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  1. He was a dead man.


    Their questing group was traversing a shopping mall in california, attempting to complete a great mission to destroy a source of great evil (Stephanie Meyer was signing books and talking about her future works). In the process, they had stumbled across an event which would cause an undesired effect: They'd been cursed by one of the hardcore Twi-Tards to become the twilight brand of fairy and shapeshifter.

    They had hurried off to the nearest furniture store for their selection of useless novelties, from porcelain doggies, to chairs that glowed in the dark, to find a genie's lamp. Almost instantly, one of the party members made a wish. Now, this was a powerful genie, and as such, it only made one wish of a great caliber. In this case, that asshole wished for *Insert something stupid and pointless that doesn't help the current situation for shit*

    Of course, his quest mates didn't take well to this. using what the bastard wished for, they escaped punishment. Now, the group found another way to end the curse, after many more hardships than they probably should have went through….then they discovered all their wallets/purses/money/etc were plain out missing, the culprit being very obvious.


    The suggestion to go home, and that the guy who trolled them was probably long gone was put up. And as such, another wouldn't put up with this insanity. And they would speak these famous words...

    "You don't get it: We are FINDING this motherfucker. We're gonna mount their head on the wall, and fuck it like a train."

    Setting: Modern day world where people learn and grow stronger via RPG style methods, such as levels, stats, etc. Fiction has generally invaded real life.


    The Group-

    1) Guy (Satsujinken)
    2) Guy (Spartan#259)
    3) Chick (Chirokochan)
    4) Chick (Clockwork)

    The Traitorous Fuck-

    5) Bishie/Wimp (Satsujinken)

    Character Sheet

    Class: (Ex. Warrior, Mage, etc.)



    Fun Facts:



  2. Name: Jack McCoy
    Class: Martial Artist
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Spiked Black hair, caucasian skin, dark brown eyes, with an athletic build that has some muscle to it, standing at 6,0ft, dressed in a dark blue sleeveless jacket and pants, with a red t-shirt under, black terry cloth wristbands, black boots (that look oddly like dress shoes), and a red rambo style headband.

    History: Jack is one of the group's heavy hitters, having been a bored ass mofo with training in Jeet Kune Do, and no place to use it, before being taken into the group to start beating the living shit out of whatever comes their way. Originially he was intended to be the one to kill stephanie meyer, before he was ambushed by the voodoo twi-tard and some of her bitches. The traitor was supposed to help him, but the help never came, the traitor having been a douche long before the betrayal.

    Items: Crunch Bars (For HP's), Super Kiai Drink Z (Replenishes Ki energy, or Mana -MP- or whatever you wanna call it), cell phone, key-ring, wayfarer sunglasses
    Weapons: Fights Unarmed with the Martial Art Of Jeet Kune Do. May use nunchuks or something cool like that.
    Skills/Abilities: Martial Arts training, insane techniques, ki energy usage, etc

    Fun Facts: Enjoys snacks like potato chips among other things.
    Quote(s): "COMEDOWNMOTHERFUCKER!!" "Are You A Bad Enough Dude?" "WATAAAH!!!" "You have no skill, no precision! Power, Speed, all that is worthless without the accuracy!"
    Extra: Jack plans to use the Dim Mak (Death Touch) on the traitor, if he gets his hands on the bastard.
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  5. Regular

    Name: Urick Dutch

    Age: 21

    Species: Human

    Class: Soldier

    Appearance: African American light brown skin, with short trimmed hair, dark brown eyes, and medium body build. Stands about 5'10 with dog tags, black combat boots, a grey tank-top, and a black baseball cap.

    Actual Appearance: View attachment 10163

    History: Urick is apart of a highly adavanced military group from a high tech society. He was trained in advanced tactics, perfect timing, and was named the best of his society's military. He was brought into the group to be their medic, tacticalist, and supporter when in doubt. The traitor was going to help him out with a few fighting techniques but instead lead him off into the forest, drugged him and stole most of his old equipment.

    Items: Medical gel, bandages, a medic pack, and tent equipment.


    Assualt Rifle: M76 holds 45 rounds in clips, 500 in maximum limit.

    Sniper Rifle: Dagma23L holds seven 54 calibur rounds in clip, 45 in maximum limit.

    Shotgun: XB34 or loudmouth holds 12 rounds in clip, 72 in maximum limit.

    Skills and Abilities: Large amount of staminam, very accurate, nearly perfect precision, and Karate.

    Fun Facts: Likes carving wood with his combat knife and doesn't talk.

    Quotes: "................"

    Extra: Makes most of his decisions with his gun.
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  13. Name: Marissa
    Class: Mage
    Species: Human
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 16
    Appearance: girl for rp 3.jpg

    History: (One of) the group's mage. Studied with her mom to become a full fledged mage. She had only found out about the traitor recently and joined the team to help catch that traitor and stop him (or her) for good.

    Items: Chocolate Chip Granola bar (Hp restore.), Sprite (Mana restore), Sunkist (Much better mana restore but has a side effect of seeing weird things for 3 minutes that can throw her off when battling), Spell book, Wand
    Weapons: Wand
    Skills/Abilities: Third eye - Her left eye will go from brown to a sharp blue color. With that eye, she can see inside clothes, like someone's pockets for example.

    Fun Facts: Marissa is very blunt and has a bit of a temper when provoked. Can easily be embarrassed however. Especially with some spells she knows (a love spell, a "princess" spell she learned as a child)
    Quote(s) "No, nothing's bad, its just that your EVERYTHING is not good." "I-I'm not like that just cause I know those spells!" "Yep, this is a normal (insert day of the week here) for me,"
    Extra: N/A
  14. Name: Ronnie Park

    Class: Kick-boxer

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Appearance:  About 5"5' in height with a slim figure. Somewhat pale skin (she doesn't go outside much). Short, straight, black hair. Wears baggy jeans and tight t-shirts, along with black hi-tops.

    History: She's a quiet person. Always preferred computer or video games more than playing outside. Despite this, she's a fantastic kick-boxer. Ronnie could literally kick someone's ass with her hands tied.

    Items: Light-weight lap-top, several energy drinks and a lighter

    Weapons: Usually uses no weapons, but occasionally uses whatever she can pick up. 

    Skills/Abilities: Mad kicking skills, as well as slight computer-hacking skills. She can only get past simple firewalls and blocks.

    Fun Facts: Likes playing with retilian sorts of pets like lizards and snakes.

    Quote(s): "Calm your shit." "Chillax bro, it's no big deal." "You pompous son-of-a-bitch."

    ((sorry, it was made a little hastily ^^; I hope it's alright! :D I'll fix anything you need me to))
  15. Martial Arts seem to be prevalent to some degree in most of our characters.

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