Between Fire and Purity (Yuuki_Tatsunohi and UnicornBunny)

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  1. In a land where humans can turn into fantastic creatures, there are two kingdoms: A Dragon Kingdom and a Unicorn Kingdom. The Dragon and Unicorn lands are at war with each other, with their royalties at the very center. When war strikes and the two young monarchs are stranded in the Badlands, can they overcome their conflicts and work together to get back home?

    Dragon Kingdom

    Gwyn The Albino Dragon King​
    Unicorn Kingdom

    Jezebel also known as Queen Luna​


    King Gwyn sat on one end of the long glass table, hands spread before him as he reclined in his seat. Gwyn was known throughout the Dragon Kingdom as the Albino King, rightfully earning the title due to his ghostly features. A young king, Gwyn had recently inherited the throne after the tragic and mysterious death of his older sister, Tywyll the Dragon Queen. Despite his age and new status, Gwyn was not naïve; from the day he could walk he received all forms of royalty training, from politics to combat to proper etiquette expected of man with royal blood. And he was able to put his skills to practice when he subbed for his sister whenever she was away looking for more land for her people so they can fly again.

    The transition from Tywyll to Gwyn was a smooth one, but that didn’t stop the Kingdom from feeling the tragedy and anger at the loss of their beloved queen.

    And so he sat across from the Unicorn Queen, vying for land just like Tywyll. He vowed to continue Tywyll's mission, yet at the same time investigating the death of his sister; it just so happened the Unicorn Kingdom was the first on his list.

    Gwyn’s blue eyes stared straight at the Queen, not once looking anywhere else. “I won’t sugar coat why I’m here: my people are in need of land and you have more than enough to give away.” His sister had considered the Unicorn’s land for it was so vast, so overbearing if they could just get some of it, then his people could finally fly again without risk of destroying buildings or hurting anyone nearby with their large wings. He could only hope the Queen would heed his request and grant him what he needs.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Queen Jezebel sat upon her seat, her back straight her hands placed linked together on the glass table. Within the Unicorn Kingdom her pet name was Queen Luna, since both of her forms had black and silver. She had recently become Queen since her parents had died years ago and the counsel could only rule for so long. Her classes had taught her well, though her natural maternal feelings towards those she knows assists her in many decisions. The way she had gotten practice was when her parents or the counsel gave her tasks. She was always asked for her opinion so she knew never to speak to lightly.

    Knowing the dragons were after her land and that she was most likely here for that reason. That did not stop Jezebel from feeling bad about The previous Queen of the Dragons death. Since she had heard it hit the whole kingdom hard but the King had risen to the occasion. Still her feeling sympathy would not make her change her mind. The Unicorn Kingdoms boundaries would never change, for a reason she could not explain to any other species. The lush forests and small towns, were a source the Unicorns needed every inch of.

    Jezebel's dark violet never wavered as the King spoke. "As I have said many times now. I will never change the borders of my Kingdom, we need it as it is." Inwardly she cringed at the thought of the building that would end up happening. The destroying of the landscape her family and her had devoted their lives to. Even the thought of a young dragon crashing into the trees gave her the ghost of pain. Knowing he would never understand she waited for the talk to continue.
  3. Despite the Unicorns’ gentle and compassionate nature, it seems they won’t budge. Not that he hadn’t expected it; there have been other occasions where the Dragons have asked the Unicorns to give some of their land and each time was met with the same answer. He had hoped, however, that their new queen would have more kindness.

    “I hope you realize just how large your land is,” Gwyn said. “Like your people, we like to shift between our human forms and dragon forms. Unlike you, we are huge, our wingspan is twice the length of our bodies. My people want to fly again, they want to be able to freely change again.” He leaned forward, linking his hands together in the same manner as the Queen. “The Dragon population is growing and I do not want to send my people to the Wastelands just so there will be room.”
  4. Jezebel inwardly sighed of happiness. This was her first time ever meeting a dragon face to face in a political standing. She had been expecting some sort of unpleasantness but it was quite fine. Though she understood what he meant and felt bad. For fear his kind would see what her kind did she could not even give him the allowance to fly over her land. Pursing her lips as he spoke she looked away for a moment. Feeling horrid for what she had to do.

    "I am deeply sorry but for reasons you will not ever understand, us Unicorns need every inch of our kingdom. I understand you are quite large and from what I have seen of your Kingdom it must be awkward to fly. As much as I would want to help you in any way I can not. I am sure if you contacted the Griffins they can share the skies with you a bit?" Her eyes had softened as she talked though when she phased her last statement as a question her hands tightened. This was why she was no good at these sort of things telling people no when they really needed something. The thought of dragons hurting their wings on the buildings made her heart ache for them. This was why Jezebel hated being so empathetic.
  5. Gwyn grit his teeth. He could care less if he understood whatever the Unicorns’ reasons may be. He was only asking to expand their kingdom, nothing else.

