Best/Worst Word Ever: Can You Use it?

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  1. The Netherlands is a strange but awesome country. Today I Learned that in 2008, the word of the year there was swaffelen. What does swaffelen mean? Something NSFW, obviously. If male genitalia are gonna scare you off, leave now.
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    Swffelen: to hit/slap one's penis against another object or person, usually in a humorously degrading manner but more rarely as a sex act.

    For more information, consult the Wikipedia page!

    This challenge will be scored as follows! Use of the word swaffelen in a manner outside of these four options, while still awesome, will not be eligible to score points. All roleplays must be active Iwaku boards, and all uses must be linked on this board so I can easily count up points and create a high score table.
    -Have a character perform the act of swaffelen in a non-sexual way (5 points!)
    -Have a character perform the act of swaffelen in a sexual way on another person's character (3 points)
    -Have a character use the word swaffelen in a conversation with another person's character(2 points)
    -Use the word swaffelen outside of dialogue in a roleplay post (1 point)

    How many points can you earn?
    Prizes include bragging rights and the unique glee to be found in explaining a bizarre new vocabulary word to an unsuspecting audience. Enjoy!
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  2. This is...
    somewhat creepy
    promoting the use of such a word
  3. oh honey, welcome to the internet. ^^ If this is the worst thing you see all day, consider yourself lucky.
  4. Nah, already seen worse.
  5. Oh my..

    *backs away*
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  6. XD ive gotta try this in my free time

    *Jumps up and down then falls down on the floor in laughter*
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  7. As weird as it is, I want to say this is similar to docking...

    ~~ Edit ~~

    Similar in the respect that they both involve penis' and they're very odd methods of using one.
  8. XD Otherwise, not very similar at all...
  9. Yeah, that they are...

    Wonder if anybody's used "Docking" in an RP before?
  10. Probably, but I hope not anyway. XD
  11. "Hey Sam" Lily greeted her brother. "They announced word of the year: swaffelen". "What the hell is a swaffelen?" Sam inquired. "To swaffelen is to do this!" She excitedly replied, and before he could react, she pulled down his shorts and swatted his penis against his desk chair.

    Edit: it's ok, they're siblings!
  12. Good usage, but zero points awarded as this is not a RP thread. ^^
  13. I like, I just don't think I can bring it into any of my current RP's but dang I'm tempted. So cool. Might use it in real life! Haha :)
  14. This... freaks me out a little. xD
  15. Good! :D