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    Right, now that I got your attention...

    'Sup, hi, hello, good day, or whatever form of greeting you'd like to use! My username is Lady B, but you can call me Bernie, just B, or anything you fancy. Alright, not anything, but you get my point... I've been doing 1x1 RP'ing for a little while now, and I really like it, so I'm hoping to catch some new partners!

    With introductions out of the way, let's move onto plot ideas! Or, perhaps not quite yet... First, some requirements I'd like you to meet, or accept, as my partner! Just a few simple items that will ensure that both me and you, as my potential partner, can enjoy our time RP'ing together to the fullest.

    • I'd prefer it if my partner was over 18 years old. This isn't really a requirement, I just know that I work best with people above a certain age. Still, if you're under 18 and I think we would be compatible partners, your age won't matter. Similarly, if you're older than 18 but I don't think we're compatible, your age doesn't give you a leg up.
    • I would like my partner to be a law abiding citizen of Iwaku. This means following site regulations, respecting other members, and not being prone to stirring shit.
    • I would like my partner to be an active member of Iwaku of some time. That you're actively participating in forum activities lets me know that you won't just disappear on me all of a sudden. Or at least make the matter less likely. "Forum activities" range from roleplaying to general chatting.
    • My partner must be able to write at an Intermediate-Adept level. A few grammatical and spelling errors here and there doesn't matter, I mean I'm not perfect and I'm sure I've made more than a few in just these few passages alone. It's important because I need to have synergy between me and my partner, in the sense that we're able to understand each others writing and play off of each other.​
    • I'm a busy woman! I have my hands full with school, so sometimes I'll be lacking in posts for a week or two. If that's the case, I hope you'll be understanding as my partner and not bug me every single day about it. Poking me once in a while to make sure I'm still alive is perfectly fine, though. In return, I'll be accepting of you if you ever fall into a slump.~​
    • Note that none of these plots have the purpose of starting a romance between any of our characters. I'm not writing romancing off completely, it could still be present to some extent if it adds to the story, but it shouldn't take center stage.​
    • Note that I don't do pairings, like "CharA X CharB". All my RP's require both me and my partner to come up with and run at least more than one character.​
    • Note that all of these plots, with a few exceptions, involve 100% original characters. They will take place in universes where canon characters either don't exist, or aren't present.​
    Alright, I think that's it... Now we can finally move onto the fun part! If any of the plots strike you as interesting, put up a reply and I'll see if I think we're compatible. If I don't, please don't take it personally. In case you don't really like my plots, but think I would make a good partner, feel free to hit me up with your own plot idea. I'm currently looking for plots with the following themes:

    Sailor Moon
    Pokémon (I've already got one of these going, so I'm not really feeling it, but if you've got something good cooking then I can take a look)

    Somewhat light-hearted magical girl RP. Themes more along the lines of Sailor Moon or Heartcatch Precure, not dark like Madoka Magica.

    With that, take a look at my plotzzzzz:
    Sailor Moon AU plot idea
    After the great explosion that gave birth to the universe, matter was lunged through the infinity of space creating the lumps of mass that would later be referred to as stars and planets. The mysterious energy that had caused the explosion also scattered, but the amount left at the center of it all amassed and solidified, forming a crystal radiating a golden glow.

    The crystal found and attached itself to the nearest planet, and sparked a reaction which led to the dawn of life.

    As time passed, different forms of life evolved, and eventually a race came along that possessed the power of intelligence.

    Utilizing their intelligence, the race found a way to harness the magic of the crystal that created them, and using it, they altered the very surface of the planet, allowing them to thrive and prosper.

    The one who had learned the first secrets of the crystal, a man named Sol, unified their race and inaugurated himself and his lineage as the royal family, naming their kingdom 'Gold Millennium', the land and planet they lived on 'Sol' (after himself), and he named their magical crown jewel the
    'Gold Millennium Crystal'.

    More time came to pass, generations came and went, and the royal family learned yet another way to use the power of the Gold Millennium Crystal. They managed to attract nearby planets, pulling them into a steady orbit around Sol, and by radiating warmth and magic to those planets they were able to spread life to them as well.

    A large delegation of people from Sol were sent together with a descendant of the first king Sol as leaders to populate the new planets, and the planets were named after the descendant who took it upon themself to stipulate rule over the land.

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and finally, Tellus. However, as Tellus and his delegation was journeying to the preadolescent planet, a severe accident struck their spacecraft, and they were lost. As such, no new attempts were made to populate the planet, with the memory of such a terrible loss still fresh in peoples minds.

