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  1. So, hi! I'm currently located in Costa Rica for a vacation, but I'm looking for roleplay partners regardless because the downtime in between stops is..well, boring. So only reach out to me if you're patient, most likely PM. Whichever you prefer, though.

    So I don't have any specific plots in mind at the moment, but I'm very open to a brainstorming session.

    About Me:
    • I'm sixteen years old currently, and I've had six years of roleplay experience.
    • I only play MxM pairings for it's what I'm comfortable with. I'll most likely play the submissive one, but I'm also open to switching roles once I'm comfortable enough with said partner.
    • I would like to do a roleplay with BDSM in it, but I've never done one before. I would love to learn though.
    • I'm also very fond of male pregnancy and looooove to do those sorts of roleplays.
    Pairings: (I'm open to any suggestions, but here are the ones I can think of. The underlined ones are the ones I'd like to play. But I'm willing to switch roles within reason!)
    • Hybrid x Human
    • Teacher x Student
    • Brother x Brother
    • Step-brother x Step-brother
    • Step-father x Son
    • Billionaire x Poor or Middle class student/worker (or whatever really)
    • Demon x Human
    • Demon x Angel
    I'm a bit rushed, so if there's anything you have questions about, please message me! :> and again, if you didn't like any of those pairings, you can ask if I'd like something you have in mind! Really.

    Hope to hear from someone~

    - Nova
  2. I'm interested ^_^ I haven't done a teacherxstudent mxm yet, and I'd love to try it or any of your other ones, maybe hybridxhuman or step-brothers :3
  3. Yay! We could do a mix of two, the teacher x student and hybrid x human? Also, PM me maybe so we can continue discussing? Cx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.