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  1. Sebastian walked into ciels room opening the curtin as he looked down at him, " It'stime to get up young master. " He said as he walked back out and came in with a tray witha teapot and a tea cup. " This morning for breakfast is a nice croustades with either crumpet or toats, which would you preeferr. " He asked ciel pouring him some tea.
  2. toast would be fine ( as he rubs his eyes)
  3. ( Could you put more in please i really don't like one liners there isn't much to post back to. )
  4. shure )
  5. he wakes up yawning and rubs his eyes as he looks at sebastian poring his tea and says " toast would be fine " he said without a care still sleepy
  6. Sebastian smiled lightly as he handed ciel the tea and served him his breakfast. " Very well then, you have a free day today what would you like to do? " He asked ciel as he looked at him.
  7. " what that cant be are you shure check again i must have something to do today"
    he said in a raised voice as he looked at sebastian and sips his tea
  8. He took a booklet out of his shirt pocket and flipped through the pages. " No my young master you are free to do what ever you wish. " he said showing him his schedual.
  9. pushes away the booklet " well then i would have to think "
    as he hands sebastian his tea and plate and pulls the covers off him to the side
  10. He nodded and put the booklet away and took the plate and cup and put them back on the tray.
  11. falls back and says "im still so tired though"
    as he yawns once more and slowly closes his eyes
  12. " Young master you should really get up oversleeping is not good for the soul. " he said as he looked at his master with a smile.
  13. "sebastian why do you always smile ? " as he sits up and stretches

    he smirks and says " i think i would love to go outside"
  14. Sebastian nodded as he walked out of the room and put the stuff away and came back and helped ciel get dressed.
  15. he gets up and and starts to walk and says " come"
    and starts walking again and starts to think
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  16. sebastian walked right behind ciel as he smiled again looking at the young boy.
  17. gets to the door and waits for sebastian to open it

    "sebastian tell me why are you obsessed with cats i have just been wondering for quite a bit"
  18. Sebastian opens it as he watched ciel walk out.
  19. sighs and keeps walking and sees alot of smoke and runs to it

    come here sebastian!!
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  20. (hey wanna continue cause i know i can do way better)
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