Black Butler, my friends?

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  1. Hello everyone~.

    Alright here it goes.
    I've only watched a few episodes of Black Butler and it was a little while ago. But I have picked up a lot about the plot, ideas, and such, and I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of it. Hehe, so, is anyone up to one? We can have original characters of our own creation or stick to the original main two. I don't know much about Alois, Claude, Grell, the Undertaker, or anyone else, just Ciel and Sebastian.

    Only requirements:
    -You must be literate/good writer (no crappy one liners.)
    -Able to lead the roleplay a bit, as I am not at that point yet
    -Able to play a good Sebastian if necessary. I will do my best as Ciel from what I've seen :)
    -Extremely active (or as much as possible.)

    I await your replies.
  2. I'm up for this~~~
    I finished both seasons of Kuroshitsuji, but I have yet to be in an RP of one. I think I can take a bit of a lead if it's necessary, and I'm online almost every night (procrastinating homework :ahem:). Right now it's 3 am here and I usually don't stay up this late though, so it depends on your time zone too I guess~~~

    I don't mind RP'ing either canon characters or OC's. Or both...
  3. Thank you for replying, firstly.

    I am, myself, in US Mountain Time. So it's about 12:45 here in the day. I stay up late, get up early. I'm on quite a lot. I failed to mention however, I do like a bit of romance. I hope that's acceptable. I'd like to try the original characters from the series, but only Sebastian and Ciel as I do not know much about the others unfortunately. As you can see, I prefer ciel xD

    Please message me, or reply here once again. I'd love to rp. ^u^
  4. *raises hand* I'm in. :)

    I've seen both seasons, and I'm up-to-date on the manga. I've played Sebastian several times, and I've even cosplayed at him... Heheh... So yeah. I'm also quite literate, and I spend far too much time online. One-liners are a pet peeve of mine, so you'll never receive one of those from me. My usual post length is two paragraphs, though I will fairly often do three or more if my muses are being kind.