Between Angels and Insects

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  1. ✙ Justin ✙, #D9A11C There wasn't much that could disturb the boy when he was in the zone, or at least when he was listening to music. Music was his life after all, and everything he did seemed to revolve around him and his makeshift group.

    Right now he had contented himself with relaxing on one of the many beaches in LA. Though he wasn't a naive to these parts, he was familiar with them after spending years in the area. So lying back on his beach blanket, with his headphones in, he couldn't be bothered with anything in the world.

    Not even his cousin/sort-of-friend-thing Ry could disturb him right now. Even though the older boy was trying to convince him to play a small game of volleyball with him.

    "C'mon Jus! One game! Please!" He begged, though Justin continued to ignore him. The boy had the maturity of a five year old, and that did not amuse Justin one bit. "Please man, one ga-"

    Getting up, he walked towards the blonde boy, and taking the volleyball he held in his hand, threw it at his head. Causing Ry to make a high pitched sound, and plop to the sound.

    "Go play your silly games elsewhere." He snorted crossly.
  2. Her blonde hair blew back with the ocean waves as she walked down the beach with bare feet. She loved the feeling of the sand squishing between her toes. She looked out to the ocean, it was recently that she had moved down to California for a job. She had always been a country girl, but hey, country girls have their happy places too and hers just happened to be the beach.

    As she walked down, she noticed a two boys. She tipped her head a chuckled a bit to the reactions. She pulled out a beach towel and laid it down by the sand volleyball courts. She was wearing a neon yellow and blue, leopard print bikini with her hair pulled back into a loose bun and sunglasses that covered her face. She sat down and pulled out her sunscreen and began to lather it onto her skin.
  3. Justin was not expecting someone to come close to his "zone". If there was something that Justin Wayne Greenway hated more than haters, it was people who blocked his mojo. And right now, this girl was in his "zone". He needed peace and quiet if he was to think and chill out to the beat of the music. This girl did not know what kind of forces she would be messing with.

    So making his way over towards her, he crossed his arms when he looked down at the blonde girl. Raising an eyebrow, he glared at her through his small shaded sunglasses. "Move." He spoke bluntly, with a forceful tone in his voice. "You're too close to me." Even though she was in fact a good distance away from Justin's blanket, it wasn't good enough for him.

    "Or else."
  4. She didn't raise her eyes while she was putting the suntan lotion on her arms. "It's a free country. I can sit where I please." She puts the sun lotion down and dries her hand off on an extra towel. She peers up at him, pulling her sunglasses down slightly so he could see her ocean blue eyes, that were not very warm and inviting, but cold and harsh. "You obviously have problems if you think I'm too close to you." She motions towards his towel, "You are at a good enough distance away. Besides, I was planning on playing volleyball anyway, so don't worry, I'll be out of your way soon enough, Mr. Grumpy Pants."

    She laughed a bit then stood up to face him after putting her sunglasses fully back on, "So go back to your little towel and stop bothering me." She turned and started to fix her hair into a tighter ponytail.
  5. Well clearly this girl did not understand the wrath in which she was dealing with. You did not mess with him, even in the slighest way and then come off stainless. "Mr. Grumpy Pants? Is that the best you could do?" He snorted, keeping his arms crossed, letting her know that he wasn't going anywhere too soon. At least not before this got resolved.

