BionicBrony Offical 1x1 Request thread (Open)

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  1. Allow me to introduce myself: My name IRL is Connor, if you wish to call me by that name. I am known on the forum as BioncBrony, and I have been a member for almost a year now.
    I am a role-playing finatic. I enjoy trying as many different scenarios as possible, as well as fast as possible. I will continue an rp until my partner no longer replies. As such, I love to role-play. And I recently bought a hotspot for my tablet so I could post from anywhere.

    There are a few important things you may wish to know:
    • I will match my partner in post length and style. I have my own style, but if need be I'll emulate other members. I will post one-liners to three paragraphs.
    • I will post whenever I can. The longer the response, the more time it takes me.
    • No role-play is over for me until a member doesn't post for two weeks, or they tell me it is over.
    • I play both genders equally.
    • I am a submissive by nature. However, I will play dominant.
    • I will do whatever you say~

    So, these are the generic pairings I enjoy:

    1. Teacher x Student
    2. Master x Slave
    3. Neko x Neko
    4. Neko x Lover
    5. Twins (No other forms of incest)
    6. Supernatural
    7. Prince x Princess
    8. Thief x Robbed
    9. Kidnapping
    10. Best friends
    11. High School Romance
    12. Medieval Setting

    Specific role-play Ideas:

    >To Love The Unlovable: I am the Prince of a nation of insectiod creatures that feed on love from others. The ultimate way to fill oneself is sexual activity. However, you play a princess that kidnaps me as I lead an attack to drain your people of love. I am a disgusting, retched mess, yet we begin falling in love. I feed on your love as our relationship turns into sexual contact. However, the time comes where my armies come to free me. We go on the run from them, as I learn there may be a way to make it so I no longer feed on love...

    >Masters New Toy: I play the new pet to a master. However, this master is special: he has never had a slave before. Nervous and scared, you begin to rape and try to take my body, and yet somehow I do not break. Love blooms, yet you soon come across another slave, and a battle for your heart begins. (May be a 1x1x1)

    If you are interested at all, please reply to the thread! Thank you!
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  2. I'm interested in a few of them.
  3. Which ones?
  4. The Teacher/Student, The Nekos, The Twins, Best friends and high school romance and medieval plus possibly Master x Slave.
  5. Which one would yo umost want to do?
  6. tough call oh btw you cool with it being FxF?
  7. I like either the teacher x student, neko x neko, or the kidnapping one ^^
  8. Sure! Sounds great
  9. Who you wanna play, the teacher or student?
  10. let's see... well i think we could fuse nekos and/or twins plus Lexi claimed student x teacher (unless your cool with parallel stories.) that leaves high school romance which can be fused wuith best buds. so that leaves Medieval or High School. maybe both?
  11. Umm student ^^
  12. Anything you'd like
  13. that i'm having issues on deciding. they're all so good...>~<
  14. @Lexie If you want to, we could do a thing where the teacher basically says that if you do smoething that you can have me?

    @daemon_reaver tell me when yo udo.
  15. Sounds perfect to me
  16. @Lexie Alright, so we're still gonna do striptease, right?
  17. Yea yea yea!!
  18. @Lexie Could you start it?