Bikers Against Child Abuse

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  1. I saw a man wearing a vest saying he was a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse at a festival a couple of weeks ago and I thought that it was cool, but I had no idea what it meant.

    Today I found this article about Bikers Against Child Abuse AZ and I hate to admit it but I'm so touched I'm crying. These people are using their bad-guy image for really, really good things. I wish I could thank every single one of them.
  2. Wow,I've seen some interesting grass roots organizations in my day. But this one is unique to any one I've seen before. Its very cool to see these guys using their image to improve their communities. I think it does alot to alter the stigma of the no good bike riding outlaw aswell.

    If you were touched by this movement, check out a documentary called The Interrupters. Its about another organization called Cease Fire made up of ex-gang members who are trying to reduce the incidence of violent crimes in the Chicago area by interrupting confrontations on the street.
  3. Please excuse me while I gather my jaw from the floor and attempt to collect my thoughts. I do not even know what to say except that these people challenged my view of bikers. I would not have thought that these people, who are stereotyped as bad guys in all kinds of media could do something like this. I wish them good luck with all my heart, especially because this piece of news may have a chance of shattering the biker stereotype and showing people that they too are but humans. Even if it does not, this was an epic piece of news.
  4. This is really touching and very sweet. This impresses me and I am terribly glad to see it.
    This has made my day a lot better, thank you for posting this.