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    How do you typically celebrate your birthday?
    Do you go eat a special dinner, does someone special cook you dinner?
    Are people around you generally even aware of your birthday, or do you keep it hush hush?
  2. I get more love from my internet friends on my brithday than I do from my family.

    Even if they can't do more than send me good will and happy birthday wishes, it still means a lot to me to know that they care and are thinking of me.

    I generally don't remember when my birthday rolls around. Half of my family can't celebrate birthdays due to cult reasons, and they just aren't important to the other half. If I'm being honest, I don't know how old any relatives outside my immediate family are. So, birthdays aren't really celebrated on my end ^^;;
  3. What is a birthday? j/k

    Since i'm close enough to home my parents will come visit and it's a tradition for the birthday boy/girl to choose a restaurant to eat for dinner. so that's our only tradition. Generally I get the usual happy birthday from friends but really not much else. :p