    Several centuries later, women still own men as slaves, some men are appointed as a consort.(almost modern day marriage) The ring of obedience is heard of but not really in use, unless it is a last resort. Queens have their courts established with other queens under them. The three realms thrived with peace and prosperity returned to the world. Saetan's great grandson inherited Sadiablo Hall, along with control of the realms and territories. He was the Dark Lord now. As of yet, he had no children. The dark realm brought in the dead, and they were content. That is until there was a scream heard among the webs of time. A new unknown darkness has appeared. A slow poison filtering into the blood. The asylum that had been burned down, destroyed and forgotten has now been rebuilt. Queens began to squabble over power. Courts were on the verge of collapsing as the under queens wanted the court. Male slaves that were so eager to attend to their queens now began to shake in fear as they were now being dealt with harshly. Yes, a new threat arises.

    Saetan's great grandson watches from his lair. He senses the poison sneaking it's way into the world. He searches the libraries for what may cause such a disturbance. The ancient dragons were gone, Janelle was gone, even his great grandfather was gone. Who would be able to give him answers? From what he read in the histories, he was on his own.

    Jewel Ranks:

    Tiger Eye
    Purple Dusk
    Opal- is the dividing line between the light and dark jewels because it can be either. The darker form of an Opal Jewel is known as the Blood Opal

    Not all the Blood are strong enough to receive Jewels, but those who do acquire it during the Birthright Ceremony. A person receives their second Jewel when making the Offering to the Darkness, allowing them to descend to their mature strength. The new Jewel may be up to three ranks darker than the original.
    Even a person with no Birthright Jewel may receive a Jewel during the Offering, although in that case they are unlikely to descend further than the Yellow. It is also possible for emotional trauma or other traumatic experiences preventing a person from descending to their full potential strength. As the Offering can only be made once, it is thus impossible for such a person to ever possess the entirety of the power they were capable of wielding.

    A person that is not of Blood and can not wear a jewel is called a Landen. (Pretty much, average human)


    Craft has several basic abilities which include simple telekinesis, the ability to move something around with ones thoughts, and telepathy. The skill with which craft can be accomplished depends on the darkness of ones jewels. In addition to Telekinesis and telepathy Craft can also offer the user the ability to "vanish" items, which is to literally make an item disappear from sight in order to store it in another place reachable only by the person who vanished the item in the first place. But, if a person has "vanished" objects and has not retrieved it and the Blood has died it is unknown if the object is destroyed alongside the Blood's death or it simply remains until somebody finds it, one of the same Blood family. There is also strengthening spells, healing, witchfire, ect ect..

    I will have a character list up here in a bit. There are a lot of characters so that will be in a new post.
  3. Female Roles:

    Thania- She is a very twisted, evil, malicious, I could go on but she is the one behind the Blood poisoning (open)
    Queens- I need two more for the three different courts, I also need queens that serve under them (open)
    Seer-One that can see the future-taken
    Harpies (open)
    Aeryians (open)
    Residents of Briarwood (open)
    Demon Dead (open)
    Kindred (open)

    Male Roles:

    Great Grandson of Saetan Sadiablo (reserved)
    Dark Princes (open)
    Queen Consorts (three of these)(open)
    Aeryians (open)
    Landers (open)
    Leader of cildru dyathe (demon dead children) (open)
    Demon Dead (open)
    Kindred (open)

    Kindred (open)
    Kindred are animals with the ability to speak to those they choose to interact with. Sometimes, Kindred attempt to interact with others but the psychic ability of the person is not strong enough. They are found all over the world. They are very territorial but will not attack unless they are attacked, first. To look at a Kindred you would think they were just a regular animal. However, they do act very different than other animals. For instance, a wolf may follow you but not growl or attempt to kill you. They just may lay there watching you. It could be a bit creepy.

    Aeryians (open)
    In the books, Lucivar was one of my favorite characters, an Aeryian Warlord Prince. The Aeryians are physically strong, very talented with weapons and when you combine that with the power of a jewel, you get a kick butt character. These characters have wings, those wings are the pride. Strip an Aeryian of his wings, you may as well have just killed them. As much as they are physically strong, they are stubborn, strong willed, and depending on the situation, quick to anger. They are quite sarcastic at times. They will also not back down from a fight.[​IMG]

    Harpies (open)
    These gals are as viscous as they come. Killed in a very horrible manner, back to claim vengeance, and retribution for all the wrongs done to them and their sister Harpies. They have an innate anger, you could say hatred toward men. They are very skilled with weapons. Many Harpies prefer a bow, but are very capable with blades as well. They will always ALWAYS defend their sisters. So, if a man were to try to attack a Harpy, be sure to know that you will have a flock after you.

