Bethesda: The Evil Within: October 14th

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  1. I....have been waiting so damn long for this game.
    My birthday is on the 12th.

    This is the greatest coincidental Birthday present EVER.



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  2. OMG, I must play this game. Looks wonderful! How come I didn't know about this sooner?! Then again, perhaps it's better that way. At least I don't have to angst about the release date as it's pretty soon :D
  3. Shinji Effing Mikami

    I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait
  5. I saw it during the last E3 conference, The guy that practically designed the gameplay of Biohazards 1-4 worked on it so I'm pretty hyped.
    I <3 Biohazard, sooo much.
    *fanboys over gameplay*
  6. Nnngh~ That looks so cool ;A;

    If I wasn't such a chicken shit, I'd totally play it.

    But I'd literally die if I tried. Like legit go into cardiac arrest.

  7. So I got the game.... (I work at Game Stop and we are allowed to possibly get the game a few hours early >.>) and...It seems great so far but how it is permanently set to be 'Widescreen' and give off a 'movie feeling' is really beginning to annoy me :/

    You should definitely get the game. No spoilers, but it is amazing right off the bat. Just wish it wasn't fucking widescreen.
  8. It's the Resident evil 4 effect, it was made so you can't see what's directly above or below the MC, it's for suspense!
  9. I can't watch movies in Widescreen. The two black bars always distract me and annoy me by just existing. So them being on a game, makes it more difficult ><
  10. I'll wait until the price drops and they have a bundle with all content. Let me know how it is though!
  11. NUUUUUU MY PC CAN"T HANDLE THE EPINESSSSSSSS ~cries forever~...I got my money back though, looks like I will have to settle for other things for now lol
  12. -offers his PS4 to Fijo to play the game with- I got it for my Xbox One. I prefer PC Gaming, but all the games be like. Having to have a several thousand dollar computer to play the game when I could buy a $400 console to play the game completely smooth and fine. (I also prefer controllers over keyboards). I also save money. xD
  13. This game really has that Resident Evil 4 feeling to it. Just a little more polished and added some new elements, and I love the game. I just feel like it's Resident Evil 4 (Which is a good thing! RE4 was my favorite RE)
  14. Eeek I'm getting it soon, I have been waiting for a long time.
  15. People are telling me it feels like the First RE in that you get fucked up something hardcore by the zombies now that you are actually fighting terrifying things again. And that the controls are like a more polished RE 4.
  16. Eh. Resident Evil 1 didn't feel that terrifying. I felt like Resident Evil 4's environment was darker, more intimidating by where you really where and how there was no fucking light.

    But, the simple point is. It feels like a polished Resident Evil that and Evil Within has some scary aspects. It seems more slash and gore than horror o.o (Then again, some people find a lot of gore horrifying)
  17. How is it? I've read mixed reviews.
  18. I'm waiting to beat it before giving it a finally review of my own. So far I enjoy it and don't regret buying it.
  19. One thing I will say at the moment though is...I'm surprised I haven't gotten a seizure from this damn game.