Beyond This Illusion [BTVS Verse RPG]



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The year is 2105... Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scooby Gang are dead. Some killed in the heat of battle, others killed dabbling with forces that ought not to be dabbled with while a lucky few simply died of old age. The world has changed since the destruction of the Sunnydale Hellmouth in 2003. The potency of the activation spell has diminished to the point where there are now only ten activated slayers throughout the world rather than thousands.

While the watchers council has gotten darker, more corrupt once more. Like many of their predecessors most of the council now believe the old saying "The ends justify the means". Due to magical advancement made during the last century the council have been successful for the past fifty years in taking all called Slayers from their families as infants and raising them as warriors just waiting to be called. That is until now with the activation of one Leah Cosgrove.

As always the Supernatural elements of the world are restless and a new vampire cult have gathered together in San Francisco. What is their mission? To destroy the world? Open the Hellmouth? No they want to expose themselves along with the rest of the Supernatural to the world so that they no longer have to hide from the rest of society. Of course there are many who are completely against this idea fearing extinction if humans were to be made aware of their existence.

So what side will you pick? Will you be a human happily ignorant of what is going on around you? A slayer fulfilling the ancient destiny handed to you? A Vampire or Demon determined to reveal yourselves to the world? Or maybe even one of the forces determined to stop them? Whatever you choose will be welcome at Beyond This Illusion. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG which aims to be driven by character interaction rather than a overall plot which may only be truly applicable to a select few members.