    “We have tried the Griffins. My sister even went to them numerous times before she died.” If one were to be close enough, they could see the pupils of Gwyn’s eyes turn into slits as he mentioned his sister. No doubt the loss still hurts. “They themselves are struggling too. They are in the middle of a severe drought. And they aren’t keen on sharing land―even just the skies―any time soon. Even if I ask them, it won’t make any difference.”

    He sighed, leaning back against his chair. His pupils returned to normal and he looked at the queen once more. “Is there still no possibility of getting any land from you?” He already knew the answer, but perhaps it was part of his dragon-nature to give it another try.
  6. "Oh yes that's right. It wasn't a good idea anyway to be honest. Only because they always seem to be so suspicious, though that may be the counsel talking through me." She sighed as she did her best to ignore the dark feeling in the room. Besides she had to leave Jezebel could only guess what her advisers had done in her few hour absence.

    "Sorry there is no way, and I deeply apologize but our talk must be cut short I have to go to my own Kingdom. There seems to be a problem arising." Standing slowly she gave the King a curtsy, then stood to await him. Though she wondered if he would be rude and not walk her at least out. If he did not then she would look foolish. "Since I do not believe we have anything other to talk about?" Tilting her head she met his gaze.
  7. "It wasn't," he said curtly before quickly adding in: "I do, however, understand what you were trying to do. That just wasn't the best of suggestions."

    Queen Jezebel stood up and announced this meeting was adjourned, curtsying respectfully. He didn't want this meeting to be done as he still felt he didn't exhaust every possible way of obtaining land from the queen but she seemed to have other business to attend to and so had to let her go.

    "No there is none." He led her out the chamber and to a pair of her guards waiting for her. "I'm disappointed really. I thought you would be able to help me." Not even bothering to bow in acknowledgment, Gwyn pivoted on his heel and made way towards his guards. "I bid you farewell, your Highness."

    It seemed now he would have to go to extreme measures.
  8. Jezebel looked back at him as he turned away. Hoping it was just a small bit of disappointment she felt other then the oncoming of something horribly bad. Dragons were known for their temper, and she did not want to be on the receiving end of it. She got home quick and sighed at what she seen was wrong. It seemed a young wounded dragon was now in her dungeon. That was the bit of disturbance she felt he had crashed to the ground into a clearing. Doing her best to heal the worst wounds she moved him too a guest room. Doing her best to keep it between her and a few other healing Unicorns.

    After speaking with a trusted adviser he had run off to get the kingdom ready for war. It seemed any who heard wanted to be safe in case the King did start a war. Not to sure to believe them she made sure they stopped in case they were seen and that in itself started a war. The peace of all the neighboring kingdoms could be easily upset.
  9. It was just barely two weeks since their meeting when three dragons attacked the Unicorn Kingdom, driving citizens away and destroying a small portion of the land. The portion bordered the Dragon’s, a tiny piece when compared to the entire Unicorn country. Gwyn planned to have some of his subjects settle in this burnt portion; if Queen Jezebel wouldn’t give some land to him, then he would take it by force.

    After their little escapade, the three dragons decided to mock the Unicorns further and flew over the Unicorn capital, circling the city and shooting sparks to intimidate. One of them noticed a large spot in a clearing near the city: An imprint larger than a unicorn but slightly smaller than an adult dragon. The area surrounding the imprint was wrecked, plants bent and trees broken. It was as if something had crashed there. The dragons reported this back to Gwyn. He couldn’t figure out what had crashed in the Unicorn country, but he was curious as to what exactly that was. The Queen did mention that there were reasons he could never understand leading to why she wouldn’t relinquish some of her territory. Was this one of those reasons?

    “It seems very farfetched to me,” said one of his advisors. Gwyn had to agree. There just wasn’t enough evidence to prove anything. The imprint was moved to the back of his mind as Gwyn focused on claiming that burnt piece of land. He was briefly interrupted when a small family reported their child missing, last seen flying towards the Unicorn country but even that was pushed to the back of his mind. Though he did personally promise the family there will be a full on investigation into their missing child.

    Gathering a small platoon of soldiers, he sent them across the border and into the burnt Unicorn territory.
  10. Jezebel felt a flash of pain like her foot was being burnt. Closing her eyes she glared as she realized what had happened. The bloody dragon was trying to take over the Unicorns land. Once she stepped out she seen the dragons flying around and sending sparks, but she was not impressed. Quickly she sent out some scouts her hair shaking side to side as she gathered other high powered unicorns like herself. Now it seemed a war was started so she told the other soldiers of hers to every town of within the kingdom. Shifting to her own Unicorn form she shook her head then cantered out.

    They skidded to a stop at the sight of the burning and she snorted the scent of coal and burnt tree's stinging her. The smoke making her blink and look at the now ash ridden place. Flicking her tail she lowered her head and started healing the land. Small amounts of green could appear as new tree's tried to live, the pain she felt slowly ebbed away. Once the land was back to life she sighed, keeping an eye out for the dragons that she was sure would be coming.

