Best BBQ food??

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  1. What's your favourite thing to eat at a barbecue?

    I love steaks and ribs, I also love corn on the cob and potato salad!
  2. Corn on the cob and the biggest, juiciest burgers I can manage to cook on a BBQ.

    Honestly though when I go to/host a BBQ gathering I'm there to see my friends more than for the food. :)

    Kabobs are pretty awesome too. O_O And corn on the cob.
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  4. U
    you're making me hungry >.<
  5. Ribs and sausage. All damn day.
  6. North Carolina BBQ all day.
  7. ribs ribs ribs
  8. Gogigui. Man... I don't remember much living with my Korean relatives but that stuff was amazing *daydreams about food*



    Yeah, it's about that time of day again.
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  9. Salmon! Grilled salmon is so delicious and moist, but since it's seriously underrated not too many people cook it... I do, though, serve it with a nice simple sauce of creme fraiche, fresh basil and salt and boiled or butter-fried new potatoes, the ones I've served it to go crazy over it. But you can of course never go wrong with a juicy burger or a good quality sausage. Especially with homemade buns, slightly grilled to make them steamy and get that sweet, caramelized surface... =w=
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  10. I'm hungry. Damn it people you've got me drooling for Barbecue!
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  11. Tteokgalbi! You've never had barbecued ribs until you've had Korean tteokgalbi ^^ It's such a different experience, minced while still on the bone, it becomes so succulent, moist and flavorful thanks to all the marinade and spices just seeping through all the cracks... I'm drooling just thinking about it =w=

    I don't know why, but I think I've always preferred Asian-style barbecues over western-style. A piece of grilled, tender pork, kimchi and some cooked rice wrapped in a lettuce leaf is better than any burger or hot dog to me.
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  12. Please tell me; where do I find this culinary heaven?
  13. barbecue at my colleague's house saturday! woot!

  14. Corn on the grill xD summer favoured in my home country .. Along with pork ribs, nice filets of marinated chicken or vegetables on the steamy fire to @_@

    plus all the other goodies I can't think right now...>.>

    I am hungry now.. Again xD lol
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