INTEREST CHECK Bioshock Roleplay?

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  1. I don't know if the idea has been proposed yet or not, but I'd be interested in starting a Bioshock RP. A story that took place after the events of Bioshock 2, taking place in 2010.

    A man of great wealth and legacy of the Ryan bloodline decides to discover his relatives lost city in hopes of rebuilding and restoring a new world with limits, without God. He gathers the most qualified scientists, biologists, physiologists, chemists, and mercenary for an expedition to explore Rapture's damage. Once they arrive, an incident takes place that leaves them stranded and scrambled about the shit; thus they are left isolated from their submarine and it's equipment, forcing them to adapt to survive.

    It's a prototype and needs way more plot than I'm giving. So please tell me your thoughts, appreciate it.

  2. Say no more. I'm so ready lol.

    I would love to join this RP, and I am a quite a fan of the series and I can't wait to see what else you have in store!
  3. Thanks, Viper! I'll need an opinion on where to post the sign-up however. That, and I'd also like to see if I can grab a few more people to join.
  4. BioShock's a tricky one to pull off, but done right you could well have an awesome RP on your hands.

    Setting it in Rapture over half a century after it all went to pieces might pose an issue; you'd need a solid reason as to why an underwater city inhabited by crazed genetically-altered freaks would have lasted so long. Themes are also kind of important in this setting: the first game was a commentary on the nature of first-person narratives and a deconstruction of Objectivist philosophy, Infinite was covering confrontation of guilt and the flaws of American 'Manifest Destiny' at the start of the 20th Century.

    What would this game be about?
  5. I can imagine the want to possibly salvage old technology or even to get the formulas for the plasmids to perfect them and market them on the surface. Just an idea, but I think it would warrant such a team of diverse professions...
  6. I like the idea, Viper. Maybe the game could exploit America's system of business; its greedy impulses and whatnot.
  7. True, that could work. It could also point out man's willingness to pay any price for the sake of ambition. Think of films like the first AvP and the motives of the Wayland-Yutani company of the Alien franchise, in their quest to make the perfect bio-weapon, happily sacrificing thousands of lives in the process.
  8. Sounds like a plan to me!
  9. Oh! Another idea could be to send a scouting party to scope out rapture so a larger or more accomplished force could be sent to reclaim Rapture. After all, Andrew Ryan's ideal was to have a meritorical society in which everyone kept what they earned, the achievers prospered and where the parasite was reviled and eliminated, and one of his decendants could possibly share the same vision and seek to reclaim the once-great city.

    Just another idea :3
  10. Viper has this been on your mind longer than I suspect? xD
  11. Nah, man. I'm just that good :P