Between the Realms

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  1. "This Realm is very much like the our Realm. It has land, water, and sky, the civilians look exactly like us, but they lack the abilities that our Realm offers. We don't age, while Humans do. You must go to Earth and save the Princess. She is in danger in that Realm and she is our only heir."

    Daemon thought back on how he ended up in the dense forest in the middle of the night. He had been told that he must bring this young girl back to their Realm to save her from the danger that would soon befall her if she had stayed. The only problem was that the 21 year old man did not know how this girl looked like. He didn't know anything about her except that she was the heir to the Royal Family. He sighed, brushing his long purple hair out of his cold blue eyes and pulled it up into a ponytail, using a bit of the energy around him to hold it there. He hoped he would find her soon, as this gambling about in the forest at night wasn't in his list of to-dos.

    His footsteps echoed in the dense forest, the only other sounds were the faint chatters of other animals and birds. Daemon blinked, looking up through the tree branches at the moon. It was different than in his Realm, here it was a pale blue, in his world it was a bright red most nights. He looked back down to the path he had been following, thinking he was getting closer to the edge of the forest. He continued to walk, placing his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he let out a small sigh, he really needed to find her.

    After a half an hour of wandering down the path, he could finally hear the busy night life coming from the city. Sounds of people laughing, talking, and cars driving by made him poke his head out of the tree line. He was told that the civilians of this Realm would be like his, but that they had lacked the proper intelligence to obtain the abilities that his Realm had offered it's civilians. He watched a group of humans stumble down the sidewalk, laughing and joking around. He sniffed the air and found a string scent of alcohol lingering in the area. He blinked, stepping out of his cover and he proceeded to walk into the city-life pretending to be a Human. He felt as though this job wouldn't be so hard to blend in, all he needed to do was find her.
  2. In her apartment downtown, Amaya was getting ready for another long night. Some of her friends had called earlier asking if she wanted to go out. Well of course she did. Only 20 years old, Amaya came off as much older, so her fake id's were almost unnecessary. She slipped on a pair of tight dark colored jeans and a dark red halter top. Her hair hung down her back and tonight she had it curled in graceful spirals. As she was putting on the finishing touches of her makeup she heard the buzzer and ran to the window, Amaya looked down and saw her friends waving up to her.

    Twenty minutes later Amaya and the girls were walking down the busy streets, the nightlife in this town was amazing for being considered a smaller town, and Amaya never wanted to leave. She had only been in this town for six months after having left her parent's house on a search for something that only she would know. They walked up to the club and handed their id's to the bouncer, Amaya's was last. Just as she was handing it over she turned her head and caught eyes with a young man walking down the street. She stared at him for a second and then turned back to the bouncer smiling brightly as he let her into the club with her friends.
  3. Daemon wandered the street, stopping when he had felt a pair of eyes linger on him for just a moment. He turned, his ice blue eyes scanning the faces of the many people walking by and standing in groups. He caught a glimpse of a woman turning to look at a large man in black then entering a building that had loud music blasting from the open door.

    He waited, watching others as they entered the building, getting the feel of how to go about entering the club. Once he had felt he knew what to do he walked across the street, quicker that the average human. His strange eyes caught the bouncer's attention as he walked up to him, a kind smile on his face as he greeted him.

    "Good evening." he said, nodding to him.

    "Hey, ID please." the bounce said.

    Daemon blinked, a charming smile on his face, "Sure." he replied placing his hand in his pocket and looking the man in the eyes. A strange greenish glow radiated from them for a quick second, causing the man to stare off into space for a moment.

    "Go on in."

    "Thank you sir." Daemon replied, walking into the loud building in search of the woman. He gracefully glided between the people, barely noticed as his otherworldly eyes scanned the club. The music bothered his ears but he tried his best to ignore it as he searched for her, even if this wasn't the one he was looking for, he had a fairly good chance of finding her here.
  4. Amaya had sauntered her way up to the bar to order drinks while her friends grabbed a booth at the other end of the dance floor. She leaned against the bar counter, her back to the rest of the room.

    "What can I get for you tonight?" The bartender asked as he came over and looked Amaya up and down.

    "Six X-rated's and Seven and six liquid marijuana shots please." She said as she flashed him her sweetest smile. "And could you get someone to carry them over to my table, I wouldnt be able to by myself." Her dark eyes looked up at the bartender and he nodded at her, unable to tell her no after looking into her eyes. "Thanks" she said as she turned from the bar and made her way through the shifting bodies on the dance floor and over to her table.

    "I got the drinks ladies, and the bartender is even going to be so kind as to have someone bring them to us."

    "Geez, Amaya, how do you do it? We never get that kind of service when you're not around," one of the girls asked her as she stared in awe at Amaya.

    "Well," Amaya replied, leaning forward on the table, "I honestly dont know how I do it, random people just cant help but do what I want." She laughed at that. A clear ringing laughter, and turned her head to stare at the dance floor, hoping to find a good partner tonight.
  5. Daemon hated this place. He didn't understand why humans had the need to 'have fun' in places like these. It was loud, annoying, and there were too many drunk people running into each other and making out with whoever they find. His annoyance furthered as a young woman stumbled over grabbing his shirt to avoid falling over.

