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  1. This will be based off of dishonored, if you don't know what that is, well it's okay, should be easy to follow along.

    Location: USA, Massachusetts, Boston.

    Date: November 27, 2014.

    To the naked eye, the world looks incorruptible, but behind the scenes, that's a different story. There are others performing dark arts, world threatening disasters being dealt with...unspeakable corruption, hidden from the public.

    The outsider
    outsider (open)

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    "The Outsider is a figure of myth, neither good nor evil."

    The Outsider appears to people he finds "interesting," and can make contact with them both through dreams, and in the physical world at his shrines. When he makes contact with you, he will provide you with one of his "gifts" making you bare his mark on your left hand, giving you supernatural powers.

    While the Outsider remains neutral in regard to events that transpire in the mortal world. He does not place conditions on those he gifts with supernatural abilities, and does not seem to factor hierarchy or effort into their selection

    No further info has been recorded.

    ) has called his followers (
    outsiders (open)
    followers of The Outsider himself, each one bares the gift mark on their left hand. image.jpg Each outsider has the ability to use dark magic to get their way in life, wether it be thieving or saving a life, or even simple activities like getting around to different locations. They look like ordinary people, but they want that. Underneath their disguise, they are something more.
    ) to his aid, the witches of Salem have now taken action to take over The Outsider's realm. They plan on eliminating Outsiders from the mortal world. Once they're done, they're going to capture The Outsider and take his place, and take his power. If they succeed everything in the mortal world and beyond will crumble.

    Over the last couple of months, Outsiders have been disappearing left and right. Once there was hundreds of Outersiders, now there is less then twenty. Witches, once prey by the Outsiders, now the witches became the predators. The numbers of witches has vastly grown through out the months. All of them, gaining their power from an unknown source. No one knows the whereabouts of this source.

    The Outsider has located the rest of his followers to the heart of Boston, in a abandoned factory. Here he will have his followers figure out how to set aside their differences and work together to eliminate the threat or lose their world they live on, and their power.....

    -No well rounded characters, everyone has flaws
    -I control npc's, so don't suddenly get into a fight with random npc's unless I said it happen.
    -if you have any ideas referring to the plot of the Roleplay, message me and I'll work something out with you.
    -nothing op, we want this to he fun for everyone.
    -write left hand in the other box of your oc sheet so I know you have read the rules

    Character sheet:
    When creating a character, you need to pick one passive traits, two abilities, and create your own ability (only one, and nothing to op)

    CS format (open)

    Backstory: (what he/she's life was like before the change, why The outsider found him/her interesting and what is currently happening)
    Abilities:(two abilities from the list, and create one as well as explain how it works and what it is)
    Passive trait: (only one)
    Years: (how long they have been an outsider)


    my CS (open)

    Name:Claire Wyoming




    Background:Claire lived a pretty well rounded life, she excelled in computer technology knowing how to program almost anything that has a motherboard. She never failed any of her classes, passed with high honors, she was getting scholarships and everything she could ever desire. Including her cat mittens. But all that changed, after a bad work day with her father.

    One day her father got many death threats during the day, he worked as a private investigator. He noticed a car following him around, the threats had an unknown location of where it was coming from. Making her dad on edge all day, keeping his self defense weapon at his side all day (pistol). When he came home he realized the same car that had been following him was parked in front of his house. So he decided to sneak through the back, held his pistol and noticed the back door was open. Once he went in, someone jumped in front of him and he shot... He shot Claire's mom, his wife. It was a surprise party for his birthday, everyone stared in horror. And Clair's mom laid in a pool of blood.

    Claire's dad was arrested, and she had to go to a foster home. She hopped from foster home to foster home. Only thing to keep her company was her cat mittens. Eventually Claire ran away at the age of 16, once she did, she was visited by The outsider, and she was given the mark. He saw how her life turned around so quick, and saw what path she was going down. This new found gift let her get through life, thieving and sneaking around, sharing a life with her cat. Even though he gave her fangs and turned her food into blood, she learned to live with it (she is the only outsider who feeds off of blood for her powers) some people even became donators for blood so she wouldn't need to hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. Eventually she could possess her cat to the point where both her and mittens had a mutual relation ship. And then spiritually bonded. Now Claire rooms the streets getting any info on current day life, and stealing just to live another day.

    Weapons: five seven pistols with green laser sights. And a short tactical sword (all stolen)

    Personality: very energetic and random at times, but can have a temper if the right thing can tick her off. She doesn't care for others, unless he/she makes an impression on her. She also tends to be very curious and nosy about things.

