Better start somewhere, hadn't I?

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  1. Hello! I see my snazzy title has lured you in...

    Well anyways, I'm obviously new around here.. hence the thread.. thought I'd better introduce myself :D

    I'm Foxx. Looks like a nice lil RPing community here --- and I'm currently being attacked by the world's smallest fly -- aaaaahh, annoying lil bugger....

    Hmm... I think he's gone. Anyway, yes so I've been DYING for a good RP lately, certain ones particularly. I look forward to RPing with some of you fine folks :)
  2. He will be back. They always come back. I would give you cookies but flies like cookies so you get an imaginary picture of said cookies.
    Hands imaginary picture of cookies.

    Oh, and welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! [:
  4. -hands you a better imaginary picture of cookies-
  5. welcome to a new world of rping my fellow friend

    hope to rp with you but time will only tell
  6. Hello all ^^

    And thank you terribly for my imaginary pictures of cookies. I will frame them and hang them on my imaginary wall...
  7. Welcome welcome! If you're up for it, fire me a pm with some of the ideas you've been craving lately, and we'll see what we can't do to hook you up! ...oh wow. That sounded....drug dealerish. Pay no mind to my lack of thought regarding how my statements sound. ><;;
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  8. Welcome! I'm new here myself and I already find it awesome... In fact everyone has been awesome so far! They all deserve cookies. If only computers let you send delicious baked goods to others.

  9. :cookie:. That is all. <3
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  10. Oh! OH!! Cookie!! I must find that emoticon and abuse it!!

    :cookie::cookie::cookie: ... how wonderful =D

    Lovely to meet you all, always good to find a fellow newbie ^^ And I shall be sure to take you up on your... shifty dealings Augesdal.
  11. Mwaha! Excellent. :3