Big Hero 6 Roleplay? || Looking for roleplay friends ^-^

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  1. So I saw this movie quite some time ago and it easily became one of, if not my all time favourite. It was excellent! So, as you probably guessed from the title I'm looking for a roleplay of that movie. Below I'll list some basic rules and pairings and all that fun stuff. I'll try to keep the less interesting parts (namely the rules section) short so we can easily get onto the fun part! ​


    1. Limits: I have two limits. I will not roleplay lemons/smut/sexually explicit content and I will only do MxF pairings. Anything other than that is pretty much fair game. Though I don't think it'll come up much here I am alright with drugs, alcohol, dark themes, and violence. Of course if you have any limits I'll respect them, but please let me know what they are!

    2. Posting Expectations: Though I am less strict with new roleplayers (meaning those without much experience) my expectations are about the same for all. I'm not too strict with spelling and grammar and though I try to spell-check my own writing I'm not too picky with yours. So long as I understand you we won't have any problems, though I can't tolerate text language or constant errors. | In terms of length I'm not that picky either. As long as you give me more than a one liner (five sentences or more would be best though I'm totally p for multi-para) all should be fine. If we double I also like both sides to be fairly close to the same length though it doesn't have to be perfect, obviously. | Now my posting time varies. If you require daily replies I can do my best but my average is probably a few times a week.

    3. Romance: I want at least some romance in this roleplay. Of course it doesn't have to be a main theme (but it can be very prominent if you'd like) but I would like to have it included.

    4. Playing Characters: So I am totally cool with doubling, tripling, ect. Actually I kind of prefer it. I would like to play one OC and I can play any canon characters. I would prefer that you be the same if we double in that you can play a variety of characters - you don't have to have an OC if you don't want to though they are welcome. If we don't double I'll likely want to play a female OC whilst you play a male canon character though, so be aware of that.


    So essentially what I'm hoping to have is a HiroxOC pairing. If we double I can play anyone for your side if you want me to - even Hiro if we do a split universe! I am willing to do CanonxCanon pairings for one side if you want as well, any ones you'd like.

    I would prefer to discuss plot once we start to work things out, so if you have any interest please comment on this thread or send me a PM! I look forward to hearing from you ^-^
  2. *pokes head in smiling*

    I would be interested in doing a Big Hero Six 1x1 with you.

    I'm fine with playing Male and Female characters.
    I think I might be able to do okay as Hiro. Would you maybe be willing to play Zero?
  3. I would love, love, love to roleaying with you! However I regret to inform you that I'm not really sure who Zero is... I would be more than happy to read up on him though! PM Me? ^-^
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