Beware the Overlord has arrived

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Hey all its the great overlord LAHARL!!!!

Saw the site and it looked pretty darn fun. Been roleplaying for a while now id say about 4 or five years. Saw your site and thought id give it a whirl since the old site i used pretty much kicked the bucket.
*throws Prinnies at Laharl* MWAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* If you ever run into a guy named Asmodeus, call him Midboss.
In other news, I'm TNT, the guy in charger of Table-Top Tyrants, the premier table-top gaming group here on Iwaku. We're your source for all things DnD, Warhammer, etc, so stop on by if you're interested.
You're not the first Overlord we've had. Probably not the last. Best idea is to gather as many minions as you can now, or you'll suffer later.

Welcome to Iwaku.
*dodges the prinnies and pants when finished* trying to kill me already. You guys are ruthless.... I LOVE IT!
Ill keep that in mind, ill also make sure to slap around midboss a bit HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!
I'd be careful about slapping him around. Until recently, he was an Admin, and one of the original Admins from way back when Iwaku was first founded. Teasing: Ok Slapping: Uh...decidedly not.
Hahaha i wouldnt actually harass anyone, and if my teasing started to get out of hand all they would have to do would ask. Im here to have fun not get in trouble haha.

Also as of now your both my vassals. Welcome aboard.
You think they're ruthless, wait until you meet the staff. We're reaally mean, veterans of a thousand campaigns and have seen many and overlord come and go with the tide.

*extends a claw*

Vay, global mod.
Asmo was not one of the original founding admins... D: He was just the most famous. >:D

Welcome to Iwaku! :D Next time you send an issue email through the contact form, you MIGHT wanna give more information than "the smutclub button", because I am not a psychic and I have not idea what that is supposed to mean. XD
Welcome to the site.
Its a pleasure to meet you both and yes my apologies but i ended up fixing it. It was just my browser being dumb. Sorry for the inconvenience.

*shakes his claw and grins*
We've already met in the Cbox but here's an official welcome to Iwaku! I'm Zypher your friendly Roleplay Global mod, if you need any help feel free to ask.
Indeed we have met but i greatly appreciate your more formal welcome. Its a pleasure to meet you i hope we can be great friends, same to all the previous replies.
*You hear a battle cry and you feel something nomming on your head.... Its a wild Raiu.*


*You translate to either mean Yay! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Raiu. Or YUM! THESE HEARTBALLS ARE EPIC IN TASTE!*
*looks up at the yodling creature nibbling on his head*

Hmmmmm you shall be my new hat. Its nice to meet you haha.
-He feels something draining away as he wears the hat. Sometimg... But Wat?-
Hey, I know we met officially when you asked to join my RP but here is a polite hello and welcome! 8D I can't wait to RP with you!
Nice to meet you harpy. Itll be fun to rp with you too ^.^
Aww shit... well its a good thing I got the Prism Rangers on speed dial. Not that they will accomplish anything...
*You hear a drilling sound and your head becomes a bit warmer.*