    "Honestly? What is it with you dumbass girls? You think you rule the world or something? Well you don't, so do as I ask. I will not ask you to do this again." His threat was real, though he didn't know how much he could actually hurt a girl in public. Not that it usually mattered to him, besides this girl seemed like she could handle her own if he did put up a physical fight.
  6. She laughed, "Bitch please." She turned back to him and stepped towards him, eyeing him up and down. "If you think I'm afraid of prick like you, you've got another thing coming for you." She turned, whipping him in the face with her hair, she bends down to put the sunscreen back in her bag. She did have a nice butt, better off then most of her other features and it usually was what most guys would "compliment" her on. She wasn't bothered by this guy, although it was strange to her because most guys would be all over her. This was almost comic relief to have someone fight with her, the funny part being she wasn't at all a bit afraid of him. He may be strong but she could put up a fight, even for how skinny she was. Plus, she had some abs, and not because she was skinny like the bitch-ass girls would always say, it was because she actually did work out and run.
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  7. Though most guys would have stared at the girl's butt, but Justin didn't he was too concerned with the apocalypse which was eurpting in his mind by the way this girl spoke to him. Ry must have noticed, because the blonde boy came over, tugging slightly on Justin's shoulder. "C'mon man, leave this girl alone." It should have been apparent to him that this girl could handle herself, as it was to Justin. Now it was more than a mere insult to the radius in which he had claimed, now it was becoming personal.

    "You really don't know what forces you are messing with." If there was any way to make a human look more intiminating, Justin was trying to do it (however he was failing greatly.) Instead he he looked rather odd, his chest puffed out, like he was a gorillia, and his face as crooked as could come. He did not look like a happy camper at all.

    Justin wasn't sure what compelled him to bend down and pick up some sand, eventually tossing it at the girl's face. "Oops." He shrugged, a devilish grin emerging on his face.
  8. She spat when the sand got in her mouth. " What the hell?!" She screamed at him. In retaliation she kicked some sand back at the guy, soon bending over and clenching some in her hand. "Come any closer and you will regret it." Her eyes were filled with anger as she stood and waited for the asshole's next move.
  9. As the girl flicked sand at him, his fury grew into rage. He was turning more and more into the ugly beast that he truly was. There was nothing that could be said or done that would stop him from doing what he did next. Charging towards her, slamming into her, and pushing her into the sandy underneath. If anyone would have seen him he would have looked feral and wild, perhaps a bit mentally unwell.

    He could sense the power that the girl had as he attempted to pin her down, Justin wasn't a weakling. But he wasn't fit, he didn't like the idea of sports, or anything of that nature. He found it too much work, so now when he needed all the strength he could muster it was coming back to bite him in the ass.
  10. She drew a breath in as she hit the ground. The guy was strong for the weakling she took him as, but she had played against much larger guys before. Although she was pinned she managed to get her leg free and knee him where the sun did not shine. Once he reacted to it she broke loose of his grip and tried to push him off of her. She almost considered calling "rape" or "assault" but didn't because she didn't need others to put up a fight that she could easily handle.
  11. With a grunt, Justin rolled off of the girl, gripping onto his pelvis with a small whine. "How... dare... you. I'll kill you bitch!" He shouted, slowly pushing himself up so he was crouched over on his knees. Glaring at the girl he had to admit that he was impressed that she had fought so easily against him. But that wasn't going to help her now, she had gone and done it. It would have been so much easier had she just moved the damned blanket! Now he had to be kicked in the balls.

    Standing weakly, he glared a glare of pins and needles. He was surprised that the girl stood her ground, and did not call anyone else in. But that was a good thing, the last thing he needed was to get in trouble with the law... again. Charging again, this time much slower, he attempted to punch the girl across the face, however he couldn't tell if his fist interlocked with her jaw or with simply air.
  12. She moved with ease out of the way of the punch, noticing that he was still weak. She took her chance and caught him off balance, tripping his legs out from under him. "Would you just grow up kid. I've played football for 3 years with guys three times your size. I can't put up a fight and I can take a little twerp like you any day." She flipped her air back over her shoulder. "Ya know, I can easily call someone else to come help me but I think it's much more humiliating for you to be beat up by a girl." She grinned and gave a little wink to him before walking off towards the volleyball courts. She turned over her shoulder and yelled back at him in a cutesy voice, "Oh, and if you try to move my stuff. You'll regret it." She gave a smile and giggled while turning to grab a volleyball that had rolled her way.
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