Biggest Rp Sample you ever done?

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how much is two much?

  1. a oaragraph

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  2. 2 paragraphs

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  3. more then 2 paragraphs

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Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. it could be the start of a post, a way to show how much you post or something else, but how much can you write

    The voices of the crowd was what filled her to her breaking point, her fingers pulling softly on the worn down strings of a her guitar, the rhythm pulsing through every ounce of her body. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she felt the stage lights excruciating heat beat down on her skin, this was the moment that she been waiting for her entire life. Lacey smiled as she threw her hair over her should singing the song that she had been working on since the start of her career, a song that she hoped with every ounce of her being would propel her in the reins of stardom.

    But then things started to go downhill from there, it started with a prick of pain running through her chest, like if someone had placed a needle against her diaphragm and was slowly turning it back and forth in a constant rhythm. She coughed once hiding it under a powerful soprano note. What's wrong with me, this is my big night to show how much this song means to me and here I am, feeling woozy. She caught herself on the microphone feeling the sweat sting against her already sizzling hot skin, she glanced down at her chest watching it heave with each breath she took, feeling like her lungs were on fire.

    Come on Lacey keep playing there cheering your name, you can't keep your fans waiting for your encore even if means pushing every limit that this body has ever had. Lacey's thoughts screamed to her as she slowly rose so she was standing upright again, focusing on the steady rhythm of the drum beat behind her, she moved across the stage, her body swaying with her dizziness and music that filled every nerve in her body and nodded her head along with her drummer who had been the one who had offered her career to sort to new heights.

    For a moment there eyes met and she gave one of her snarky grins to him knowing that he worrying about her like he always did when she pushed her body to her limits. Hearing her bassist picking up the vocals she turned her head to look over at him and nodded her head, before wincing softly feeling the familiar twisting sensation in her chest. Come on, your bandmates are picking up the slack for you, you better get your ass back to the stage and show them what your really made of. her thoughts screamed at her but her mind had gone hazy, she stepped forward nearly tripping over her own feet as she made it back to the mic stand, her hands wrapping around the sliver lined mic, roses completed the stage display making it seemed like she was performing in a worn down ruin.

    "Are you ready for my new single everyone." Lacey cried out feeling her voice break from the pressure in her vocal cords and the audience's roaring cries answered her back as she reached her hands up clapping along as the song began. "This might be my last performance, so make sure you keep your hearts tuned to every note." Lacey joked smiling as she started to sing the song, her hips hypnotically swinging to the beat. Each note made the pain stronger but there was no way she was going to give up this amazing feeling if they had to tear the guitar from her cold dead hands, her heart felt like it was soaring into the galaxies and was dancing around with the comets high above her head. "You see this god, this is what I wanted to show you, this is the reason you put this voice in my heart." Lacey sang knowing the words to her iconic song by heart, it was called Angelic Sunrise, a special song that she had co-written with her best friend and now manager.
  2. Not everything over 2 paragraphs is too much. I love reading some lengthy work, and I'm sure some other people do as well. So I think the poll should be edited to include those who write more than that typically. Two or more paragraphs should read 3-5, and then maybe an extra option or two for much lengthier works.
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  3. Keep in mind not everyone has the same writing standards. 2 paragraphs, to some people such as myself, is the very bare minimum you should expect in a post. I probably average 5-7 paragraph posts without even thinking about it, and often my introduction posts are among the longest because they're both scene and character establishing, especially if I'm a GM.
  4. "How much is TWO much"

    That is too much.

    This is my sample.
    I dunno (open)
    It's not mine. But fuck is it trippy to read.

    Imagine living beneath the waves with a strong-sighted blessing of most excellent fabric. Holding the fabric over your gills, you would begin to breathe-drink its warp and weft. Though the plantmatter fibers imbue your soul, the wretched plankton would pollute the cloth until it stank to heavens of prophecy. This is one manner in which the Scrolls first came to pass, but are we the sea, or the breather, or the fabric? Or are we the breath itself?
    Can we flow through the Scrolls as knowledge flows through, being the water, or are we the stuck morass of sea-filth that gathers on the edge?
    Imagine, again, this time but different. A bird cresting the wind is lifted by a gust and downed by a stone. But the stone can come from above, if the bird is upside down. Where, then, did the gust come from? And which direction? Did the gods send either, or has the bird decreed their presence by her own mindmaking?
    The all-sight of the Scrolls makes a turning of the mind such that relative positions are absolute in their primacy.
    I ask you again to imagine for me. This time you are beneath the ground, a tiny acorn planted by some well-meaning elf-maiden of the woodlands for her pleasure. You wish to grow but fear what you may become, so you push off the water, the dirt, the sun, to stay in your hole. But it is in the very pushing that you become a tree, in spite of yourself. How did that happen?
    The acorn is a kind of tree-egg in this instance, and the knowledge is water and sun. We are the chicken inside the egg, but also the dirt. The knowledge from the Scrolls is what we push against to become full-sighted ourselves.

    One final imagining before your mind closes from the shock of ever-knowing. You are now a flame burning bright blue within a vast emptiness. In time you see your brothers and sisters, burnings of their own in the distance and along your side. A sea of pinpoints, a constellation of memories. Each burns bright, then flickers. Then two more take its place but not forever lest the void fills with rancid light that sucks the thought.
    Each of our minds is actually the emptiness, and the learnings of the Scrolls are the pinpoints. Without their stabbing light, my consciousness would be as a vast nothingness, unknowing its emptiness as a void is unknowing of itself. But the burnings are dangerous, and must be carefully tended and minded and brought to themselves and spread to their siblings.

    It's really not hard to just find one of my many posts and read it. I'd rather someone read that than some sample of shit I spent a while working on just for the sole purpose of looking good.
  5. My usual writings in group RPs can hit 5 paragraphs
    In 1x1s I think I've written like 10.