    "Sorry!" she cried out, looking up at him. "'re pretty handsome." she said, flashing a pretty smile.

    "Thank you. Please excuse me." he brushed her off, stepping to the side and continuing on his way. He looked around again, eyes furrowing slightly. He was close to the dance floor, but he avoided the people flailing around.

    Daemon blinked, watching the faces of the people who surrounded him, slowly memorizing their features. He paused when he saw the girl he had seen before. She was looking around, watching others around her. He blinked, trying to figure out how he was going to find out if she was the one he wanted. He began to walk over, deciding he would keep an eye on her, just in case. He found a table that was in the view of the table she was sitting at, his long violet hair flowing behind him. As he sat he placed his hands in front of his face, resting his chin on his knuckles. Hopefully this was her.
  6. The drinks arrived shortly and Amaya handed a generous tip to the bartender that brought them over. Her and her girls picked up the shots and clinked the glasses together in a cheer and drank. God did she love coming out to places like this, they were wild, full of life, noise, everything. She didnt know what she would do if she couldnt get to places like this.

    Her eyes scanned the crowd again and she took a sip of her X-rated. "So, I think I'm gonna get up and get onto the dance floor. Any of you ladies ready to join me yet?" She smiled at them half laughing, her eyes lit up as she teased them slightly.

    "Umm...sure, we're game if you are Amaya."

    Amaya stood and pulled them out of the booth and onto the floor. The music tonight was amazing. There was a new DJ in town and tonight he was premiering his style there. Amaya pulled them into the middle of the floor and closed her eyes, feeling the flow and the beat before starting to move with it.
  7. Daemon adjusted himself as he watched her talking to her friends and laughing, drinking the drinks that were brought to them and eventually making her way to the dance floor. He watched for a moment, taking in how these humans danced and planning on how he would get close to her. His eyes watched her every move, his face stern, but interested.

    He wondered if it was proper to just approach girls on the dance floor, but he soon had seen other people joining the group of girls and decided that it would be alright. He stood, slowing making his way over to where she was dancing. He lingered on the edge of the floor, crossing his arms as he leaned up against a railing, keeping his eyes on her, his bright blue eyes radiating in the dark. He waited for a slower song to play before making his move over to her, as he still hadn't gotten the hang of how they were moving, but once the song played, he made his way over, the beat still fast, but something he could handle. He gently grasped her hand, twirling her in a cricle before allowing her to see who had a hold of her and smiling at her.

    "May I have this dance?" he asked, loud enough to hear over the music.
  8. Amaya loved dancing. The way the music felt, the way being this close to other people felt. It was sheer ectasy. She swirled and moved to the music as if nothing else mattered. And in those moments, nothng else did. Soon there was a crowd around her and her friends and they were all having a good time. Here and there she would get pulled by a random guy and she would dance with him for a few until the next guy moved around her.

    The music changed beats to something a little slower. In this club, they very rarely ever played a "slow" song, so this was about as slow as it got. Amaya had been thinking about leaving the floor when suddenly she was being twirled around. When she finally came to a stop she was facing a really handsome guy. He was a little off with his hair and startling blue eyes, but, he was still cute, especially with that smile.

    "Sure, I'd love to dance." She replied over the music and led him out onto the floor
  9. He smiled at her as she accepted his request, twirling her again before he grasped her wasit. The song had a tango-esque feel to it, and in his own realm tango was his favorite dance. His body moved with the beat perfectly, despite never hearing the song before. His eyes watched hers as they danced, his mesmerizing blue penetrating hers.

    "So what is your name?" he asked kindly, keeping to the beat of the music as they spoke, he needed to find out enough information on her as he could while the song lasted, feeling that this was his only chance to find out.

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  10. She let out the most beautiful ringing laugh he would have ever heard as he twirled her around. She danced flamenco in her spare time, so keeping up with this was no problem. Amaya enjoyed that he was a wonderful dancer so far, and hadnt tried anything yet.

    "My name is Amaya, whats your name since I gave you the pleasure of hearing mine?" She asked as she stared into his eyes. They were beautiful, a color do rich that she hadnt seen it before and they kept her entranced as she moved with him through the crowd of dancers.

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  11. He smiled, enjoying the sound of her laugh, chuckling softly as she was able to keep up to his dancing, "My name is Daemon, it is a pleasure to meet you Amaya, you are a talented dancer." he complemented keeping his eyes on hers.

    He could feel the other humans eyes on them, watching them dance in the middle of the dance floor. He didn't particularly like the attention, but he needed to know more about her. "Do you come here often?" he asked, knowing that human lives where prone to routine.

    He had an odd feeling about this girl, like there was something different about her. Maybe his luck had turned around and this was actually her.
  12. "Thank you, you dance beautifully as well, and it's quite refreshing to meet a guy that just wants to dance." She smiled at him and her eyes lit up slightly.

    Out of the corner of her eyes she could see the stares from others and smirked. She didnt mind attention, but she got so much of it that it was stupid. Yet she kept dancing as if they werent there at all. "I come here often enough, but of course, that would depend on why youre asking me." She gave him a coy look. He certainly wasnt as forward as most guys, but still, she had to know why he asked.