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  1. Name: Raven Roth
    Age: 17
    Personality: Reserved, strong-willed, sarcastic, altruistic, powerful

    Raven has been lying still on her round mattress for hours now. Moonlight shone through her window, illuminating her violet irises beautifully. But they were dead eyes. Dull and void of emotion. It was her mind that swirled with too many thoughts to be able to sleep. Somewhere in the tower, she could feel that Robin was awake too. She wondered why. He was usually asleep by now, having received his daily dose of Starfire's jabbering and flirting and smiling and...ugh. It twisted and stabbed at Raven's heart every time she saw them smile at each other.
    Raven is an empath and she knows emotion well, even if she can hardly allow herself to feel any of it herself. Robin doesn't love Starfire. And as his best friend, shouldn't Raven tell him that? Shouldn't she be the brutally honest Ice Queen the team knows her as and just tear his budding relationship with the redhead to shreds? Raven sighed. Her body was weary, but her mind refused to calm. She couldn't, no matter how hard she tried, let herself take away the smiles. Even if they were directed toward the tall, beautiful alien instead of her. She was afraid. Doubting herself. What if she doesn't sense the love he feels for Star because...dare she say it, she's jealous? Because she fell for the one man she could never have, not to mention his rule of not to be with team members? The one boy who'd stolen her heart and kept it safe? Malchior had been the one to smash it, but Robin understands her like no one else in the universe does. And even if every smile makes a crack in her healing heart, she knows he doesn't hurt her on purpose. He's just that righteous. Perfect. Good.
    And Raven, the dark, creepy, gothic, ugly girl could never deserve him. No... even after saving her from her demon of a father, he could never love her. No one could ever love her..
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  2. Name: Dick Grayson a.k.a "Robin"

    Age: 17

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Brave, Caring, Good Leadership Material, Cunning, Skillful, Witty, Trusting.