    Here's the longest off the top of my head, I use it as a writing sample:

    What stared back at Oscar no longer terrified him. He watched his reflection in the mirror, which eyed him back. The reflection was even paler than himself, almost blue in fact. The veins on his face and neck were a dark blue and his skin looked shiny. It used to horrify him. The sunken, red eyes and leaking mouth were enough to make Oscar cry. That was until, he realised that it was his only reflection that looked like his drowned corpse. He blinked, finally pulling himself up from staring at his dead reflection.

    It had been a week since Oscar drowned. A cold feeling in his lungs made him open his eyes. As he stood up, thinking he had just made a trip into the woods to think things over, or get inspiration. "Oh my Lord!" Oscar saw a figure floating in water, which was being highlighted by the moonlight. His first instinct was to scream, "Help!" He panicked before he caught a glimpse of the bodies blue face. He stared in disbelief. Was that, him?

    Memories flooded back of what Oscar must have done. The pills, Oscar remembered swallowing all those pills and jumping into the water. Then what was he? Oscar looked down at himself. He was standing on squishy grass, his converse not getting muddy. His jeans were dry and his blue, button up was still attached to him. Oscar then looked at his own hands, which were perfectly pink. Not blue like the corpse. Then was he a ghost? Oscar had read about spirits in his books and believed in them. Oscar looked back over to the body, deciding he should, look. Oscar felt tears well in his eyes as he walked into the water. It wasn't cold, and didn't seep into his shoes. Oscars brows furrowed as he walked across the rocky floor to his own floating body. He attempted to touch it, but his hands went through his corpse. Seeing yourself, and not your reflection was odd. Oscar cried a little as he saw his own marbled face.

    For a week, Oscar had been wandering the streets of a snowy city. He had tried hard to communicate with others, but it seemed like he didn't exist to them. Occasionally, he thought he saw some people shiver if he got too close to them. A part of him wanted to go back to the forest of his death, but something inside of him prevented him from going. Plus, Oscar wasn't going to deny he liked being around people. In fact, Oscar almost hoped somebody would see him. He'd like to converse with somebody, maybe?

    No. Oscar stood up and grumbled, not wanting to stare at his dead self. He did not want to converse with somebody. What if they made fun of his voice? That's how he ended up here in the first place. If conversing with people was as good as it was made out to be, then Oscar wouldn't be dead.

    Miserably, Oscar looked out the window to the city which had quickly became home. It was finally the afternoon and Oscar decided he had nothing to loose by going out into the snow.

    Oscar loved the cold. He no longer could feel it, but snow still looked beautiful. He made his way into the park, which was white. Oscar stared at the small specks of snow, collecting into the mass. He walked through it, watching his feet leave no trace. In fact, he could lay down in it. And that's just what he did. Oscar admitted a long time ago he never really grew up, and this proved he really didn't. Oscar sat in the middle of the park, amused by the fact that his hand didn't disturb the perfect snow. Oscar sighed, sort of missing the feeling of the ice freezing his hand.
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  6. I DUN WRITE SAMPLES! If a roleplay requires a newly written sample, I show them my butt! WILD STALLION FOREEVEEEERRR!

    However, I have used roleplay posts I have written as examples for people though. O___O I never go for length, I go for how well I wrote that post. (Cause I could write a really long, really shitty post XD)

    I think the longest single post I ever wrote was nearing 10 paragraphs. x__x It was a HUGE scene involving multiple characters and some feisty events.
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  7. This. I have written a intro post that was two pages atleast in WORD. All sorts of overkill, I grant you. But I was inspired.
  8. Quantity doesn't mean quality, y'know.
  9. Never Said it did. I was just saying what the most I written I can remember was. I was merely stating that 2 paragraphs is kind of what some of us usually hover around at the least. Quantity doesn't mean lack of Quality by default either.
  10. What, nobody does... Literate roleplays anymore?

    But yeah, hard to vote here if most of my posts surpass all options. I don't think that makes them bad. Writing too many of them while half-asleep does that well enough on it's own.
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  11. *points to her history of posts* Those are my samples.

    Oh wait. You mean like if you're new to a rp site and you want a sample? Uhhhh, I just copy and paste stuff that I wrote from some other work.
  12. I don't write new stuff for my roleplay samples, instead I try to regularly update it when I have written something good in a roleplay. (and with regularly I mean I remember I have to update it every year or so). If people wants more recent examples or more examples, I just direct them to the roleplays I have recently posted in and they can check whichever random posts they want to see how I play.

    The longest one might have been somewhere between 8 and 12 paragraphs and the shortest was probably somewhere around 3-4.
  13. This poll is a mess. I voted for "a oaragraph" because there shouldn't be any oaragraphs in a writing sample. :cheeky:
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  14. If you go to "that" other roleplaying site, you would see how much I write. My highest has to be around nine to ten paragraphs. It was great. Of course, it's lost forever in the black hole of the internet (something happened to the site that caused it to close down for a couple weeks).
  15. Just the one oaragraph that one time.
  16. Right, sorry if it's confusing.
  17. My 'samples' when I give them tend to be on the longer side, but I don't like to give samples for post length because honestly it depends on so many things like

    • The scene
    • The post before me
    • Where we are in the plot
    it depends how much I have to work with, and how far forward I can move the characters in one post. When I'm writing an example I'm working off of myself, in a plot I'm orchestrating, in a scene controlled and designed by me, so it's not a good example of what a person can expect from me in a roleplay.

    I usually advise people to follow my profile to rps I'm currently in if they'd like to see examples of my posting habits.

  18. I picked oaragraph too!

    And as yoda and many less endowed men say, size matters not
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