    The societies that developed on the planets of course adapted most of the culture from Sol, but the unique skillsets and ways of thinking brought by each descendant left their mark, which affected politics, production, and every day life on the planets. Because of their differences, some tension arose between them and the mother planet. To alleviate this, a special council was formed on Sol, in which ambassadors, descendants of the princes and princesses who had first set out for the planets participated and carried their peoples voices in matters of trade and other politics. This allegience between the planets was dubbed the Solar System.

    And so things moved along in peace, until one day, an event came to pass that would lead to the destruction of the Gold Millennium.

    Suddenly, without any forewarning, the monarch of Sol, Queen Helios, was contacted by an ambassador of a planet named Pandora, asking for permission to join the gravitational pull of the Gold Millennium Crystal. Before that day, no one had even imagined life to exist outside the warmth of the Gold Millennium Crystal, so when a race so developed and similar to the one originated on Sol asked to join them, a certain suspicion arose. But, perhaps due to Queen Helios's kindness and curiosity, they were allowed to orbit around Sol, though full connection wasn't established.

    The ambassador from Pandora was sent to partake in the parliament on Sol, where they grew to become respected and valued. So when the ambassador asked if a convoy of ships with students from Pandora could come and observe the Gold Millenium Crystal first hand, no one objected. However, it had all been a ruse to disguise the real purpose of the convoy. Instead of students, the ships transported trained soldiers, with the mission to capture the Gold Millennium Crystal and Queen Helios, who had inherited the knowledge of how to control the crystal.

    Pandora and its' people had been born from an energy similar to that of the Gold Millennium Crystal, but it was weak, and had barely had enough power to sustain a single race. As such, the people of Pandora had been forced to live in poverty and starvation, only driven by the curse that is survival instinct. But, by obtaining the crystal, they would be able to subjugate the entire universe and break free from the shadows as supreme beings.

    The people of Sol were caught completely off guard, not prepared to protect themselves. Queen Helios, realizing what would happen if the Gold Millennium crystal fell in the hands of Pandora, made a final decision, and the ultimate sacrifice.

    The only way to hinder Pandora from getting hold of the crystal would be to destroy it. And so, she reversed the flow of magic from the crystal, causing it to implode. The shock wave was so powerful that it changed the very molecular structure of Sol, turning it into a ball of endless hellfire, a star. All matter was erased from the surface of all the planets, and only their core and shell was left. Pandora, which had not yet established full gravitational connection, was hurled out of orbit back into the depths of space where it came from.

    But, despite the complete eradication of Sol's society, there was still hope that it would rise again. A very small fragment of the Gold Millennium Crystal had been sent to Tellus, the only planet that hadn't completely lost its atmosphere due to being at a great enough distance from the shock wave, and was thus most suitable to host life. Thanks to the (although very weak) magic of the Gold Millennium Crystal shard and the warmth of the star formerly known as the planet Sol, matter began to form on the surface, eventually causing the same spark that had occurred so long ago, leading to the resurrection of life. The souls of Queen Helios's young daughter, Solaria, the ambassador's, and a governor were sent along with the crystal shard, so that they may one day be reborn and cause a renaissance for the lost civilization of Sol.

    We have now reached modern day, where evolution has come down to a race similar to the one from Sol that calls itself humanity, and the souls sent with the crystal shard have been reborn into human bodies. However, unbeknown to Queen Helios, the ambassador from Pandora had been able to predict this scenario, and tasked her descendants to find the Solar System once again, claim the crystal fragment and the reincarnation of Sol's princess, who might hold the secret to recreate the Gold Millennium Crystal in its full glory.

    But this time, they are not unprepared! The souls had been imbued with magic that would grant them power once they achieved physical form. But will it be enough to defend the legacy of Sol from the clutches of Pandora's revenge?
    What I'm looking for in my partner
    First of all, to clear some things up:

    Our characters will have been reborn in the country of Japan on Tellus, now more commonly known as planet Earth. To clarify the astronomical situation, all planets are solid (meaning Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are not made up of gas) and Earth is the farthest away from the sun. I know this isn't entirely logical from a physics point of view, but, you know... Magic! Anyhow, I want you (my partner) to play the reincarnation of Solaria, Sailor Sol, as well as the other Sailor Guardians divided by two (we take half of the bunch each).

    They do not know they are reincarnations of the ambassadors, and so it will be the purpose of the governor (who will have been reincarnated as a cat similar to Luna but with a sun instead of a crescent moon as crest on her forehead), who will be played by me, to scout them. The order in which they are awakened is up for discussion, however I will play Sailor Mercury and be the second one to be awakened (after Sol), and there will be an arc conclusion before the Outer Guardians will start to be awakened.