    "The king dares send his dragons to burn our land and taunt us." Her hooves stomped and she snorted loud. The others she had with her all reared and stomped. Her lead guard stepped up next to her to speak. "We will make them pay for this Queen." Turning her head to him she glared and shook her head. "No we just fend them off. All we need is the land we have and revenge has no place in the Unicorn Kingdom."
  11. The small platoon marched into the designated portion, expecting to find blackened and burnt plants, but instead found new foliage already growing. And among this new growth was the Unicorns. They were already in their unicorn forms, and judging by how fast the plants were growing, it was them who was healing this land. One of them was a black unicorn with a silver mane. The commander immediately recognized this one as the Queen. He turned to one of his soldiers and whispered something to him. The young soldier nodded and turned back, morphing into his dragon form and flying away.

    "This is our territory now, Unicorns," said the commander. His eyes turned into slits and a long green tail snaked around him. "Leave now, unless you want to get burned."

    * * *​

    The young dragon landed a distance before a moving car, signaling for the vehicle to stop. Once it did, a few guards came out followed by Gwyn. The soldier explained to Gwyn the company of Unicorns they met at the new territory, how they healed the land and the fact the Queen is with them.

    "Odd that she would come all this way just to heal if there were others who could do the same thing as her," Gwyn said. Now why would she even do that? She can't be that particular with her land, can she? He turned to young soldier. "Lead the way and we'll follow." He nodded and started flying back to the platoon. Gwyn turned to two soldiers who had joined in on the meeting. "You two will continue your mission regardless of what happens. I'm curious as to what secrets the Queen is keeping."

    They nodded and were soon up in the air, taking a different route from their king and his men. Gwyn watched them go for one more minute then turned to the rest of those with him, nodded and continued the rest of the way to the newly claimed land.
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  12. "I can heal the land or I can tear it open to swallow you whole. It is not your territory just because it was burnt no matter what it is mine until I die so you have kill me. Which I am sorry but I can do a lot worse to you in ten seconds then you could do to me. Which is why I am queen.." She spoke softly once she shifted to her human form the other unicorns moving behind her but still healing the land. Sliding a hand through her hair she calmly met the dragons eyes her own devoid of emotion. "Get out of my kingdom before I take the breath from your lungs."

    Turning away from the dragon she started to hold some of the burnt flowers to heal them adding color to the blackened space. She wasn't really concerned about this dragons fire besides she would feel him drawing the breath before he could hit her. The guards stood ready for battle their horns pointed at the dragons ready at her word. Once most of the old plants were revived she stood up straight and put a strand of hair behind her ear. Now she knew she would just have to wait for the king cause any arrogant bastard would want to see his handy work.

    "When is he coming anyway? I have been waiting here for to long and it is becoming rude. I so very hate rudeness." Jezebel smiled and placed her hands together linking her fingers as she stood patiently. It would be interesting to see him, though she angled her foot so they would not see where her foot was burnt. Even if she was sure they were not smart enough to figure out what happened.
  13. The two dragons from Gwyn’s entourage finally reached the city, ambushing the guards and storming through the capitol. Their huge forms moved through the streets, breathing hot air but no fire. At the word of their king, they promised never to breathe fire or to ruin the city. Scare the citizens, but never harm.

    Midway through, they split up. One dragon went towards a research facility and the other went to the prison cells. The one in the facility broke through using his dragon form, defeating guards as he moved closer and closer to the center. He entered lab after lab and after rummaging through test tubes and beakers, he found what he was looking for. He almost missed it even, given that it was still packaged in a box and looked as if it was just placed there moments before he came in. Inside was a vial of dark liquid, sealed with a cork and a label of a skull and crossed bones over it. There were two more bottles inside the box and he decided to take the entire box with when he heard a crash and only caught sight of a lone feather as it fell to the ground.

    Meanwhile, the other dragon had stormed the Unicorn’s prison cells. The cells looked well maintained and none of prisoners were roomed together to conserve space. Compared to the cells of the Dragons, this was like a luxury. He barged right in and found what he had suspected: the young missing dragon was here, in the Unicorn kingdom as their prisoner. The young boy looked okay, not a scratch on him. It was obvious the unicorns had healed him the moment they took him into captivity, but the older dragon had no time to show gratitude for such an act. Breaking the doors of his cell, he took the dragonling and met up with his companion as they raced back towards their king.

    * * *​

    The commander huffed at Queen Jezebel’s answer. He can accept that she could kill him in one fell swoop like how she described; she is after all, queen. But perhaps his ego had grown when he ascended to rank of commander and thus found her impatience and desire to speak with Gwyn than him to be infuriating.

    “Why you . . . .” smoke formed from the corners of his mouth and he was about to launch a fireball at the queen when Gwyn arrived just then. Gwyn signaled to the soldiers to step back, turning to the Unicorns before him. He noticed Queen Jezebel’s subjects busy healing the burnt land while Jezebel herself stood in front of him, as if she was waiting for him.

    “In all honesty, I didn’t expect you to show up when your people are known to be capable healers by themselves,” he said, skipping formalities. He watched as a plant sprouted at her feet, blooming into a purple amaranth. The pupils of his eyes turned to slits and he looks directly at the Queen. “Give it up, Queen Jezebel. We need this land more than you ever would.”
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