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BIG Search!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ciri, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. Okay I have attempted to do a fandom search before but it went rather quiet and decided it was time for a new one! (not saying I haven't got amazing partners as is <3)

    The Requirements and Info:

    - I am a roleplayer who can play either gender.
    - I hope to find a partner which is 18 years or older. I am 21.
    - OOC is a must.
    - Communication! If you rp with me give me a heads up.
    - Good spelling and grammar would be fantastic, but I am not crazy about it.

    * means I reall want to do
    In Bold means which character I would prefer to play
    If it is normal that means I am fine playing either.

    Fandom list ahoy!:


    Shizuo x Izaya
    Shinra x Celty
    Izaya x Celty

    Darker Than Black:

    Any Pairing

    Sengoku Basara:

    Masamune x Yukimura
    Mitsunari x Iayasu
    Masamune x Kojuro
    oc x oc
    (suggest characters I love the games and the anime)


    Sasuke x Naruto
    Kakashi x Sakura
    Gaara x Fem Naruto *
    Rin x Obito
    Hinata x Naruto
    Tsunade x Jiriyah
    Sasuke x Kakashi *
    Kiba x Ino
    Shikamaru x Temari
    oc x oc
    (suggest characters I love the manga and the anime)


    Sesshomaru x Rin *
    Kagome x InuYasha
    (suggest characters I love the manga and the anime)

    Devil May Cry:

    Dante x Lady
    Dante x Nero *
    Vergil x Trish
    Lady x Trish
    oc x Dante
    oc x Nero
    oc x Vergil

    Resident Evil:

    Leon x Oc *
    Leon x Claire
    Chris x Shiva
    Chris x Oc
    Chris x Leon *
    (suggest characters I love the games <3 )

    Legend Of Korra:

    Korra x Asami
    Asami x Mako
    Korra x Bolin
    Korra x Oc
    Oc x Bolin
    Mako x Oc

    Avatar Legend of Aang:

    Aang x Katara
    Katara x Zuko
    Toph x Sokka

    Disney Movies:

    Frozen: Fem Elsa x Male Elsa (AU)
    Big Hero 6

    Dynasty Warriors:

    Most characters and pairings I will play

    Comment Below games and anime and movies which also may interest you but I am most interested in the ones I have mentioned above ^^

    Nassi signing out.​
  2. Ermegerd- Excuse me. I would be more than happy and willing to do a Darker Than Black roleplay, OC's are fine but I would love to play as Hei. I also wouldn't mind doing a Resident Evil roleplay as LeonxOC.
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  3. We could do both! <3 so happy someone is interested!
  4. Cool! Do you want to PM me or should I PM you?
  5. Could you please pm me? ^-^
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