Black Butler-esque RP anyone~?

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  1. In the forbidden libraries of the world, there resides a book, known as the Infinity Cross. It details every aspect of Daemons, from 'harvesting' souls, to just getting by. A passage, if you will:

    Daemons, once among the ranks of the living
    Now find themselves a new hunger
    For souls. The only way to relieve this?
    Selling services in exchange for a person's soul
    Once they die.
    The human who wishes to make the
    Deal, called a Contract, must utter these words upon
    The moment of death:
    Upon my grave I stand, and here I call--"
    Just before the human finishes the sentence, a name
    Will enter
    their mind,and they are to call that name.
    The Daemon will be summoned, and the Contractor
    Will be sent into a spirit state, where they will make
    The contract. The Contractor will choose a name for
    The Daemon, one they will use until the contract expires.

    One night, a young Halfling leaves a paper on the street, not knowing or caring who opens it. Whoever opens it will see this:

    Hello. You, my somewhat lucky or maybe not so lucky friend.
    Why did you pick up this paper? Interest, community service
    Or perhaps destiny? You see, I can see into your soul. You want
    Something. Revenge, glory, wealth, whatever it may be, you cannot
    Gain it on your own. I'm here to help. You see, I will remain by your
    Side for the remainder of your days, follow your every command, fight
    For you, even commit illegal acts for you, in exchange for your soul when
    You die. What do you say? If you want to get what you want, but have
    No way to gain it by yourself, contact me. Simply say these words as you
    Are at the edge of death:
    "Upon my grave I stand, and here I call Mixta Sanguine."
    Now you know my name, human. Another's won't pop into your head when
    Say it. Go ahead. Do it. I dare you.

    This Daemon, called only "Boy" by his father, Daemon Armenius, has lived in a basement his whole life, only thirteen years thus far. Nearly every day, Armenius is visited by vampires and Daemons alike, both races trying to lay claim to the boy. Both have claim to him, as his father is a Daemon and his mother was a vampire. He speaks four languages, learned it from the many visitors Armenius has had. His vision is greatly messed up, having never seen the light of day. Armenius never fed the boy, and he had to catch rats and lick the damp walls of the basement to stay alive. One day, a vampire visitor is speaking with Armenius, trying to get the boy's father to sell the boy to the vampire kingdom. Armenius refuses, and the vampire leaves. Later that night, he returns and kills Armenius, taking the boy.

    His treatment with the vampires is questionably worse, sure they feed him, sure they clothe him, and they give him a name Daemon Mixta Sanguis, but they force him to kill their enemies day after day. You see, being half Daemon, half vampire is a very special thing. If they don't die young or have mental or physical defects, they have powers that far surpass that of regular Daemons and vampires. Both races covet it. He's forced to kill people every day, half of them innocents. Eventually, after a year of this, he escapes, finding his way to London.

    He learns to live off the streets, and how to use his powers how he wants to. People he meets in the various places he wanders teaches him how to be a gentleman, how to earn his keep in odd places. There, he is taught by a Daemon how he can work for wishes, as a butler, or as whatever his master wishes. So, he seeks out a desperate human, wanting to test his newfound power.

    Yes, I know it sounds a little like Black Butler. That's where I originally got the idea, but I want to make it deeper than Master-Daemon, to where they begin to have feelings for eachother, maybe even romantic. I would prefer having a female character as a partner, but if you want to be a guy, I won't hate you for it. Pm or reply, and we can get plotting~!

  2. I want I want I want!
  3. Great~! Where do you want to start the rp from, from when he leaves the paper, the deal is made, or whatever you would like? I'd also like a character sheet, but that can wait until later~ Its so awesome that someone's into this, I've had this idea for so long!
  4. I love this idea! I don't even know what Black Butler is but now I want to watch/read it xD

    I think starting from finding the paper would be best. I can put up a post of her finding it and calling for him all in one post? ^_^ You should post first though x3 Also, I won't be on much longer tonight, have to work early tomorrow u.u
  5. It's tight. Ill message you the link when I put it up~ Its so great I got someone for this ^^