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What is the best job you've ever had?

It's not where you work, it's who you work with. This was true for me. I worked in a deli/butcher shop for several years, and some of those years felt like a privilege rather than a job thanks to a few awesome co-workers.


I love most my coworkers right now. They're friendly, funny, and caring individuals. It seems almost more like good family with some of them then coworkers. Liking what you're doing helps, and introvert or extrovert most the cashiers like talking to customers at my store, telling stories, seeing familiar faces week to week. Business is going well too, so the bosses are happy because no one is breathing down their neck. Shit runs down hill after all.


My internship at an environmental organization was my best working experience. Good, supportive people, and a perfect workplace for my skills. I worked mainly on the computers to do office work, all the while helping their goal to protect habitats. So all at once, I did two things I really love to do.

I wish I could have worked for them longer. They wanted to keep me, too.

EDIT: Also, being a receptionist for the blood center was awesome. I got to watch people get their bloodz drawn. Muahaha. And, oh, of course help donors get ready for the donation process...


Pyrotechnician. I get to legally play with fireworks, setting them up, hand firing them, etc etc etc. The weather conditions can be crap (I've set up shows in pouring rain, 35 degree celsius heat, -30 celsius, etc etc), and some times it takes a whole day to get the show set up for only 10-15 minutes of fireworks, but the thumps of the shells are worth it. The best part is the people I work with, they make the day go by extremely quickly, and as monotonous as some of the stuff we have to do is, it's not boring in the least.

Last year on Canada Day, we had to shoot a show up in Wabasca. That's about a 9 hour drive from the shop, so we had to leave the day before, set up the whole next day, then leave the third day. Drive up is fine, little bit of rain but we all had rain gear so no problem. Next day we make it to the site...they hadn't cut the grass in the field we were setting up in, so we have to flatten out 4 feet of grass where we need to set up. Once that's done we scout out some stuff. We have an 8-inch shell that we need to shoot, so we have to dig a hole for the mortar, that takes a good half hour because one of the shovels broke and the grass and dirt were a bitch to dig in, but no matter, we get that done. Time to set up everything else...and shit, the guy who packed our trailer with the fireworks forgot our supply kit, so we have no e-matches and only two road flares, almost no grey (time-delay fuse). We are essentially fucked at this point because there is no way to get the supplies. But we rummage through our own bags, find just enough e-matches for the 8 inch (not something that can be hand fired) and a bunch of the cakes. We also managed to get another two road flares from the fire department. Set up the rest of the show to be hand fired (I couldn't screw up at all in cutting the time delay fuse, since we needed enough of it to light the stuff, then get out of the way). The setup was stressful, but the show went off without a hitch. It was the first time I hand fired anything too, which left me with a shit eating grin on my face.


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Iwaku Admin is the best job I've ever had! :D Sometimes I even get paid!

Anne Bonny

I love my current job as a small business owner. Its the most fun and the most challenging and the most stimulating.

But the most money I made was as a telemarketer. Flirting = commission. For realz.

Don't hate me too much, everyone.