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Should Odin, Thor, Loki, Frigga, Sif etc be included in the RP

  1. Yes as NPC's

  2. Yes as playable characters

  3. No, it should be all OC's

  4. Other [Comment]

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    Looking for a small group to rp a fantasy world plot. (3-5 players max -myself included-)

    The setting is Asgard (and the other 9 realms if characters wish to go there, predominant location is Asgard). The cast consists of a number of different characters (doubling up is encouraged) and their various mini-dramas and conflicts/relationships across Asgard and the 9 realms.

    The plot is pretty sandboxy since it's driven largely by the types of characters that apply, not a specific story. E.g. if there is an abundance of castle-oriented characters (royals and maids/guards etc) then the plot will focus heavily on the illicit affairs and secret carrying-ons within the castle, whereas if there are a number of traveller-type characters then the plot will likely involve some kind of travelling/questing. Since there will be doubling up its perfectly okay to mix a bit of both these plots (some characters travelling others remaining in Valhalla).

    I'm not going to write out a big thread about the 9 different realms just yet incase there is no interest, but the OOC will feature a detailed description of locations, races and important artefacts.

    My knowledge of the 9 Realms stems largely from googling after getting hooked on the Avengers (I haven't seen Thor yet -I know don't judge- I'm waiting to find the dvd in my area its notoriously elusive) so avoid spoilers when and where you can, if you havent seen the Avengers or Thor then thats perfectly fine,I'll supply descriptions of the world in the OOC should we get that far and the plot is entirely constructed by the group. I'll try and stick as closely to the general preconceived concepts of the 9 realms as opposed to making tonnes of shit up (for all our sakes).

    I'm debating on whether characters like Thor, Odin, Loki, Sif, Frigga etc should be playable or NPC or if all characters should be OC's. I'll put up a poll and you can vote your preference.

    Leave a comment if you are interested in joining and will play 2 or more characters. Also, don't forget to vote and write "voted" in your comment -you don't need to say what you voted for, just let me know that you have voted for something-
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  2. Is this based off Marvel's Thor or is this just Norse Mythology?
  3. Marvel Universe
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  4. Oh, it's that is the case, I do intend to play three very particular characters - Loki's three children - Fenrir, Jormungand and Hel.

    So yeah, while Norse mythology characters should be allowed, we should mix and match with new characters.
  5. I'll have to see how you put them together in your CS to see how it will work ^_^" the plot will be built around the types of characters in it, my knowledge is mostly based on MU, if you're taking Fenrir literally from Norse myth then its like a wolf animal thing (I think), but furries sorta scare me, so I was going to go with the main MU races (Vanir, Asgardians, Humans, Jotun etc) and the main human-form characters (Odin, Frigga Loki etc) as opposed to creatures (like Nidhog etc).
    Would you be doing a human-ised version of Fenrir etc or the literal beast versions?
  6. Fenrir? Nah, Fenrir's no furry.

    I was thinking of doing a humanized version who can transform into a full wolf form, except he prefers to stay in his full wolf form and probably won't turn human.

    I had plans to genderbend Fenrir but I'm kind of iffy so I'll just make him/her stay in his full wolf form.

    Same for Jormungand, except she'll actually transform into a humanoid form.

    I always saw Fenrir and Jormungand as sentient, as opposed to being instinct-based animals, much like their humanoid sister.
  7. I'd prefer to keep all characters in a human-looking form, mostly because MU is my main approach to Asgard/Norse mythos, talking animals and stuff gets sort of confusing.
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