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(LIE-riss MAH-trickt)

There are always people in power. Most are not deserving of it. The finest example of those who do not deserve their place in the world would have to be Lyris Matrikt, CEO of the beloved Big Bux Co. As the Wired era neared it's end, resources depleting so much to the point that we were already eating chemically grown food packets, and dealing with an extreme lack of trees. As it became clearer and clearer that our world was going to be run by the technology we built to replace what we destroyed, people began to capitalize. Lyris Matrikt beat them all.

How he did it is still a mystery to this day. He took the world by storm and suddenly all the best engineers, technicians, chemists, were under his thumb. He owned all the people necessary to make life simply livable. And then he hid them all away.

Lyrkis Matrikt, as his belly swelled with greed and the public hated him more and more, could not be touched.
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