Better use for a smartphone?

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    Your phone is no able to check your heart? How crazy is that? No longer do you only go to a store or to the doctors.. now you just have a phone! Is that a good move? The article says it will slash healthcare cost.. what do y'all think? Do you think this will save people?

    What inventions will be in your roleplay? How will it have an impact on your character? Will your character be the one to invent it and saves ton of lives... or will the character's life be saved?

  2. My opinion is that yes, it will definitely save people, but it is also likely to cause some false alarms. I have not watched the demonstration video, so I am basing my thoughts on purely the article, however, it is possible that a perfectly normal reaction would be interpreted as something harmful. But yes, the device will definitely be able to efficiently gather data from people and definitely help to improve our knowledge of how the heart functions, even if by a little. Because I am not a medical expert, I am going not going to try and predict how much real use this application will have. It is definitely an interesting way to monitor your heart, though.

    As for inventions... I do not have a roleplay up yet, so I do not know what to say there.
  3. There's no way something an apps said would be taken as serious as words coming from middle-aged person clothed in white coat with serious expression (or if he's House). I think even with the apps staying in every phone owned by pretty much everyone, people will still go to doctors (especially if he's House). And as Lstorm had said, it'll sometimes make either false alarm or false sense of security.

    just my nonsense 2-cents :p