Biting off more than you can chew?

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  1. Does any of you ever get in a situation where you just jump into just way too much rps? I often find myself in this frustrating situation when one rp just gets to slow, and I just hop in another, then they both begin picking up the pace in a great frenzy of typing. Now it just gets overwhelming trying to manage. I was just wondering how many of you overextend yourself. Do any of you set a limit or perhaps you just try to push through? Maybe you may even just drop or pause one or the other by politely explaining the situation? Please feel free to share any experiences you have had in dealing with this.
  2. Mines the opposite. I'm starving!
  3. I usually push through. But sometimes you need to drop or pause one. Maybe set yourself a schedule on which rps you respond to at what time or on what days. That would be my suggestion. I tend to like being in a typing frenzy though. Keeps my mind going and it helps me get to sleep. (fun fact: it's easier to fall asleep when you aren't THINKING about sleep!)
  4. Oh! Even worse if one RP blurs into another. Things can get silly.
  5. I usually set myself a limit of how many I can join.
    I've been really good about sticking to it and haven't got in over my head yet.
    If I had to drop an RP I'd polity explain to the GM what was going on, and find a way to write my character out so they could continue without me.
  6. Naa, I only take on ones I'm able to keep up with no matter the pace. Taking on too many would be overwhelming to me, I may lose track to some that's why I can count the roleplays on my hand meaning that is all I need.
  7. Most role-plays I see usually die before I can really take 'em anywhere... I join a zillion at a time too haha.


    *insert catchy Role-play Rescue theme song*

    If you need someone to help bring your role-play back to life, feel free to message me ;P
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  8. It rarely ever happens for me, but when it did once or twice I simply found a good way to write the character out. Both I think died, not completely positive though.
  9. Oh yes; I'm the queen of this.

    Not so much in terms of Roleplays (I think I only have three or four going at the mo) but taking on projects. On and off Iwaku I've got

    • Sew a skirt for my sister like the one I made for me
    • Sort and sell over 1000 yugioh cards
    • Catch all the Pokemon
    • Sew a new comforter
    • Post regular exercises and workshops in the Worldbuilding Guild and Roleplay Institute
    • Keep coming up with workshop/exercise ideas to keep in the Suggestion Box
    • Greet newbies
    • Send happy birthday messages cause I love birthdays
    • Lose 20 pounds/9 kilograms
    • Get a second job and keep it
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  10. I'm in this situation currently. Though I'm doing a pretty good job keeping up right now. I have 30 active rps on this site :S
  11. I thought of this pre joining RPs I join a max of 3 so I'm a little underwhelmed at most, unless a roleplay stops for more than a week without updates in both the OOCs and ICs, that's a surefire way of knowing that RPs sort of being layed off.
  12. I wish I had more RPs. Then I get busy and I can hardly reply to the ones I do have. ;_;
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