    ~~ ~~​

    Robin had been laying in his large double bed, staring up at the ceiling for quite some time now. By his count, a few hours. He just had too much stuff on his mind, and the fact that he had insomnia for the past 3 days wasn't helping. He couldn't stop thinking about trivial things like the Titans and how his life had been going, but a question that kept floating back up in his head was "Am I Happy?". Sure, he had so much to be thankful for; a beautiful alien girlfriend who loved him unconditionally, great friends who supported him, a great many talents that nobody else (save the legendary Batman) could posses, thanks to intensive training, and much more... But there was always this cloud of doubt hanging over his head, like some sort of invisible force continuously troubling him. He tried and tried, but his thoughts always came back to the depressing question: "Am I Happy?" Robin finally quitted his bed and tossed on a spare set of his costume, quickly placing the mask on his face before heading out the door. He made his way down the Titan Tower's hallway, hoping to quickly reach the training room. Fighting always took his mind off of things, especially during the times when he first left Batman's side. There was always a time when you could find Robin training harder then he ever normally trained, but that time was only when he was severely aggravated by something. He was about to enter the living room before he suddenly stopped at a purple door: the door to Raven's room. He knew she was always good at reading emotions and giving out advice (however icy and cold she may appear, he knew she owed him big time after he saved her from her father), but maybe she had an idea about how he could get rid of this insomnia and that damned question. He saw her bedroom light on and took a deep breath. Knocking quietly, Robin asked "Raven, are you awake? Is it alright if I come in?"
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  3. Raven's eyes lit up and snapped to the doorway when she heard the knock. She sat up slowly, only in her comfiest of leotards and nothing else. Robin's voice floated through the door and for a moment, she hesitated. She stayed silent. If he asked why she was awake, what would she say? Surely not that she'd been thinking of him nonstop.
    With a flick of her wrist, the entrance to her room became enveloped in a black aura, then slid aside easily. "Something wrong, Robin?" She asked. The moonlight streaming through her large window reflected in her violet eyes and shined on her pale skin.
    Robin was the only Titan ever who so easily gained permission to enter her bedroom. It was a sanctuary for her. Private. But Robin was allowed. For there are barely any secrets about her he doesn't know.
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  4. Robin stared at her and slowly entered the room, crossing his arms before he sat down in a black beanbag chair. "Just a bit of insomnia... I guess you can't sleep either, huh?" he said in a quiet voice. He had closed the door behind him and knew that the room, like the other Titan's, was totally sound proof. However, Robin just felt that he should speak more softly around her. They had been through quite a lot together, including a time when the world had practically ended and only the two of them remained to solve the problem. He was always a bit closer with her then the other titans (including Starfire) because not only was she someone who had been through so much with him, but she was also somebody he knew would listen deeper then anybody else when he spoke. "I keep having this weird dream... Its hard to describe, but.. I wake up and feel this constant unhappiness once it ends.. What's keeping you up, Raven?"
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  5. Insomnia. She knew it well. Maybe too well. Though the fact that Robin was experiencing it was no surprise to her. She watched her best friend closely. Though he wore a mask, she could read him like one of her favorite books. Most days that is. Raven kept silent, knowing better than most (better than Starfire) that if you stay quiet, you might actually be able to listen to things one wouldn't say so easily. The alien is too quick to comfort when one is feeling low. Raven listens, then either consoles, scolds, or advises. Starfire treats every distressing situation with the same tears or anger.
    "I keep having this weird dream... Its hard to describe, but.. I wake up and feel this constant unhappiness once it ends.."
    Raven could feel his emotions and she pursed her lips. He shouldn't be here. He should be getting some much needed rest.
    "What's keeping you up, Raven?"
    Her violet eyes flicked to his mask and a nervous flip of her stomach made her hesitate. Ever since father had been banished, things changed. She could finally feel her own emotions in their full form. The first week had been the hardest to adjust to, but she managed even when inanimate objects got damaged. It was strange, but...welcome sometimes. She liked the fluttery pitter patter her heart made when Robin smiled at her, but hated the acidic taste that was rage at back of her throat.
    "I..don't know. I guess I'm just not tired." She lied. If she was lucky, when Robin wasn't paying attention, she could get away with a lie or two. She trusted Robin of course, he'd saved her life more often than she'd saved his, but she didn't want anyone, much less him, worrying about her. "Do you remember any of your dream?" She put the focus back on him with genuine concern. Her troubles never mean anything important if her friends ever feel anything but happiness.
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  6. Robin stared at Raven and shook his head. Letting out a deep sigh, he ran his hand through the long messy hair he loved so much. "All I remember is... Well, its hard to explain, but... Well, there were bats. Like, a lot of bats. They were swarming around me and I couldn't get them off... I get the feeling that I'm trying to convince myself that going back to "you know who" is a good thing, but I left for a reason. He thought of me as a sidekick. I was always number two, never top dog. Batman was the symbol, not Robin. So, I left, and then met you guys. But I don't know why I keep thinking about it. I guess I..." Robin tiredly explained, the strain the dream has caused clearly showing in his voice. He sounded extremely annoyed and wished desperately to get these thoughts out of his mind, but nothing seemed to work. With another exhausted sigh, Robin leaned his head against Raven's shoulder and placed a bare hand upon her smooth leg. "I don't know what I'm thinking. I'm happy where I am with all of you guys. Its just... Well, its like your father. You want to desperately stop thinking about him, but almost every second you find he's entered your mind again. But instead of the person being a demon lord, its a whack job dressed like a Bat."

    As she listened to him, Robin felt himself slowly begin to feel pity for himself. Listen to him. Dick Grayson, last of the Flying Grayson's, bitching and moaning about stupid dreams of all things. Quickly leaning up from his comforted position, Robin shrugged at her and sighed. "Sorry about that... I shouldn't be bothering you with my problems, Rae. You've got stuff of your own to deal with." he quickly apologized before rubbing his hand supportively along her leg, feeling just how soft and smooth her grey skin was. "What's keeping you awake? Normally you come to me with all your problems, so its only fair that you tell me what's up."
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  7. Raven watched him closely, learning that it had been difficult for him to come to her for comfort, knowing now that this is weighing very heavily on his wonderful heart. She loved the way he ran his hand through his hair, but tonight, it's for something a bit more distressing so Raven paid close attention. She knew why he had left the Batman and what kind of role he played in Robin's life, but she never imagined his subconscious would want to return to the stoic man.

    The pale demoness blinked and widened her eyes when Robin leaned on her. Only now did she realize his bare hands but either way, she would ever deny the comfort he sought from her. So, driven by a new sense of concern and affection, she wrapped an arm around him and held sitting up with the other while he spoke. She winced when he mentioned her dad, but tried instead to focus on his emotions. She could probably predict them by now since they were so like hers, but she felt them anyway. He was annoyed, disturbed, and now pitiful and angry. Raven frowned. She didn't like when her friends felt negatively, especially about themselves. Because she knows that pain all too well and she wishes she could fix it like she heals minor injuries with her powers. But he pulled away, keeping the contact with his hand only.

