Bioshock: Aftermath

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  1. Medusa's Lair, the place where criminals or people who spoke out against Andrew Ryan ended up, it was a prison built over a trench miles deep, just like persephone.
    Everyone had their own cell, and they would all have free time once a day.
    The place was filthy, coral and moss grew in the corners while water leaked from the ceiling.
    Vents for the little sisters were against the wall, and every day the same people would try to lure the girl out with promises of candy or other such things.
    The rules of the place were simple, do anything you want just don't go near the girl because the big daddy will kill you.
    However, as the lazy screen went on with the same rules about the girls, they stopped believing that a big daddy could in fact take on every person in the prison...the girls haven't been in this area for months and neither have the big boys.

    Ever since Subject Delta freed the girls and his own daughter Elenor lamb, things have been a living nightmare...Sophia's followers formed a cult and killed anyone who didn't join them, hoping for Sophia to return...they were called the Butterfly cult and they were merciless. They ruled the prison and sent anyone who defiled them into the place, if they misbehaved then they were killed in front of all the prisoners.

    Throughout the place it was rumored that across from the prison was in fact a big sister/big daddy mechanics room. That place would transform you into one of those creatures, you could them come back as a the top dog of the prison but you would have to get past the butterfly's.

    A man named Eddy leaned against the corner, smoking a cigarette, "this place is a shithole," he said blowing the smoke into Manny's face.
    Manny, the skinny little guy who always followed Eddy agreed, shaking...he spliced up a ton and now they are getting out of his system.
    "There hasn't been a fucking girl for years and these idiots come by the vent every day to see if there is one...face it, no one's coming for us...Atlas promised freedom and here we are 20 years later...asshole..."
    "Hey quiet down in there!" Debra said shaking her machine gun, she was a butterfly member.

    Suddenly, Jeffery, one of the men who stayed by the vent jumped up and down excitedly, "there she is! There she is! HEY EVERYONE I SEE A GIRL!"
    Everyone gathered around, it was indeed a yellow eyed girl. Filthy dress, dirty blonde hair tied up in a bow and dirty skin. Hands tried to go it to grab her but the vent was designed specifically in case that happened, or at least the new ones were.
    The girl dissapeared and everyone groaned, someone was trying to bring rapture back again.

    Rule: You cannot be a little sister those are saved for me!