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Basically, I've got two Black Butler OC's that I've been dying to use, but every roleplay I throw them in dies within a few pages. I'd like to do something where two villainous nobles have a rivalry going on, both of them vying for power within the Underground and the favor of the Queen.

This is a very basic overview of my characters, Adela and Felix

Name: Adela Enralle
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Title: Countess of Enralle
Nickname: The Queen's Raven

Personality: Adela leads to separate personalities: the polite and courteous attitude of a proper lady and her actual personality. While she appears kindhearted and obedient in public, she's actually quite ruthless. She's always seeking ways to tear down other and finding various methods to climb to the top. She delights in other's suffering, especially when they've scorned her in some way. When she's not mingling among the nobility, she's investigating crimes with her butler, more for Adela's amusement than any actual desire to help. She also spends a fair amount of time chasing away various suitors, all handpicked by her father, of course.

Name: Felix Clarke
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Serves: Adela Enralle

Personality: For the most part, Felix is unflappable and collected at all times, usually appearing as polite and little else. However, he does have a slightly mischievous personality. He enjoys causing trouble and being a general nuisance, but he's forever loyal to Adela, no matter what his wishes are.

All I ask is that the other person have a roleplaying level that is at adept or higher and is active on the site. If you're interested, ping or PM me!​
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