Black Fall - Superpower Advertisement Thread

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  1. Hello there, sir or madam, would you by any chance be interested in a rather realistic/grounded superpower setting without the capes or the cowls? If so, I got a treat for you. Black Fall is a remake of an old RP I ran on another site and I am attempting to test the waters here. The premise is simple, it's a character focused RP based around a band of teens who find their lives crumpling around them as they get pulled into a web of deceit. I plan for this RP being character interaction/development heavy with tons of rooms for subplots. I also heavily elaborated on Meta-humans, and how the universe acts around them.

    If that entices you, then I advise you to click that link.
  2. The no replies... I now how you feelin' bru

    I'm going to check it just to not be a troll
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