    She shook her head at his apology for he had no reason to be sorry at all, but before she could say so, he asked about her.
    "I shouldn't be bothering you with my problems, Rae. You've got stuff of your own to deal with..What's keeping you awake?" She had anticipated a problem she could help him work through, but he was haunted int he same way she was. And she had not yet figured out how to eliminate her own thoughts of her father 'figure'...

    "Not much..just the usual bout of insomnia..I'll be fine..maybe make some tea. We the sunrise together if you'd like. It won't be too much longer now anyway. Hopefully it will get your mind off of your dream." She asked, hoping he'd come with her like he used to so often, instead of further question hy exactly she was still awake (she couldn't exactly tell him it was because of him right?). The short sunrise tradition had slowly faded away with long nights, so has become infrequent but Raven had always been searching for an opportunity to go upstairs again. Besides. she was dying to divert attention away form herself.
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  9. Robin nodded at her slowly, a small smile spreading across his lips. "Okay, fine. Don't tell me." said Robin, a playful yet concerned tone in his voice, "But I know when something's bugging you. I'm not gonna force you to tell, but I'm here if you need somebody to talk to about it." He still wore the mask which covered his unseen eyes, apparently never wanting to take it off. Even for Raven. Robin felt that he would be totally vulnerable without his mask, which was why he wore it all the time (even in the shower). As she asked to see the sunrise with him, Robin nodded and gently leaned back into her, the elevated position of her hovering body allowing him easy access to lean against her chest. He knew she would soon float down so they could be face to face, but for now, he wanted to be here. It always felt comforting. Raven was never one for physical contact, but ever since she had been transformed into a little girl again when Trigon rose to power, she was okay with it. Maybe it was the fact that as a little girl, she was frightened of nearly everything. But when Robin held her in a tight and comforting hug, Raven seemingly calmed down. Now it had become a tender thing that the two friends only did in private. Of course Robin would hug the rest of the Titans when the moment called for it, but very rarely had he ever been that close to Raven in public. As his head rested upon her chest, Robin listened to the slow beat of her heart, looking up at her. "Hey, good news Raven. Despite what you used to think, you've got a heart! I guess Beast Boy owes Cyborg $5." he playfully said, feeling the pattern of her breath against the soft leather fabric of her costume. Robin didn't care about what Raven was doing right now, all he was focused on was the slowly approaching sunrise. Then, out of the blue, Robin spoke and asked a quite odd question.

    "Hey, Raven? Do you ever change out of your costume? I mean, its super tight, so how do you get in and out of this thing?"
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  10. Raven frowned at his response. She knew he was worried about her, genuinely. She could feel it, but even so she couldn't let him know what kept her awake tonight. He would attempt to keep her at arms length so she could somehow let her feelings die. As if that was possible. Sometimes Raven wishes she still had her ability to shut down her emotions completely.
    But that isn't an option anymore. And just as her best friend had said, she was unable to keep her father from her mind. No matter how often she reminded herself that he was gone, he would always exist in her mind. A ghost of her past who was strongest when she was most vulnerable.

    And even though she knew that was the same reason he wore the domino mask, there were nights where she would torture herself wondering just what kind of eyes were hiding beneath it, leading to his incredible soul. Raven winced as Robin leaned against her, listening for a heart that beat imperfectly when he was near. She had read too many books about unrequited love, and she knew it could be painful, but she never imagined she'd ever truly be in a situation like this.
    A small reluctant smile curved the right side of her thin lips when Robin Proclaimed that she had a heart. She used to wonder if it were frozen or dead and then listen to it at night just to make sure it was there and weep when it failed at feeling a single measly scrap of true emotion without restraint.
    Then he stood straight again and asked about her costume and Raven just sort of rolled her eyes and teleported them to the roof of the T shaped tower above them until they stood side by side at the edge the way they used to. Is Robin always this random in the morning?
    Raven simply cleared her throat and kept her eyes on the horizon, curling her bare toes on the cold roof as she crossed her arms for warmth.
    "Well you know I have more than one leotard and they're relatively easy to peel off. I just don't like to be unprepared. The alarm could ring at any given time. We all know that. I just like to keep it on because it would keep me from holding back the rest of you. I'm always ready. It only bothers me when I'm not wearing it, honestly. " Raven shrugged. It wasn't all that important really. Though she did wish she had brought her cloak. It was chilly with the breeze of the ocean, without the sun, even though it was quickly approaching over the water.
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