Between Earth and Sky

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  1. Emerald eyes gaze out across the ocean as the sun begins to set, turning the placid water a firey orange and yellow blaze. Thick, russet colored hair spreads outward around her, rising and falling with the gentle tide. The light was fading quickly. One more dive, before darkness falls.

    She took a deep breath and dipped her head below the waves, launching herself into the depths with a powerful kick. Only here did she feel most at peace. Here, below the surface, where there was only the quiet and the calm. Each stroke brought her closer to the sea bed-her ultimate goal. Today would be the day.

    It was only a matter of feet now, but she had been under for a minute and a half. Justin a little..bit..farther... Yes! Her fingers scraped the bottom and clenched a handful of sand in her tight fist. She paused to relish her accomplishment.

    At that moment, her lungs contracted painfully, begging for air. Her heart began to race. Nimbly, she flipped herself over and kicked off the bottom, racing towards the surface as panic overcame her. A small stream of bubbles ascended ahead of her as she expelled air from her lungs.

    About three quarters of the way up, her muscles began to weaken and she could no longer ignore the ringing in her ears. She felt very dizzy. Frantically, she paddled, but didn't know in which direction. The light had gone now, and her brain could not function properly.

    "No!" she screamed, precious air escaping. She fought to make any sense of up and down, to no avail, managing only to tangle her arms in her hair with her thrashing. The last of her oxygen was spent. She sank helplessly toward the sea bed, unable to move her body.

    It's so cold. This was her last thought as the quiet and the calm claimed her.

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    Aragón looked up at the clear blue sky. He could hear birds in the distance as well as the gentle sounds of water as he rocked gently on the ocean's surface. "Where am I?" He thought to himself as he looked around but saw nothing but blue.

    A flash went through Aragón's mind, a girl. Her russet hair flowing in the darkness of the ocean. He felt the air rush from his lung and the taste of water consuming him. The flash ended and he could finally breathe again.

    Aragón dove head first into the water and pushed as hard as he could sending him flying through the water. He reached the girl at the bottom of the ocean, after grabbing her he pushed off of the sea floor and rushed to the surface.

    His lungs begged for air and his vision began to blur. He focussed on the light from the sun and followed it to the surface. He laid the girl down on the shore and listened for breathing...he found nothing. He opened her mouth and gave her three strong breathes before pushing down on her chest in an attempt to help her breathe
  3. A shining, orb-like ball of golden light rose from the lifeless corpse. Slowly, it rose until it was eye level with the strange boy. It pulsed brighter as a soft voice emanated from it, "Thank you for trying. Though, I'm afraid it's too late."
  4. Aragón watched as a golden orb of light rose from the girl's body and stopped once it was eye level with him. His eyes quickly adjusted to the bright light as a voice emitted from it. "Thank you for trying. Though, I'm afraid it's too late"

    Aragón laid the lifeless body down on the sand next to him. He sat next to the girl looking off into to the distance. "Not good enough" he said to himself, torn apart at the fact he wasn't fast enough to save someone. He had absolutely no idea where he was or who this girl was, but he felt obligated to help her...and he failed
  5. The glowing orb's light dimmed slightly. The voice came again, tinted with sadness. "I was not alone in my final moments, as I had thought. That is enough." A pause of silence followed. "And not alone now. Only lost." A brightness returned to the orb's glow.
  6. Aragón watched the orb as it dimmed and the voice seemed sad when it returned. He wondered if he had looked like the orb in the moments following his death. Ironically, Aragón had died trying to save someone from a fire. The other person had survived, so Aragón saw his death as honorable.

    He looked out into the ocean recalling the moments he had spent carrying her from the bottom of the ocean. He reached out and touched the orb was was met with a splitting headache and flashes of the moments leading to her death. Once it was over he could feel the presence of the girl's soul. "You're in limbo, the space between life and death." He said looking from the girl's body to the orb of light.

    "I know this might be hard to understand since you've only recently gone into limbo but you must listen to me. If you stay in limbo for too long, you will walk the earth eternally as a spirit. You must pick an allegiance or you will be stuck in the form you are currently in"
  7. As his hand touched the orb, it turned deep purple in color and flooded his mind with her last memories. At the same time, she (her spirit) were made to recall them in vivid detail. The orb's light flickered unnaturally, but returned to normal once his hand was retracted.

    "Allegiance to whom?" the shaken voice questioned.
  8. "There are Angels, demons, and what are called variants. I am an Angel, sent to earth to protect and guide humans. Demons are the evil counterparts of Angels, they seek to conquer and destroy humans for their own gain. Finally, the variants are those who choose no side and are stuck in limbo. They simply walk amongst the humans unable to leave the living world"
  9. "Is that all? That's simple. I ally my soul with The Angels." In that moment, the orb shone with a volatile, blinding white light. It enveloped the orb and the girl's body completely. The light began to retreat into itself, and as it did, it left in it's place her human form. Though no longer mortal. Her dead, human body still lay at her feet.

    She fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Slowly, she lifted her hands to stare in wonder. This new body was similar to her old only in appearance. Unlike her human form, this one felt light. She felt so strange.
  10. Aragón watched as the ball of light transformed into what was now the angel form of the girl. "Welcome to the light" he said seeing as she was now a part of the good entities. He wondered how long it had taken him to choose a side though he would have obviously chosen the angels.
  11. "Thanks. " she replied, trying to compose herself. She stood, if a bit shakily. This was all so surreal, she could hardly believe it.
    "So, what happens now?" she asked, crossing her arms loosely under her chest.
  12. "It will be complex to explain and to understand" said Aragón watching the girl as she got used to her afterlife form. It would take a little time but she'd adjust. Her body in most ways worked like it had during her life but there were also many differences.

    "For quite some time there has been much hostility between the entities, and as of late Angels and Demons are at war for the fate of mankind. Angels want to see mankind bloom into the advanced being that we know they will become and create a better world than the one they have made for themselves now. The Demons on the other hand want to watch mankind burn and have their souls rot for eternity. Demons are not directly trying to destroy humans though. They corrupt humans and make them evil therefore causing them to do malevolent things amongst themselves. Terrorist, murders, thrives, they are all affected by demons. Heros such as Military, doctors, and those who seek goodness are affected by us, the angels. Our job is to ensure that this world is as safe as it can be"
  13. It took a moment to let the boy's words sink in. A war between angels and demons? Like something out of a storybook. Though reflected in his tone held the gravity of the situation. This was real.

    If heaven's warriors failed, the mortal world would be thrown into chaos. Everyone she had left behind, she realized, would suffer immeasurably. Her eyes grew wide with horror. There was someone, someone important to her that she had to save from that fate, but the face and the name illuded her. She couldn't remember. In fact, anything preceding her death had been wiped from memory. Only an emptiness remained, accompanied by a mixture of feelings and emotions without the memories attached to them.

    Tears welled in her eyes, threatening to spill over. "I can't remember my mortal life." she whispered.
  14. "You have to come in contact with things from you past life. For example, if you touch the water you will remember your death and any experiences you had with water. If you find someone you used to know and touch them you'll remember them. You will find things about you previous life soo enough but first you need to focus on being an Angel. Things aren't the same now."
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