    Realms and Territories

    As mention prior, all Realms are controlled by Saetan's Great Grandson. However, Queens of each realm were selected to rule over that Realm and the territories within that realm. The Queens must do as instructed by the Dark Lord. (Due to recent events, however, the Queens are not so eager to follow his commands.) The ONLY territory that the Dark Lord does not control, is the Harpy Territory.


    This is a realm consisting of mountain ranges and the desert of Pruul. This is home to the Aeryian race. After centuries have past, the Aeryians were given the surrounding territories. However, due to the poison's influence on the Blood, they are now trying to keep those territories in tact. Queens are trying to get power over the salt mines of Pruul. Quite a few warriors have been missing. Many fear that although they are no longer committed to being slaves to the queens, some are being forced into slavery. This would go against the treaty and possibly start a war.

    Hiell is the territory where you will find Sadiablo Hall, the throne of the Dark Lord and the land of the Demon Dead.


    This Realm is surrounded by urban and suburban areas. The territories have thrived over the centuries. There is a festival that celebrates the story of Jaenelle Angeline. The past two years, however, the festival has stopped. The care of the beloved statues of Jaenelle, Sadi, and others have been neglected. They are now getting grown over with grass, and vines. The people have started gaining paranoia, people started betraying one another. Whispers of an unknown evil returning to the realms is spread but no one wants to stand against it. No one really knows what it is.
    Many parties are taking place. Queens gathering together sharing their slaves amongst themselves, even trading them. Lower jewel ranked queens often on the look out for a higher jewel ranked male for protection along with psychic abilities. Money is never a problem, this was high society living.


    This realm is dotted with small farms, towns, and villages. You will find quite a few priestesses living here due to the quietness of their surroundings. It makes it easier to focus on healing potions, and other duties they performed. Many will get called upon for Birthrite Ceremonies or Offerings to the Darkness. This is also home to Lilly the Blind, the seer of things past, present and future. (I will post more of this character in a bit) The Queens here are more laid back, yet they have started grumbling towards each other. Many of the Queens are seeking ways to claim the court for themselves.

    Plot Overview

    Thania grew up in the Realm of Terrielle. She was often seen as intelligent but very high sprung. Her vicious attitude along with violent outbursts toward others compelled her uncle to break her. Once someone is 'broken' they no longer function correctly. Their psyche becomes shattered like glass. The broken ones are seen walking around in dirty garments. They also mumble a lot to themselves. In Thania's case, she has found a way to switch from insanity, and sanity. She is able to do so at will. In her anger and bitterness she plots against her family. She wants to tear the realm apart bit by bit. Her mother holds the court. It was easy for her to sneak in an out of the court. Knowing how the system works, causing the unrest would alert the Dark Lord. He was the one that she would go after. Not until she was done destroying the realms. Perhaps it was part of her insanity that caused her to blame the Dark Lord for not stopping her uncle? She speaks to the queens, spreading lies and twisted rumors. They are so naive to believe her but it makes her smile when she sees her handiwork take shape. She even whispers lies in the men's ears. Lies, rumors, hatred begins spreading throughout the three realms. Thania's ultimate goal is to gain Sadiablo Hall for herself. Even broken, she managed to grasp onto the craft to gather males for herself.

    Lilly the Blind sees this threat, watches across the threads of time as this vicious witch consumes the realms with her poisonous ways. She sees an army building with the goal of taking over Hiell. She sees the Dark Lord in binds. She sees a horrible fate for the world. She has taken it upon herself to travel to Sadiablo Hall to discuss these matters with the Dark Lord. She would warn him of all that is happening. She would attempt to persuade him to take up arms.

    Okie Dokie...Any comments at all? Anything? Anyone?
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  4. interested highly interested actually just have not read the book
  5. *smiles* It's fine if you haven't read it. Thank you for responding! If more people say that they're interested, I'll start an OOC page and put up the character sheets.
  6. I mean I would like to reserve two if that is ok a queen and a priestess
  7. Ok, do you want one of the court queens? You got a spot for a priestess. *smiles*
  8. Yes I would like one of the court queens
  9. Alright, you got a court queen and a priestess *smiles*
  10. may i have the court queen for Terrielle?
  11. I really like the concept for this RP now I really wanna read the book... have you read the sweep series or the house of night series...
  12. I have heard of the house of night series. I do plan on reading it at some point.
  13. Its a good series so have you read the sweep series?
  14. I haven't even heard of it. Who's the author?
  15. Cate Tiernan is the author
  16. I will definitely check it out, thanks :)
  17. Not a problem its a good series about 13 books in total I think
  18. Awesome, lots of reading time *smiles*
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