    The reincarnations of the ambassadors will be sailor senshi of their corresponding planet, but you do not have to follow the manga when choosing their embodied element. For example, Sailor Mercury could have powers related to metal and not ice/water like in the manga, but you are also completely free to stick with the original element if you're more comfortable with it.

    If you're interested in this, I would prefer it if you're familiar with the manga, or the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, because the story will be driven at a pace more similar to that than the original anime, which was full of filler. If you are, comment "I'm interested in the Sailor Moon AU RP" below!

    "Digimon Adventure 0" plot idea
    In the early 2000's, a group of children, with no real connection to each other, happened to all witness an event. An event, which no one could have thought bore any importance whatsoever. At midnight, that fateful night, the digital clock outside the appartment complex where they all lived or stayed at at the time, was supposed to strike 12. The display should have said "00:00". But instead, it jumped a minute, displaying "00:01". Surely, the children thought nothing of it. After all, they had just woken up to have a glass of water, to go to the bathroom, because the sound of someone coughing next door had stirred their slumber, and just so happened to look out the window at that time. Some of them might not even have been able to tell time. But the fact remains that that event would come to brand them, to give them a fate tied with a world they could have imagined only in their wildest dreams.

    That world is the Digital World. It is a world parallell to earth composed solely of data, created at the dawn of modern technology, and is inhabited by the most fascinating of creatures, known as Digimon. Since the beginning of its existance it had been perfectly syncronized with our world, but on that night, everything changed. A terrible virus infected one of the core pillars in the Digital World, and unhinged it. The Digital World was thrown into chaos and disorder, which allowed dark and evil minds to take charge, forcing others into submission. While our world continued at a steady pace, the Digital World was racing, spinning out of control, at a crash course set for doom. While all may seem hopeless, there is still hope left in some. Namely, in those who believe in an age old legend. A legend of a group of otherwordly saviours whom, together with partner Digimon, would rescure the Digital World...

    Merely a decade later, counting in the time of our world, the children who witnessed the event of that night are all in high school. Some of them may have moved away from that appartment complex, and there's no saying whether any of them know of each other, but the fact remains that they are bound together by a fate that would soon turn their lives as they know it upside down.
    What I'm looking for in my partner
    To clarify, this will be set in Japan, much like the original Digimon series, and it is heavily inspired by the first season of Digimon Adventure.

    It will start with our characters (as I mentioned, I don't do just one character per person) going about their daily lives, and then being sucked into the Digital World (in a way that I would like to reveal IC, unless you'd like otherwise). From there the story will progress very similarly to Digimon Adventure, with them struggling to adapt to the new environment and getting used to each other and their partner Digimon. As partners we are each responsible for coming up with "episode ideas", where our characters and their partner Digimon have a special bonding experience and they gain a step on the evolutionary ladder and such. A hunt for their respective Crests will also take place, as well as looking for a way to unlock their Mega Evolutions before the final battle. OC Digimon and original crests are allowed.

    If you're interested, comment "I'm interested in the Digimon Adventure 0 RP" below!
  2. -Raises hand- I'm interested in the sailor moon AU RP. I am currently watching sailor moon crystal and (because of a certain kidnapping cliffhanger) I have just picked up the manga (I've finished the Black Moon arc and gotten a few chapters in on the Infinity arc, so the outer planets hasn't been introduced to me yet, except for the older version of Pluto.) I am extremely new in the fandom as I really disliked the older series for being so repetitive and boring and never getting to the point, so it was first when the new crystal series started that I actually became interested.

    I am most interested in playing Mars and Jupiter from the inner planets, and Neptune and Saturn from the outer planets. (Plus Sailor Sol of course as requested in the post.) though I don't mind exchanging someone for Venus and/or Pluto. The only one I don't feel like doing is Uranus, because I don't understand her power very well. Maybe that will change once I get to her in the manga though, idk.

    While I haven't been introduced to the outer planets yet in the manga, I've read a bit about them and their powers (from a wiki that talked about the manga version, not the anime version, so if there's a difference, then I did check the original.) so I kind of get the gist of their powers. I should have gotten to them in the manga once we get to them in the rp though (if you decide you want to rp with me that is.)

    I am of course up for making villains, classmates and whatever other characters might be necessary for the plot, be it a temporary one time appearance, appearing now and then throughout the arcs, or a one arc appearance.

    My RP resume is filled and if you want to check out some of my more current roleplays to see more of my writing, just tell me and I can send you some links. If you want to do the RP with someone that has more knowledge of sailor moon above the crystal anime, or if you don't think our writing styles will match, I won't take offence. ^^
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