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  1. Some of this is poetry, some is just random prose and bits of rp (or will be) All is written by myself.. if any parts are shared RP, i will say beforehand which is my character.

    Never Enough

    Heart beats, eyes flicker, thoughts drift
    living, breathing, feeling, missing you,
    wishing i were better, need to be free..
    never enough...
    don't ever say that i let you fall
    nothing was wrong
    Words.... thoughts, impressions, dreams
    heart beats, fingers tap, eyes close
    emotions... tearing me apart
    nothing ever felt so wrong
    i can feel
    i can feel
    i cant feel
    you breathing
    never enough, waters rising
    the undertow is tearing us apart
    hearts beat, tears fall, wishes fly
    life passes, eyes close, dreams die.
    I can't be what you want me to.


    Sad shadows flicker
    against a darkened wall
    pieces of me
    that flutter away as i fall
    down into a blackness
    that consumes all that's here
    to an ocean of tears
    that drowns out my fear
    I cannot reach out
    to some sweet oblivion
    seeking solace in time
    and yet finding none


    Got me spinning in circles boy
    dont know where i'll land
    this joyride for two
    is getting out of hand
    Addicted already
    like some junkie running free
    high on your way of life
    and babe you've got me.
    Faster, spinning faster
    boy dont let me drop
    this hanging on your every word
    too intoxicating to stop
    Weave your darkness 'round me
    pull me deeper in
    the daemon scent of you
    is tempting me to sin
    Cast my broken halo
    like seed among the thorns
    this angels truly fallen
    for the man with devil horns.


    Wanting, needing, is never enough
    The Goddess does not hear my voice
    My wishes go unheard
    My dreams lie in tatters
    I am shattered
    Into a thousand pieces
    Scatter me to the four winds
    Let them take me far from here
    From this pain I cannot vocalise
    Let me fly free from my shield-skin
    That I may not suffer
    I am broken
    And nothing can bring me peace again.
    I cannot move, Nor think, Nor see
    I cannot cry, Nor scream, Nor shout
    I have died
    And my soul has fled
    There is just pain, And hurt, And anger
    There is just grief, And loss, And sorrow
    I have died
    Give me healing
    Give me feeling
    Give me love
    And time
    Give me hope
    Give me comfort
    Give me strength
    Set me free
    Unleash my tears
    Lift my soul
    Shelter me
    I have lost myself.


    I burn for you
    My soul yearns for you
    For your touch
    To feel your fingertips upon my flesh
    My skin quivering against your simple touch
    Is this love?
    Or does some other passion consume me
    That I am unaware of.
    I crave your lips
    Your skin against mine
    To feel your breath mingle with my own
    Shall I wait?
    Wait while the fire consumes me
    And you burn cold against my reaching?
    I think not.
    My hands will seek yours
    And touch
    And feel
    And be.
    My lips caress your skin
    And you will yield
    For your eyes are mirrors of my own.
    I shall breathe the very words against your form
    And feel you quivering within.
    Needing, desiring,
    That which you know I freely give.
    “Mine Only”
    I will let my nails trace the words upon your back
    Perhaps even mark you thus.
    That all would know the web I weave
    Around you and upon you.
    Drawing you gently in.
    “Soul mate”
    My lips and tongue will etch, forever on your heart.
    Meet my eyes
    Drink my soul
    Feel my desire.
    I burn for you.
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  2. Writers Block

    She stared blankly at the piece of paper infront of her, imagining it as an alien being, for so it seemed to her that moment. It was as if she had forgotten its purpose. She knew she had to do something with it but the words would not flow, the desire was there but it was as though something had locked them away and the girl could not find the key.

    Pearly teeth chewed the end of the pen, oblivious to the ink that stained once clean fingers, idling, the writers instument had begun to drip, the deep blue colour spreading out across the sheet of paper like blood dripping from a wound that would not heal. The urge to write something profound was eating away at her, it was so strong it was almost tangible and the inability made her melancholy. Emerald eyes scanned the disarray of the room around her, searching, what for she didn't really know, a muse perhaps? or maybe something to distract her until the words were ready to allow her lazy hand to spring into action and send the pen skittering across the paper in a flurry of inspiration.

    Only the curling smoke that wound its way up from the half full ashtray at her left elbow broke the stillness, the one noise being the papers sizzle and crackle as the cigarette burned away, forgotten for now, only to be remembered later when there was no life left in it and its remains littered the bottom of the ashtray, laying like the unmourned dead among its companions. Tutting, the young woman removed another from the engraved silver case, lifting the lighter to ignite the end. Inhaling, she closed her eyes, allowed the invading fug to slowly fill her lungs, her pupils searching the underside of her lids as she savoured the gentle rush of nicotine to her starved brain. Exhaling with a sigh she watched the grey smoke dancing away from her slowly, weaving its inane patterns against the only bulb that lit her darkened room.

    Reluctantly she returned her eyes to the still empty paper that sat before her, calling out to be defiled by the deceitful words that still evaded her.Shaking her head she turned from it and rose, intending to return to it later when the prick of inspiration would eventually tantalise her senses into action.
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