    Abilities:blink, possession, dark sorcery (the ability to control dark energies and magic. Claire so far has no idea how it works, only thing she can do is create dark spheres of energy and launch it at others. Only downfall is that she has to feed off of blood to survive. She grew fangs as soon as she got the mark.)

    Passive trait: agility

    Years: 3


    blink (open)

    Can teleport short distances. With practice the ability can be used more rapidly. (To anyone who sees the caster teleport, it looks as if the caster deteriorates into ashes and morphs in a new location.)

    grasp (open)

    Can lift up any object (only if the caster has the physical strength to lift it him/herself) from a distance, pulling it towards them, moving it around or throwing it,almost telepathically.

    possession (open)

    Enter the body and possess any creature (except other outsiders) for a short duration of time, giving the caster full control of its victim. Once the spell is done with, the victim will either pass out, or walk off with no memory of the possession (varies on how many times the victim has been possessed, he/she could be use to it or not) With practice, the ability can eventually be used as long as the caster wants.

    void gaze (open)

    Gives the caster the ability to see through walls and spot out other living creatures and beings. (Think of it as x-ray vision)

    Passive traits

    agility (open)

    Can jump at least a story high, your reflexes are quicker, and your running speed is increased three times of an average runner.

    tough skin (open)

    Can endure more damage than three men combined. Your regeneration properties are increased as well (a stab wound would take days, instead of months to heal)

    naturally gifted (open)

    You are automatically skilled (averagely skilled, I may add) with any weapon you currently having in your hands

    If you have any questions just ask, I won't bite :)
  2. I think this'd work better in the original dark cyberpunk atmosphere. That's the reason dishonored works so well. I don't think it'd be anywhere near as good if you're sneaking around huge apartment complexes and road ways, assassinating occasionally. You don't notice it while you play the game, its only when you try to port it into any other setting that it stops working. I tried a medieval and a modern version in RP form and they were both just awful. It's the concept of the weepers and the plague that makes it so characteristic. Of course, typing this now made me want to play the game again, for maybe the 20th time. it never gets any worse either. Also, im assuming you mean that the witches are hunting the people who have been contacted by the outsider, not "outsiders" because that makes it sounds like there's hundreds of Void Gods rather than hundreds of followers.
  3. Well I posted this in the wrong section so...yeah it's in the modern fantasy section. But I made this Rp in the direction of modern society, I didn't want the sneaking around and such to be such a huge topic, but the fact that we didn't get an explanation of how the outsider was ment to be, clearly he couldn't have been made from nothing. I wanted to add my own idea on how the world and the void beings work. So in this I'm adding my own ideas, just using the unique abilities and some of the characters.
  4. Hmm. I pick up on someone who perhaps couldn't do the game with low chaos? :P. But in all seriousness, if you plan on not using much stealthiness you may as well just ignore most of the abilities. Blink becomes very limited, dark vision becomes pretty reduntant, i mean, how many times did you honestly use detect life in Skyrim? Possession also has way less use, especially before you get it to level 2, actually, wind blast and health boost are pretty much the only useful thing in that case. And windblast is best when using it to clear a path so you can run and hide again. Its pretty much impossible to do anything if you get attacked by more than 3 people at a time unless you have mana spare for windblast/blink combo.

    But either way, i'm still confused as to whether you mean there are many actual Void Gods or just many people with a few outsider's powers. I mean, it'd be incredibly hard for witches to hunt down so many gods, especially when they're able to alter reality at will, and the witches power most likely originated from them in the first place.

    Oh and one more thing, i'm assuming you fully intended to exaggerate the power of agility into something more like Celerity. If i was actually able to run at 3 times speed (about 45 km/hour) and jump and entire story, then that game would ave been so much harder.
  5. I played the full game on low chaos to be honest, even the two dlc stories as daud. But I can't say much more, the blink and possession are going to he used differently. If you possess someone you can read their thoughts, giving us info. Blink will just be used for traveling and in combat. Maybe even escaping. But I can't say much more, because I'd be ruining my own story that I have planned for the roleplay, I don't wanna spoil anything, but I will say there are more gods in my roleplay.
  6. Plus I forgot to add, I only put on certain abilities in the mind set of how they could be used in the story line I have planned. Then I gave the players one ability to create on their own so they have a unique character to use, plus it gives way more freedom. Everything I put into the roleplay was to work with the storyline I have created.
  7. hmm. OK then.
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